About Your Monitor: Dell FP For Dell Flat Panel Color Monitor User’s if not installed and used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instruction manual, . View and Download Dell UltraSharp FP quick setup manual online. Dell Flat Panel Monitor Quick Setup Guide. UltraSharp FP Monitor pdf manual. User manual for the device Dell UltraSharp FP. Online user manual database.

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I have a Dell 19″ LCD monitor and the power button is stuck. The monitor cannot be powered on. Can you describe the process of removing the front bezel to get to the power button?

Dell UltraSharp FP user manual – – Solve your problem

How difficult is this and can you break tabs if not careful? Any detailed instructions would be helpful. Do you have any suggestions on repairing the power button? Posted by dbarnes on May 30, I have removed the 4 screws under the Display Stand attachment area on the back of the monitor however the cover will not detach from the Flat Panel display itself there is an oblong hole in the lower left corner of the rear of the cover marked with a padlock but I can’t figure out how to unlock this obvious locking mechanism.

Clear instructions would be appreciated.


Tried to push button to power on Monitor and achieved no results. Bought a new Monitor and used the old power cord and voila new monitor works perfectly. Would like to fix the Dell Monitor but have no idea as to why the button doesn’t work. Is it the power button or did the power supply inside the monitor quit.

DWest Tried to push button to power on Monitor and achieved no results. Yes, my power button ‘feels different’ -and the monitor seems completely dead. I undid the screws but I too then could not unlock the secrets of the monitor. It’s like a DaVinci code puzzle. Thanks Mike Yes, my power button ‘feels different’ -and the monitor seems completely dead.

My monitor also decided not to turn on. It was fine yesterday. The green light doesn’t turn on at all but I can hear the button click.

Is it worth fixing? I have the same problem. My moniter button wonk press in and inturn, it wont turn on. I guess you cant move the monitor around or the dang thing breaks. I will try my luck with what I see on here. Looks very helpful -S Posted on Jun 11, I figured I didn’t have much to lose, so I took a very thin and small screw driver and pried the on-off button right out of its socket, which does break it.

To the left, inside the hole,you can see where a tab on the button pressed against a small circular inner button. I pressed that with the screwdriver and the monitor turned right on.

I replaced the button for the sake of cosmetics and will never touch it 197fp.

If I leave the monitor for any extendd period of time I will simply unplug it. Posted on Sep 12, OK, thanks to hihai above, I manuzl able finally to get into my monitor. A word of caution, though. Use a wide, 19007fp knife and insert it between the grey plastic and the black plastic at the top or bottom of the monitor.


At any rate, once you get your thin knife I too used a butter knife into that crack, gently slide it to one end or the other. There are tabs near each end and a couple in the middle – you’ll feel a bit of resistance near each tab as you slide the knife.

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Position the knife close to one of the end tabs. Rotate the knife handle outwards away from the monitor effectively prying the bezel upwards away from the face of the monitor. 1907f; you pop each tab, work towards the opposite end of the same side of the monitor. Once you have both ends dislodged, inserting the knife to pry up the all black sides will be easier. Unfortunately once you have the top or bottom manyal both sides loose the remaining top or bottom depending on which one you started with becomes a bit tighter to get the knife into.

Here’s my word of caution. While I was trying to find the way to get the bezel to come off I attempted to slide it in between manua, monitor face and the bezel itself and unfortunately cracked the glass face inside the monitor rendering it useless. As for the power button, the button had worn down so much from use there simply was no travel left to push the contact on the switch board in the bezel.

I tried a dab of hot glue on the inside of the power button to give it some more contact to the switch on the circuit board but didn’t have enough. I was able to push the switch on the board with the circuit board removed from the bezel with a tiny screwdriver not my fingers and the monitor powered up fine. It was then I discovered the broken screen. Posted on Aug 31, You might have to use mankal fingernails to pry the plastic apart a bit to get the knife in its easier at the top or bottom mabual you can distinctly see the deliniation between the grey and black – on the sides it’s all black and the fit of this bezel around the monitor is so tight it’s really hard to get in to the crack to pry the thing off.

Ok, sorry for my english. I’m from Barcelona Spain. So, the plastic piece on my power button that actually pressed on the switch I thought I could replaced some how.

I took some 1907pf the top part, I’m not sure but it seems to me as slightly thicker. So, let’s see what we have. So, this is the idea.

Now I will fit it in and decide later if it needs glue. So, I take some of the excess of the inner belt.

Dell UltraSharp 1907FP user manual

Althought there is no pic of it, I had to scrape some of the plastic from the bottom side of the poPower button stuck on Dell FP – beea06d.

Also, centering the piece on the swPower button stuck on Dell FP – ae So, it should look something like this. So, put the circuit back on, and test with the first two srews on. No glue, by the way.


Posted on Feb 01, Id did this too, only with a hairclip comparable to this one since I had no can and using the hairclip was easier, cut out the centre piece, bend it a bit and there you go Id did this too, only with a hairclip comparable to this one since I had no can and using the hairclip was easier, cut out the centre piece, bend it a bit and there you go. I followed the same proceedure, remove the 4 screws from the back, pry the black front cover carefully from the top and sides.

When this is disassembeled, the internal body of the monitor slides out of the rear shell. Lay the monitor back side down and flip over the front cover being cerefull with the ribbon cable. I then took out the 5 tiny silver screws holding the mini circuit board and was able to access the plastic molded peice that was worn out. I removed the black power button on the end from the molded peice that had all 5 buttons on it, leaving an open hole in that slot.

I put it all back together and now turn on the power with a toothpick Sorry DELL, I won’t be buying a new monitor per your recommendation since there are no replacement parts for these. Posted on Feb 23, I had the same problem with my fpt dell. My power button felt “jammed” or stuck. You don’t need to take the four screws out.

You have to pry around it and the frame should pop out but be careful for the buttons. There is an attached ribbon at the bottom to the left of the buttons. Next, unscrew the circuit board where the buttons are attached to the frame.

You should be able to turn the monitor on from there. Posted on Aug 18, I wish I’d found this page before following this guys advice http: I used my fingers to prize the front bevel off, as he advises. I did fix the power button, but upon turning my monitor back on, I found the LCD full off stress marks and cracks all along the edges, where I’d used my fingers. The monitor is now on, but unusable. Posted on Mar 25, Glad I found this, the same thing just happened to me, a few days ago, also on a FP.

I’ve had this monitor sinceand all of a sudden the power button just didn’t work. Ironically, on the day we moved to a new house.

The Dell manuwl wanted me to stay, I guess. D Mine felt different, meaning that the button no longer “clicks” when you push it. Feels like the button underneath the button cover got jammed. I’ll check out that video page. Posted on Jul 29, Check out the installation videos at this link http: Posted on Jun 21,