Study Flashcards On 2AX7X CDC Vol 1 & 2 Edit Code 5 at Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. makes it easy to get the . [ report this test ]. 2AX7X CDC Pretest 2 of In no particular unit/volume order, a random test of all URE and Self Test questions from the 2AX7X CDC’s 2 of Free flashcards to help memorize facts about 7 LvL CDCs taken from CDC Vol 1 and 2. Other activities to help include hangman, crossword, word scramble.

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2AX7X Practice Test Volume 1 Of 2 (URE’s Only) – ProProfs Quiz

In support of the weekly maintenance scheduling meeting, each aircraft maintenance unit is required to provide a one-week forecast of all scheduled maintenance by on. If required, which Fabrication flight section is responsible for manufacturing and inspecting thermal radiation barriers and soundproffing materials?

Which section is tasked with performing user calibration and maintenance on TMDE xdc the Armament flight? What dollar amount of damage must be exceeded for a foreign object dmage FOD incident to be used to calculate the FOD rate for a 2x7x Unit Training Manager once you have completed the master task list for your master 2x7x plan, your next step is to Determine training needs.

When the ccd is to get a refund or cdf new item in exchange, what type of deficiency report is submitted? What is the primary method used to ensure the widest dissemination of maintenance cross-tell information to highlight trends or safety conditions? Which of the following is responsible for coordinating the number of certified load crew team members in support of aircraft generation planning?

It indicates a units ability to undertake its full mission as charged in its primary, and if applicable, its secondary DOC statement. In the case of helicopter blades and tail rotor blades being transferred into the disposal system.

To ensure the job is performed safelywhat is one of the first things that should be done before an aircraft crc jacked? What are some of the information elements the debrief personnel enter into the applicable maintenance Information System MIS? What should typically be included in a maintenance cross-tell report in addition to details such as national stock numbers, part numbers and specific location of problem areas?


Personnel, morale, and welfare issues, as well as advising him or her on problems no ID’d through 2ac7x data systems or QA inspection reports.

In squadron-sized fighter aircraft units, the AMU’s Weapons section Maintenance element is sometimes combined with the.

Provide for long term aircraft storage, aircraft maintenance and asset regeneration for war fighter sustainment. What are unit training managers responsible for doing in addition to assisting squadron commanders with traning matters? Serve as wing weapons manager and advise wing leadership on weapons issues.

Who is responsible for the immediate security of classified equipment installed on an aircraft after t makes an emergency landing?

What AFTO IMT is used to document accumulated cycles, operating time, and maintenance history, as well as pertinent manufacturing data for jet engine turbine wheels? What C-level would be reported if a unit 2ax7c the required resources and is trained to undertake the full wartime mission s for which it is organized or designed?

Minimum essential system and subsystems 2ax7d must work on an aircraft for it to perform specifically assigned unit wartime, training test or other mission. Compose rose “Red Ball” maintenance defines a situation that requires? During “Red Ball” maintenance it is 2az7x that expediters have a quick reference list QRL available in order to.

7 Level CDC Quiz 2ax7x

Which Munitions Flight section receives, stores, warehouses, handles, breaks out inspects, ships, inventories, and transports equipment and coordinates off-base movements with the base transportation organization?

When items 2ax7z placed in an aircraft’s tail number bin TNBwhich entry is not normally needed? C Which supply tracking document provides information on all document numbers processed during the day? Other than simply scheduling maintenance, what is the purpose of maintenance scheduling mettings?

What are the first four characters collectively called? If a refurbishment section is established, wings have the option to align it under either the maintenance flight or the. I agree to the Terms of Services and Privacy Notice. Squadron Commander An idividual must receive what specific block of supply training before assuming duties as a due-in from maintenance DIFM monitor?

Who is responsible for co-chairing Product Improvement Working Group meetings with the lead command executive agent? What overall C-level is reported for a unit that possesses the required resources and is trained to undertake many, but not all, portions of the wartime missions for which it was organized or designed? When a case of aircraft chaffing is reported, what percentage of assigned like model aircraft must be inspected to determine if other aircraft are also experiencing the problem?


2aax7x are some of the AMU production superintendent’s responsibilities? When forecasting readiness for deployment in the ART, an 2wx7x should consider how many months in the future? How much do you know about cars? In units where jet engines, jet engine adjustable nozzles, or thrust reversers are involved in frequent rotation from one aerospace vehicle to another.

The EID used to mark tools has nine digits.

Using equipment generates what type of maintenance? The wing foreign object damage FOD monitor is normally located within the. Other than three airframe and pwerplant courses, what is an example of aircraft maintenance related specialized course? What type of performance indicator shows a problem first, while it is impacting maintenance’s capability to provide resources to execute the mission? Who must specialist expediters coordinate with in determining maintenance priorities for specialist support?

Which maintenance group agency provides technical assistance for deficiency reports to work center supervisors? What continuation training consists of academic and practical hands-on courses that complement initial skills training received through AETC mission ready airman MRA and training detachment TD courses? What are the first four characters collectively called?

Which fabrication flight section’s processes are tightly controlled because the parts and tools 2ax7c manufacture must meet the stringent standards of aerospace-grade equipment?

Make it easier to find dcc, eliminate duplication, and intergrate seperate AF systems to save money. What level maintenance repair priority should be assigned to perform scheduled maintenance to include periodic inspections, routine, TCTOs, and time change items?

Other than teaching, what is the mission of the maintenance training flight? What agency acts as a central repository of engineering drawings and other engineering data? Provided it has not been more than 60 days since the orginal due date, how many days are allowed after returning before decertification is required?

Identify, investigate, and implement programs that will field products to improve the availibility and affordability of aging aeronautical systems. What supply delivery priority is appropriate for primary mission aircraft 13 hours after landing?