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Inchange Semiconductor – 2SC PDF 数据手册 , 2SC 数据表 – DataSheetBank

Nakamichi resistor help. Sorry on the other posts I had hit a wrong key and the model number is a I need to know what R and R values are.

I have not had any luck finding a schematic or service manual. Hi Thorens58, I think the sm is available on Hifiengine you need to create an account for download. If not I can send you the sm by email. R seems to be a power resistor probably 1 or 2 Watt of power dissipation. The transistor feeding the reel motor drivers Q and Q is a NPN Darlington transistor they get very hot and go bad when the reel motor gets carboned up leaving the FF and Rev not functioning.

I found the service manual finally on the net this morning. I can replace the transistors but where can I get the transistor replacements? The ff, Rew is still an issue and I hope the transistors will fix some of these messages.

I also have no playback on the left channel just a lot of noise and static.


Nakamichi resistor help [Archive] – Tapeheads Tape, Audio and Music Forums

The playback issue might be due to the orange cap disease on the playback Dolby circuit, this can also be due to a loose ground connection. A cut wire from the playback head can cause this issue too or even a cut head coil, I already seen this on a ZX but that’s very rare. When you approach your hand close to head you can hear the 50 or 60 Hz hum increasing.

The noise can be increased sometime with my hand in close proximity to the head but more so towards where the playback plugs into the board. Ok, this shouldn’t be the head, maybe a cracked solder joint on the playback head connector or a bad capacitor or transistor on the playback amplifier. R is a Safety Flame resistor, that opens with a direct short to ground through the motor. Be sure not to replace with a regular resistor.

In case it does short, fire is likely. I do not have the spec sheet for the BD to compare to the 2SA, but some datasbeet searching should yield it. The regular SM is found on naks. Hi Perry so should I replace the Q and for the side that is not working?

How would I be able to test for a bad head?

2SC1096 Datasheet

One last question is what orange caps would be have to be replaced? Maybe this is a 2sv1096 you may be interested in. Please let me know with some guidance. The ZX7 is great.

All the orange caps that aredatashewt, and pF have to be replaced. Perry Those transistors no numbers you gave me do not exist on my model serial number. The serial number is I turned around the play cable and sound moves to the other side.


I did this test with another head I had around and the same result. If the sound moves to the other side: I don’t know what you meant by you got the same results with another head.

I will look datashet the equivalent transistors for the A different poster brought them up so I assumed they were the same.

You can check the head resistance with an ohm meter dwtasheet the unplugged head cable. Be sure to demagnetize the head after you check it. I will check the head 4 solder connections.

Compare C1096 price and photo

I had another head out of another unit from the past and I have 4 transports from some other Nak units that I parted out over the years.

Did you download the SM? They have nothing to do with a lost channel. Cantu correctly pointed them out in case they were the cause of the failed R I assume because you are testing the head in play mode that you have all that fixed? Datashfet so, then forget about those transistors. Even though a head may test fine with resistance, it can still have a bad channel.

If it tests open or shorted, then it is definitely bad, though.