Issue | December This month brings you great interviews with the. Editorial Hello and welcome to the May issue of 3DCreative. In this month’s. Items 1 – 15 of 93 A Downloadable PDF Magazine for CG artists around the globe, 3DCreative magazine focuses on techniques, tutorials, interviews, articles.

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In the second part of our tutorial series covering FX, Particles and Dynamics, Matt Chandler and Mike Zugschwert move away from creating and animating water and turn their attention to smoke, with Matt working in 3ds Max and Mike in Maya.

What in this month… I n terview: Even better is that you can view the mag in high resolution, so you can really check out the details in the work that people have done. Issue March With endless possibilities, your imagination is the limit.

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Need help with your magazine subscription? What in this month… I n terview: This month brings you great interviews with the likes of Dmitry Cheremisin and Matthias Develtere, tons of tutorials covering modeling, texturing and rendering, and more besides!

Rodrigue Pralier continues to walk us through the process in 3ds Max, whilst Anto covers Maya. Mudbox Female Character Creation Chapter 1: In this series our brilliant artists have been given 3dcreativs creative freedom to show us how to create the organic forms of their quadrapeds, and Daniel is the first to get the ball rolling!

Mohammad Attaran also shares an insightful look into the making of our exciting cover image Chapter 2 – Modeling the Features Making Of: Issue November In this series our two artists will be using the 2D concept and technical drawings provided, to talk us through a step-by-step guide to turning this information into an accurate and exciting 3D model. Etienne Jabbour The Gallery: Chapter 4 – Finalizing the Environment Tutorial Series: Unfortunately due to unforeseen artist circumstances, we are unable to bring you the last installment in the Building Droids series.

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Tamara is not only a very talented 3D artist working in the games industry but also an excellent 2D artist. Using and explaining extensive tools found in ZBrush 4R2, he unleashes his creativity with great effect and shows us how he created this stunning image.

3D clay sketches in the 3dcreative magazine

If not or you still want to get in touch with magqzine, feel free to email support 3dcrdative. Issue September Not only does he use Photoshop mayazine resolve the textures, but he also shows how to add lighting to complete the dramatic and creepy scene.

Editorial Hello and welcome to the May issue of 3DCreative. Please select the appropriate option in the drop down menu, fill in the email address you wish the magazines to be sent to and then hit the ‘Subscribe Here’ button.

Character Modeling Chapter 5: The Orange by Riccardo Zema. Last time we saw Andrew begin finalizing the environment by placing temporary materials on the walls and floors. Editorial Welcome to the October issue of 3DCreative! I love the mix between Professional works and Tutorials.

3D clay sketches in the 3dcreative magazine – ZBrush Guides

Issue May Please take a look at our FAQ tab and see if your question has been answered. We intend for our magazine to become a 3dcreatjve resource for artists, which they can come back to again and again for inspiration, tips and tricks of the trade.


Dean Banfield, Hamilton, Australia.

How about starting some good new habits with our top tips for ZBrush and Maya? To find out more about what our subscriptions offer, please click here. Need help with your magazine subscription? Welcome to 3dcreative magazine… 3dcreative is the magazine for CG artists around the globe, whether you already work in magaazine or are just getting started.

Free PayPal Subscription Gift: Issue February The galleries and interviews with artists are also better than most print magazines.

Most up to date information on what is happening in the 3D world.

Issue April It is full of useful tutorials, features, artist interviews and inspiring artwork every month. Our 12 Month subscription gives you the biggest saving on the magazines as well as a free gift and a host of other benefits. Tamara tells us how with a bit of grit and determination she managed to carve out her own path into the magazjne she had loved from her childhood.

// 3DCreative Magazine | Welcome to our Magazine //

Editorial Welcome to 3dvreative 57th Issue of 3DCreative magazine. Articles are jam packed with information and there are helpful tutorials that cover the latest and greatest 3D applications on the planet.

Chapter 2 – Smoke Tutorial Series: Texturing and Lighting in Photoshop Tutorial Series: Ok, so now on 3dcretive interviews, and this month we have an interview with a lady from a very talented family Tamara Bakhlycheva. Subscriptions to 3DCreative magazine are sadly no longer available.