A Grain of Wheat has ratings and reviews. Khashayar said: Great introduction to African literature. I can’t believe this is the first book I’m. : A Grain of Wheat (Penguin African Writers Series) ( ): Ngugi wa Thiong’o, Chinua Achebe, Abdulrazak Gurnah: Books. Set in the wake of the Mau Mau rebellion and on the cusp of Kenya’s independence from Britain, A Grain of Wheat follows a group of villagers.

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Then a martyr and a hero. It lessens your shame. Mumbi’s brother gets captured and hanged and the town realize that, the one they thought to be the hero, was actually hweat betrayer. A one-star, a two? It was written while he was studying at Leeds University [1] and first published in by Heinemann. He summarises action in the runup for the Uhuru day in a remote village in Gikuyu territory he being a Gikuyu himself.

Refresh and try again. The interior division does not lack on the other side: In the beginning, the unfamiliar terms and names created some difficulty, and the novel’s non-linear timeline made it hard to keep the characters straight.


Articles needing additional references from October All articles needing additional references Pages to import images to Wikidata All stub articles. This makes for a deep and psychological book, as we bring our own judgements and pre-conceptions to the story and examine those as well.

Still hard to rate. Great introduction to African literature. On Photography Susan Sontag. I can’t believe this is the first book I’m reading by an African writer.

In this political novel we see a group of people waiting for Uhuru Freedom in Swahili – Independence wbeat and we travel through their memories in the past during the uprisings, and we see their experiences, their mistakes, their history, and through their eyes wheqt see Kenya’s history as a whole.

View all 4 comments. Who truly is a hero? I finally decided that it was the State of the Emergency. There are costs to the peace as well. In each section of the novel, the perspective changes to a different person, and as in reality it was sometimes difficult to reconcile another character’s view of the person with his own.


What colonialism was, was not pretty. But the main one I think for me was that things like wheat take time to grow, one must not be impatient for Uhuru, but make sure it grows steadily. I’m not a huge fan of nested stories–narratives breaking off into plot after plot–but Ngugi does this with such grace and darkness that you don’t even really notice until 40 pages later when it returns to the original conversation.

All along I avoided reading writers who use the stream of unconsciousnessbut this one couldn’t but finish it. The war is won, but at the cost of lives and dreams lost.

A Grain of Wheat : Ngugi Wa Thiong’o :

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The numerous characters have colliding and intersecting storylines that weave in and out of the themes of desperation, betrayal, dissatisfaction and, ultimately, failure. There’s a number of moral lessons throughout the novel. And it grrain like an odd thing to do, to me. The book continuously and unexpectedly went into flashback and it left me a bit confused, even though i do see this as one of the author’s techniques and styles, I personally found it difficult to understand.

So basically this book talk of the independent dayand how so many flashbacks to arrive to the Uhuru freedom day. And I graib have sold Kenya to the whiteman to buy my own freedom. Particularly emerges the importance of Mumbi, who carries the name of the first woman according to the myths of gikuyu origins; so she represents the woman par excellence, tied to the protagonists of the liberation movement and disputed by several men.

Or, rather, was that the traditional African culture, or how it became under the brutalization that dheat normalized under c This is not an easy book. Nov 05, Maroua Bentoucha rated it it was amazing Shelves: I can’t imagine whose representation he could nbugi, and it’s a bit disturbing to keep seeing him when I open the book.

Salvo el tema religioso donde si se asienta claramente su postura hrain desacuerdo. Wa thiong’o is such a great writerand I loved his philosophyI loved how he made me as an Algerian readerbelieve in the black power over the Whitman.


And it is not only a bright past treachery was already present, with suffering, prison, detention camps, violence. Ngugi is a great author. Dispatched from the UK in 2 business days When will my order arrive? Do you truly have self-government if the MP sits in the capital taking bribes and enriching himself, while never paying any attention to his constituency?

He loses his opportunity for further education when he is caught between idealistic dreams and the violent reality of the colonial exploitation. This page was last edited on 11 Novemberat Basically it went like this: Others see him as confidant, role model, hero. An impressive novel that takes a bit of concentration to figure out the various characters and changes in the time of the event. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Nyugi believe it is the version revised in ; but how big were the changes?

I am glad to see that Penguin has published bh book and hope that it’s not riddled with the same meaning-altering typos that the Heinemann is; this work deserves a well-edited publication.

Written in only three years after independence, t An impressive novel that takes a bit of concentration to figure out the various characters and changes in the time of the event. Such a powerful, political and complex historical novel.

He left Kenya in and taught at various universities in the United States before he became professor of comparative literature and performance studies at New York University in This is much more of an indictment of colonialism than Paradisewhich is understandable in the context. A Grain of Wheat was of biting relevance at the time of its publication inand the questions it provokes resonate up to the present time. I bought my copy of this book used and would highly recommend avoiding the old Heinemann “African Writers Series” edition.