GUNG HO, A LA CARGA. views Gung Ho. Cipriano González · Trabajo escrito pelicula gung ho. Luis Alberto Resumen Gung Ho. A LA CARGA GUNG HOIntroducción Hablaremos sobre la técnica administrativa gung ho (trabajando juntos), que se compone resumen del video gung ho. Tarea – Tarea 2 Gung Ho A la carga Fuente. el método del castor y el don del ganso, en resumen nos enseña a aprender y entender que vuestro trabajo.

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Keaton has the president count the cars outside first so inside production could continue. Keaton shows up to work by himself and confidentally boosts that he will finish out the quota himself. The workforce believed they could change the terms of employment and the s main character believed that he could change the workers attitude to over achieve and meetSthe 15, car target.

Comfort with Ambiguity The main character showed up alone, in a new country, without a map and unable to speak the language and was not phased.

Cultural differences are a nuisance at best and often a disaster.

gung ho – [ODT Document]

The most impressive ones involve focus on the family. There is also a high level of focus on achieving whether it is winning a game or meeting the 15, car production target. More concerned with keeping his promotion than with the welfare of his fellow workers, Hunt does everything he can to trick the American workers into compliance, but the culture clash becomes too great and he begins to lose control of the men.

However, conflict arises due to the tremendously different cultures and work ethics uo the two groups. The plot is based on an American resumdn factory that was shutdown and purchased by a Japanese company, Assan Motors. They virtually always fail.

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The Japanese company agrees, and upon the arrival of their management team in the US cargaa changes are introduced, among them lower wages and seemingly impossible standards of efficiency and quality. Stevenson responds by announcing to the workers that the crga reason they are facing such These Japanese workers supervise and also collaborate with the American workers.


The culture differences create obstacles and misunderstandings throughout the film. While his audience is not impressed, Hunt, hoping to save the town and atone for his deception, and Kazuhiro, desperate to show his worth to his superiors, go back into the factory and begin to build cars by themselves.

After nearly a month of working long hours toward a goal of 13,despite Hunt’s pleas for them to aim for the full 15,the truth is discovered and the workers strike. Gung Ho Summary The Gung Ho Movie, starring Michael Keaton, is a great representation of the cultural differences that may arise between businesses when working together internationally.

RADES This dimension focuses as Hoestde states on the degree to which people prefer to act as individuals rather than as members of groups.

Each company is discussed separately using examples from the movie and then summary values provided. Intent on becoming the strict manager his superiors expect, he gives Hunt a large promotion on the condition that he work as a liaison between the Japanese management and the American workers, to smooth the transition and convince the workers to obey the new rules.

Despite cultural differences, the Japanese are determined to see this new American plant produce as efficently as plants back home in Japan.

At last the plant is at full production. A raise is promised to the American workers if a a quota for manufactured cars is met. Subordinate to subordinate communication differs greatly from subordinate to supervisor communication. He lies to his men and states the quota is a few thousand less than it really is to motivate his men. By doing so, they were to layff gug or closing down the plant. The American workers were in conflict with the Resu,en style of management.

The workers also display a poor work ethic and lackadaisical attitude towards quality control. The Japanese executive in charge of the plant is Takahara Kazuhiro Gedde Watanabewho has been a failure in his business career thus far because he is too lenient on his workers. Two thousand cars or so is a day’s work it seems, if he only skips lunch.

The Japanese use a Theory X management style, in our book, McGregors Theory X management style is described as, assum ing most people had little capacity for creativity in problem solving, most personnel needed to gesumen closesly controlled guhg often coerced to achieve goals, work was inherently He has been given one tung chance to redeem himself by making the American plant a success.


In the movies Office Space and Gung-Ho we see two different work places with different management styles, different office culture, different everything.

République (videojuego)

If productivity standards arent met, then overtime work is expected, without pay. The president however liked Keaton and proclaimed “You make me laugh. When Hunt first meets Kazuhiro in Japan, Kazuhiro is being ridiculed by his peers, and being required to wear ribbons of shame. They show clear masculinity and doing’ orientations. The yung was re-opened but a Japanese management team was sent to help, guide, and monitor the American workers. Michael Keaton then gets into a car and says that he is proud of the cars that “we”, the Japanese and Americans had made together.

Assertiveness The Americans show a high level of assertiveness through the aggressiveness at the ball game, even at the cost of wiping out one of the opposite team and the fight scene in the grocery store.

The nephews of Japan’s Company President confidentally state the quota was not met. Company cultures were different, and Americans everywhere feared an invasion of Japanese products into even more facets of the American economy.

However, the workers were not used to this new way leading them varga feel dissatisfy with their jobs. Both feature management styles and more in-depth styles of leadership straight out of our book. Michael Keaton plays an American Auto worker that attempts to bridge the gap between American workers and Japanese managers which have just arrived to run the plant.

After the arrival of the Resumn team, the manager set out new rules and restructures the work as Job Redesign. In the beginning, it is clear that management lacks regard for the workers and their lives.