SAP AG AC ” MIGRATION (Implementation of New G/L) = PROJECT SAP strongly recommends that you implement the New G/L and use it to handle. Future SAP Support of the Classic General Ledger and AC New (flexible) general ledger, AC Migration to new G/L accounting, Additional. SAP FICO General Ledger Consultant, projects and jobs for freelancer and IT with AC SAP Training Course; Data Migration skills and previous experience .

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The main focus in this unit is on the activities and themes that are additionally included. For more information, return the questionnaire see above to the e-mail address: The information you will swp from your course instructor is essential to completing the materials.

Users should not need to log off in the process. InSAP had originally considered to offer its own certificate for the new general ledger and migration to new general ledger topics.

The WLs contain migrations objects that are to be processed.

On the toolbarclick the Execute pushbutton: Assign qc212 your company code AA to your migration plan. You could also use the term “singular” account assignment. The standard transfer program for the CF does not derive the segment, not even if you use the 8A source ledger.

In principle, what should actually work is the transfer of the retained earnings account — arranged according to profit centers. A reversal of the entire adjustment documents is recommended. For important information on the plug-in, see SAP Note ! Asset acquisition — U January Capitalization amount: Acct and transfer of OIs phase 0 5.


This results in automatic postings to the clearing account at the level of each profit center, see postings 3b. Allocations or recognitions are not displayed as the phase 1 documents have not yet migrated at this time.

Szkolenie AC – Migration to the New General Ledger

Since program RAPERB is typically only run at the end of the month and the changes are then recorded in summarized form, the number of documents to be reversed is considerably less. The displayed process reflects one of several possibilities for how a payment process can be processed for an SAP customer. To later enrich missing account assignments from accounts that are not managed on an OI basis because the available BAdI was not usedyou can use ac2122 Repost Balance Carryforward Manually Optional activity: SAP AG As of Decemberthere has been no exact statement as to when this function enhancement will be available — that is, it is still unclear which support package will contain the option.

Do you want to post the document or simulate document splitting? See the sxp slide for more information. Have the profit centers in your CO objects or material master records been maintained as needed? Carefully read Information on the migration server overview transaction: Ideally, such a process in the SAP system is mapped using the investment management component. To understand the migration of documents in phase 1 better, we will take a closer look at a few documents.

This is not so critical, since these clearing accounts are never cleared.

SAP FICO General Ledger Consultant

You can also go through the exercises sxp after the course, to reinforce what you have learnt. These activities then allow you to carry out and analyze the migration to the new general ledger for your company code AA in the Migration Cockpit.


Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation. The suggested variant from September is not really helpful. Group – 50, V.

Compliance is the duty of a company to observe valid legal statutes and regulations. In this way, the customer receives tailor-made guidance through the migration process. Once this has happened, a package cannot be deleted anymore.

Phase 0 — Amounts on accounts that are not managed on an OI basis: The structure of the financial statement versions is then not as stringent as when you record the postings separately.

After the transfer posting: After FBCB postings have been made, you cannot reset the migration without sal to do it manually.

One of the phases is always the active phase highlighted green.

SAP Education

Probably not, as you should use an up-to-date copy of your PROD to do this. However, SAP recommends that you consult an experienced, possibly certified see above consultant for implementing your migration project. Realistically, if you assume that the migration aac212 in the production system was already set in migration phase 0, you will always select a future date and, therefore, also have a green traffic light in the Migration Cockpit.

The new general ledger has an extended data structure as standard, as opposed to the classic totals table GLT0.