View and Download ABB ACS user manual online. ACS Inverter pdf manual download. MTAC pulse encoder interface module user’s manual 3AFE MUL1- R1 installation instructions for ACS, ACS,. ACS, ACS and. ACS Drives Users Manual ACS Three Phase Input. ABB ACS general machinery drives are designed for the OEM machine building sector.

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Holding Registers Parameter sets, control, status and reference values are mapped as holding registers.

How to select a parameter and change its value Step Action Display If delay time is set to zero, the drive resets immediately. Specify the first part of the date day or month depending on the selected date format with In the scalar control mode, the drive is controlled with a frequency reference. How to get help Step Action Display Press to read the context-sensitive help text for the item that is highlighted.

Table Of Contents Table of contents Output Mode Output mode In the Output mode, you can: Reference types and processing The drive can accept a variety of references in addition to the conventional analog input and control panel signals.

A listing of ABB sales, support and service contacts can be found by navigating to www.

The user may set limits for speed, current etc. Speed values are used with vector control and frequency values are used with scalar manuwl. Set the deceleration time 1 parameter Sequence programming is activated by digital input DI1. Page Fan failure can be predicted by the increasing noise from the fan bearings. See section Sequence programming on page The user macro allows the user to save the parameter settings, including group 99 START-UP DATA, and the results of the motor identification into the permanent memory and recall the data at a later time.


Local Control Local control The control commands are given from the control panel keypad when the drive is in local control. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

The speed is determined by the average speed over the previous 10 seconds. With PTC the output current is 1. Basic Control Panel Alarm Codes How to upload and download parameters For the upload and download functions available, see above. Connections The diagram gives an overview of connections. When the motor speed exceeds the sleep level, the counter is reset.

Falling edge of inverted digital input DI1: State 1 is active for 40 s. PID Control macro This macro provides parameter settings for closed-loop control systems such as pressure control, flow control, etc. Page 21 The chapter describes the construction and type code information in short. Page 69 Initially, the panel is in the Output mode, where you can Status line The top line of the LCD display shows the basic status information of the drive. It is also possible to activate jogging function 1 or 2 through fieldbus.

Select the application macro parameter Derivative action boosts the controller output if the error value changes. This selection will be added later.

Frequency input Digital input DI5 can be programmed as a frequency input. Control Of A Mechanical Brake Control of a mechanical brake The mechanical brake is used for holding the motor and driven machinery at zero speed when the drive is stopped, or not powered.

ABB ACS350 User Manual

Table Of Contents Diagnostics Ce Marking Applicable standards The drive complies with the following standards: See mannual PID control page Protection Against Short-circuit In The Motor And Manuap Cable Protection against short-circuit in the motor and motor cable The drive protects the motor and motor cable in a short-circuit situation when the motor cable is dimensioned according to the nominal current of the drive.


Dcu Communication Profile DCU communication profile Because the DCU profile extends the control and status interface to 32 bits, two different signals are needed for both the control and and status and words.

Function Codes Function codes Supported function codes for the holding 4xxxx register are: If sequence programming is deactivated by falling edge of digital input DI1, state machine is reset to state 1. Applicable standards The drive complies with the following standards: Ul Marking UL marking See the type designation label for the valid markings of your drive. The drive provides an underload function to protect mankal machinery and process in such a serious fault condition.

The motor model accs350 now calculated by magnetizing the motor for 10 to 15 s at zero speed. If not, contact an Acs30 representative. Actual Signals Actual signals Several actual signals are available: To be able to start or mankal the drive, the drive must be in local control.

For embedded fieldbus control, see chapter Fieldbus control with embedded fieldbus. Fault Logger mode In the Fault Logger mode, you can: Checklist Installation checklist Checklist Check the mechanical and electrical installation of the drive before start-up. Relay Cable Control panel cable In remote use, the cable connecting the control panel to the drive must not exceed 3 m 10 ft.


Motor Potentiometer macro This macro provides a cost-effective interface for PLCs that vary the speed of the drive using only digital signals. Fuses must be used with other circuit breakers. Relion series cyber security deployment guidelie 62 pages.