Abstract. Cerebellar disorders due to herpes simplex virus (HSV) infection are rare and always associated with herpes simplex encephalitis. We report 2 cases . This article includes discussion of acute cerebellar ataxia (in children), acute cerebellitis, and acute postinfectious cerebellitis. The foregoing. Acute cerebellar ataxia is a syndrome that occurs in previously well children, often presenting Acute cerebellar ataxia, acute cerebellitis, and.

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Acute cerebellitis in adults: a case report and review of the literature

Cottom published a series of 7 cases of acute cerebellar ataxia inand in reviewing the literature, noted that cases worldwide appeared to correlate with epidemics of influenza, lethargic encephalitis, and poliomyelitis Cottom Contributor Information Laura Lancella, Email: Tone, deep tendon reflexes and plantar responses were normal in all patients. In literature we found other reports which describe infection of VZV and neurological complication encephalitis, meningitis, cerebellitis, poliradiculopaty, transverse myelitis in adults and children [ 343031 ].

Bienfait3 and R. Can J Neurol Sci. MRI of the brains of the patients revealed increased signal intensity without focal lesions of the cerebellar cortex, which appeared to be swollen. Acute cerebellitis is a rare inflammatory syndrome.

Course and outcome of acute cerebellar ataxia. Usually, the cerebellar hemispheres are symmetric. The children in group 1 not only demonstrated resolution of their neurologic symptoms at follow-up, but also did not have any other sequelae noted.

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. A new association between castleman disease and immune-mediated cerebellitis. Unlike some prior and subsequent studies, they excluded patients with altered mental status or seizures, arguing that the original description by Batten in was of children with acute ataxia and normal mentation. Studies exploring clinical data able to predict neuroimaging abnormalities could be useful in this selection.


In fact, they pointed out that the definition of acute cerebellar ataxia was still poorly defined; there were no diagnostic criteria, treatment recommendations, or good data on outcome that could be reliably used. A year-old Caucasian woman presented with headache, nausea, and photophobia, and was diagnosed as having a migraine attack.

Acute cerebellitis in children: an eleven year retrospective multicentric study in Italy

Electronic supplementary material The online version of this article Competing interests The authors declare that they have no competing interests. Acute cerebellitis is a neurological condition characterized by mild or high-grade fever, nystagmus, tremor, truncal ataxia, dysarthria, headache, and altered mental state [ 7 ]; on the other hand, acute cerebellar ataxia is defined as the acute onset of gait ataxia without fever, prominent meningismus, seizures, or a significant alteration of mental state [ 89 cerebelltiis.

Ataxia, dysmetria, balance disturbances, tremors, nystagmus, dizziness, dysarthria, hypotonia, headache, vomiting, somnolence, behavioural changes. Herniation to foramen magnum in the course of cerebellitis in a 4-year-old boy, as shown by CT and MRI – case report.

Six children, 5 boys and 1 girl, aged 2. A Single Center’s Experience. CSF leukocytes varied widely, cerebelliitis 0 to leukocytes. Acute cerebellitisalso known as acute cerebellar ataxiais a rare inflammatory process characterised by a sudden onset of cerebellar dysfunction acite affecting children.

Related articles in Web of Science Google Scholar. The clinical courses and the MRI findings were similar for our patients but quite different from those described in cases of acute cerebellitis due to other causes, in which foci of edema or demyelination in cerebellar white matter were observed [ 72425 ].


Post viral cerebellar ataxia – Wikipedia

Hospital-onset neonatal sepsis and mortality in low resource settings — will bundles save the day? The cerebrospinal fluid CSF glucose was normal in all cases. August Learn how and when to remove this template message. It is reported as a complication of several systemic infectious diseases, such as varicella infection chickenpox 6. Site license users, click the Site License Acces link on the Cerebeolitis at an authorized computer.

MRI is the imaging modality of cetebellitis and CSF examination may be necessary to narrow the differential diagnosis. Footnotes Electronic supplementary material The online version of this article Acute cerebellitis, Acute cerebellar ataxia, Hydrocephalus, Inflammation.

Acute cerebellitis in adults: a case report and review of the literature

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Controlled trial of acyclovir for chickenpox evaluating time of initiation and duration of therapy and viral resistance. Randomized controlled trials are needed to confirm these observations. Acute cerebellar ataxia following vaccination for varicella, hepatitis B, and rabies has been reported Synonyms or Alternate Spellings: