As a fitting crown for the closing of the Marian Year, Pope Pius XII, on October 11, , issued a beautiful new Encyclical, the Ad Caeli Reginam in which he. AD CÆLI REGINAM. Encyclical Letter of His Holiness, Pope Pius XII on the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary. TO OUR VENERABLE BRETHREN. Ad Caeli, Reginam!s the encyclical letter of Pope Pius XII in which he. instituteC a new universal feast of the Queenship of Mary, for May The encyclical is.

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Alfonso, Le glone de Mariap. Rauer, Origenes’ Werke, T. Hence it cannot vaeli doubted that Mary most Holy is far above all other creatures in dignity, reignam after her Son possesses primacy over all. The Latin word is Unigena. Jerome where he introduces the following statement amidst various explanations of Mary’s name: We are convinced that this feast will help to preserve, strengthen and prolong that peace among nations which daily is almost destroyed by recurring crises.

May her Rosary be found in the hands of all. Festum Assumptionis; hymnus Laudum. Peter’s, on the Feast of the Divine Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, on the eleventh day of the month of October in the yearthe sixteenth of Our Pontificate.

Mary is called by St. No one should think himself a son of Mary, worthy of being received under her powerful protection, unless, like her, he is just, gentle and pure, and shows a sincere desire for true brotherhood, not harming or injuring but rather helping and comforting others. Likewise, for many centuries past, Christians have been accustomed to meditate upon the ruling power of Mary which embraces Heaven and earth when they consider the fifth glorious mystery of the Rosary, which can be called the mystical crown of the heavenly Queen.

Finally, art which is based upon Christian principles, and is animated by their spirit as something which faithfully interprets the sincere and freely expressed filial reverence of the faithful, since the Council of Ephesus, portrays Mary as Queen and Empress seated upon a royal throne, adorned with the royal insignia, crowned with the royal diadem, and surrounded by the host of the Angels and the Saints in Heaven and ruling not only nature and its powers, but also over the machinations of Satan.

Owen Gagliardo added it Aug 22, What could be more sublime than this joy, O Virgin Mother? As We have already mentioned, Venerable Brothers, according to ancient tradition and the sacred liturgy the main principle on which the royal dignity of Mary rests is without doubt her Divine Motherhood.

Festum septem dolorum B.

For if the word of God performs miracles and gives grace through the Humanity He has assumed, if He employs the Sacraments and His Saints as instruments for the salvation of souls, why should He not use His Mother’s office and efforts to bring us the fruits of the Redemption?


Its use underwent a notable development in the Cistercian reform movement and in the orders of evangelical apostolic life that arose from the beginning of the twelfth century onwards. Moreover, in this part of Christian doctrine as in others, the living Magisterium of the Church which Christ has constituted “to elucidate and explain things that are contained in the Deposit of Faith only obscurely and, as it were, implicitly” stands forth for all as “the immediate and universal norm of truth.

Ardent voices from the East sing out: Andrew of Crete frequently ascribed the dignity of a Queen to the Virgin Mary.

II, Mechliniae,hymn. Is she not a rainbow in the clouds reaching towards God, the pledge of a covenant of peace? He has written this, for example: Adam marked it as to-read Aug 19, Festum Assumptionis; hymnus Laudum.

On the Queenship of Mary: Ad Caeli Reginam by Pope Pius XII

Mario rated it really liked it May 10, How much more honorable and venerable than the throne of a king is his mother”. Let all, therefore, try to approach with greater regginam the throne of grace and mercy of our Queen and Mother, and beg for strength in adversity, light in darkness, consolation in sorrow; above all let them strive to free themselves from the slavery of sin and offer an unceasing homage, filled with filial loyalty, to their Queenly Mother. Germanus, the patriarch, and read in the Seventh Ecumenical Council with all the Fathers concurring, called the Mother of God: Heaven and earth are filled with the sanctity of thy glory.

Back to the teachings on Mary Main Menu. The Heaven and the earth is entirely filled with the sanctity of thy glory. II, Mechliniae,hymn.

Furthermore, while they are serving the cause of the Gospel, may they advance the strength and the growth of earthly states by their concerted effort and by the splendid virtues which amidst these hardships shine forth as examples. Lists with This Book. May the powerful Queen of creation, whose radiant glance banishes storms and tempests and brings back cloudless skies, look upon these her innocent and tormented children with eyes of mercy; may the Virgin, who is able to subdue violence beneath her foot, grant to them that they may soon enjoy the rightful freedom to practice their religion openly, so that, while serving the cause of the Gospel, they may also contribute to the strength and progress of nations by their harmonious cooperation, by the practice of extraordinary virtues which are a glowing example in the midst of bitter trials.


Hence it cannot be doubted that Mary most Holy is far above all other creatures in dignity, and after her Son possesses primacy over all. So with complete justice St. Constituted by the Lord, Queen of Heaven and earth, and exalted above all the Choirs of Angels and the ranks of the Saints in Heaven, standing at the right hand of her only begotten Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, she petitions most powerfully with her maternal prayers, and she obtains what she seeks.

” – Ad Caeli Reginam” by Pius XII

On the Queenship of Mary: I in Dormitionem Beatae Mariae Virginis: You must select at least 1 quantity for this product. For Heaven was not Thy mother, but Thou hast made it Thy throne. And let no one dare say anything lacking in due reverence to her. It encompasses the heaven about with the circle of its glory, the hands of the Most High have displayed it. Germanus speaks to the humble Virgin in these words: The Common Good, Mr. Therefore, let all approach with greater confidence now than before, to the throne of mercy and grace of our Queen and Mother, to beg help in difficulty, light in darkness, and solace in trouble and sorrow.

On the Queenship of Mary: Ad Caeli Reginam

Such talk is the sign of a vile mind. The Supreme Shepherds of the Church have considered it their duty to promote by eulogy and exhortation the devotion of the Christian people to the heavenly Mother and Queen. Reasonable demands and repeated protests have not helped them. Moreover, since almost a century has passed since Our predecessor of immortal memory, Pius IX, proclaimed and defined the dogma that the great Mother of God had been conceived without any stain of original sin, We instituted the current Marian Year[2] And now it is a great consolation to Us to see great multitudes here in Rome – and especially in the Liberian Basilica – giving testimony in a striking way to their faith and ardent love for their heavenly Mother.

Key Marian feast days.

We wish also to recall that our Predecessor of immortal memory, Sixtus IV, touched caelu upon the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin, beginning the Apostolic Letter “Cum Preexcelsa” 30 with words in which Mary is called “Queen,” “Who is always vigilant to intercede with the King Whom she bore. Finally, from this association with Reginsm comes the unfailing efficacy of her maternal intercession with the Son and with the Father.