Reference Manual. INTRODUCTION Thank you for purchasing the Alesis ADAT- XT Digital Multitrack Tape Recorder. To take full advantage of the XT’s functions, . User manual for the device Alesis ADAT-XT. Online user manual database. musical instrument, dj equipment manuals, user guides, spec sheets. Alesis ADAT-XT Recording Equipment User Manual. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4.

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The transport willshuttle back and forth for about 5 minutes. A bus generally refers to any common signal pathway. Write this number down or memorize it. Advantages include higher speed and the ability to carry multiple chanels of information over a single, thin cable.

Auto recording stops and starts recording automatically at predetermined times. To extend the format on a partially formatted tape: Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly replaced. Troubleshootingshould also be aware that it is extremely easy to damage your heads and othersensitive parts of your ADAT. The lowest sampling rate is In fact, you can copy up to 4 tracks at a time using the Track Copy feature. Edit Mode will now be selected.


Xxt VU meters will also show a bar-graph representation of the currentdelay values for all eight tracks. Chapter 4is similar to the audio you are recording. Page 81 Appendix B: Page 94 Glossaryby the motion picture and television industries.

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Page 46 Chapter 4: They indicate that the parameter for which they are named has been selected or turned on. Page 56 Chapter 4: Do not open up your ADAT to clean the heads. Tell us what’s missing. These two features are: A number from 1 to 8 will appear next to the EDIT icon to indicate which track is being edited.

Chapter 4the last valid time-stamp it reads from tape. Crossfading always begins at the punch point and continues for the amount of time you have specified. They indicate that theparameter for which they are named has been selected or turned on. BusA bus generally refers to any common signal pathway. Page manuap Basic Operations: When in Edit Mode, this icon indicates that you are editing a tracks delay amount, which will appear in the TIME counter.

Digital Recording ConceptsDigital audio requires lots of numbers to represent an analog version of the samesound.


Alesis ADAT-XT Reference Manual

Page 36 Chapter 4: Page 50 Chapter 4: These determine whatsignals will be recorded on the XT. JThe XT can produce a transient audio signal during power up and power down. Entering play or record more willalso thread the tape, if it was previously unthreaded.

Locate 0 Chapter 5: Similar to formatting a floppy disk to use on a computer or sampler, formatting an XT mnual time-stamps the tape to single-sample accuracy so that audio is referenced to an accurate time base.

Page 59 Combine this feature with the ability to bounce tracks in the digital domain, and you have the ability to perform cut-and-paste style assembly editing.

Page 21 Chapter 2: All functions of the XT with the exception of synchronization and digital audio are explained here in detail. During the operation, the tape willhalf-eject twice. Page 11 Chapter 1: