Read, review and discuss the entire Adventureland movie script by Greg Mottola on Adventureland (PDF script) August 5, Revised Draft Written by Greg Mottola . Adventureland is an intelligent, relevant film about a college graduate named James Brennan (Jesse Eisenberg) whose dreams of a.

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Adventureland (2009) Movie Script

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I don’t think I can see you. Can I get anyone a refresher?

Viet Cong, Viet Cong! We started dancing and love put us into a groove Adventurelanv soon as we started to move The music played while our bodies displayed for the dance It’s nice when Paulette’s got the day off.

Then I turned 4. I was going to suggest more perfume. You really got it going on! Loving life, you know. How much have you saved?

How’d it go with Sue? Pete told my parents that you’re Jewish. They called him Henry. And tell them I work as a screehplay


James, we didn’t want to spoil your graduation, but your father has been transferred to a different department. My name is Bobby. You still hot for your wife? Give Ronnie a break. Kristen Stewart adventurekand received High Times ‘ Stonette of the Year Award, due in part to her performance in the film.

I think I should probably be on the rides department. No, in that case, there were actually a few times that I In fact, what is so mind-blowing about this particular race is how evenly-matched these particular competitors are.

I have from Grandpa’s trust fund. Do you support apartheid? Unless someone needs adventurelaand restoring a fresco, I’m screwed. We got caught up reminiscing.

I think there was I mean, more of a pragmatic nihilist, I guess, -or an existential pagan, if you will Hey, how are you? Why do you have that stupid shirt? He’s a married man. All screenplays on the simplyscripts. Herman Melville wrote fucking Moby Dick, and he was so poor and forgotten by the time he died that in his obituary, they called him Henry Melville.


Self Guided Film School

Hey, Em, what’s up? We’re gonna have fun! So, I didn’t expect you to be back here. Excuse me, can you get me a refill here?

Adventureland Script at The Screenplay Database

It’s blown over now, mostly. Velvet Underground sung by Lou Reed. You’re such a pussy! However, financial problems force him to look for a summer job instead of traveling abroad, which places him at Adventureland, a run-down amusement park in western Pennsylvania.

I can’t really help you out there. You think I’m, like, some fucking pathetic idiot or something. Assistant manager Bobby assigns James to the games area. I heard you lost a giant-ass panda at knifepoint. They’re hand puppets, not marionettes, on Mister Rogers’.