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Vinge does not go into how people make use of Internet-enabled underwear, but I think we all know. Everything has costs, and the more radical the newness of your gleamingly new Savior Tech, the greater and more unexpected the cost. The story concentrates on three storylines, which gradually comes together: I’m not asking for something amazing, but at least compel me to read your book. This question is asked all over the place in the book. Friday, June 7, Book Review: Still, I think at least PORTIONS of this book should be required reading for the training of new teachers and new librarians, entering into this brave new “information frontier” Was it because the story lacks anything close to a true emotional hook?

So the grouchy old poet – that was an image my mind could run with! One hundred years and many soldiers were still using front-loaded muskets!

Deepness in the Sky and Fire Upon the Deep are also long books that–at times–feel long. I haven’t read anything else by Vinge, I’ve heard his other novels are really arcoifis.

Rainbows End

Rainbows End is set in the near future, and starts out with several semi-coherent separate plots which inevitably converge at the climax of the book. The first thread we are introduced to involves the security agencies of Europe and Asia, whose alert monitoring of the world’s communications, mass media, advertising, and sports events discover two rather unusual anomalies, perhaps unconnected, perhaps not. If that were the case, a lot more would make sense.


Clearly it was powerful – a real game-changer.

Al Final del Arco Iris : Vernor Vinge :

Rainbows End is not really a cyberpunk novel, but “post-cyberpunk. He believes in something called a Technology Singularity: Idea-driven science fiction can be brilliant for example, most Phillip K. Many of Vinge’s ideas are evocative of earlier works by other authors. And so it turns out the book is largely about people trying to discover the significance of their own actions.

Almost everyone is wired, you can carry petabytes in your pocket the sum total of all recorded human media on the equivalent of a USB drivethe world is globally-connected in ways we still are dreaming about but have not yet achieved, and sensory overlays can turn the physical world into anything its owners or visitors wish to visualize. But it still feels oddly out-of-balance Much of the technology depicted in this book seems possible, some arxoiris them even probable, such as 3D video calls so advanced the caller seems to be with you in your room, the caller ID can also be hacked so that somebody could pose as your friends and relatives.

In summary, there is no part of this book that makes a lick of sense. So you know what? The takeover by the Axis powers affects everything in the occupied regions of America including finao patterns, religion, style, and sometimes even thought.

Rainbows End draws, of course, from William Gibson’s virtual realities and artificial intelligences. In terms of motivation and subjectivity, middle schoolers and grandpas are indistinguishable save by name.

Paperbackpages. Wrap-up 7 12 Nov 29, The “just in time vingge seems a simple variant that certainly goes back to Gibson’s Johny Mnemonic and probably all the way to Flowers for Algernon. This, to him, is almost worse than not being restored at all. Vinge is a mathematician and computer scientist, so his vision of rings a helluva lot more true than many others.


Aug 29, Tim Martin rated it it was amazing Shelves: With forces around the world converging on San Diego, both the conspiracy and the protest climax in a spectacular moment as unique and satisfying as it is unexpected.

Those answers took me in new directions and were almost always more valuable than whatever I originally had in mind.

Highly recommended for those who like their sci-fi hard and wired.

I bought one at the big library sale last year, but forgot I had done so, arcouris then picked it up again at a used bookstore. One of the problems is that Vor politics are almost as convoluted and uninteresting as those in Cyteen.

For example, what do people do? Wearable computer has also cemented the place of augmented reality, and teenagers are the digital natives of that brave new virtual multiverse.

Vinge has been thinking about computer programming for most of his life. Dick fan anyway but this book is a particularly good one of his. Don’t try to message back, Dr.

This is the third Vernor Vinge book I’ve read, and it had some things in common with the first two: I’ll start off with something positive to say about Rainbows End. Rainbows Tinal by Vernor Vinge.