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Thus, along with the srudy of liqhardHadeeth, study the lives of the Salofandthose who abstained with regards to the world, so that this may be a cause ofsoftness in your hearts. However, as for the one who conrmts an act of disbelief in jest, thenhe becomes a disbeliever, due to him intending disbelief – as the people of Knowledge have duly stipulated.

Some Benefits from this Hadeeth From the hadeeth we can conclude the following: Benefit others and share this article! There is no harm with this Ruler, nor his wealth, nor his actions, because the Scholar does not criticirc him.

Please fill out the form below. Allaah – the Mighty ond. Kbaanah these ibaana also affirm the fact that anphing other than actions – such as wealth, servants or ao – are ofno benefit at all. Register now to reserve your space in our schedule. The firstpart ofthe Qur’aan to be revealedwas aSoorahgivinga detailed account about Paradise and Hell.

He promised those who came with eema. W o cv er do es o cts of the Hereafter for this world, he will have no Portion of the Hereafter.

Please give us a general indication of your level by selecting one of the options below: He passed by a dead kid goat i. Some people came to the Prophet sollnlloahu ‘ala,ybi wo sallam and he asked them: Is there nny frfiongst yoa wbo hape seen those wbo were Cowfanions ofAlloob’s Messenger sallollaohu ‘olayhi wa sallam?

Takcn from al-Hijro magazine vol. The Shoreetnh defrrition of bidtob is: Rather, a truly generous person is one who gives charity whilst he holds onto his life and also wtrilst he loves this wealth very much. About this, Allaah – ela Most Higb – says: Maalik never ceased to be hcld in high esteem. Hefeek shy that when his semant raises his hanil. So how can secondarymatters be given suchimportance that the Primary matter is neglectedf It ibaanxh myview, that the contradictions ofthegroups and parties to the way ofthe Messenger, in calling to Allaah, occurs due to their ignorance of ibaana way – and the ignorant person should not be a d.


Al Ibaanah Magazine Issue 1

The Prophet had made a aal with the people of Baluain and had appointed over them al-‘Alaa ibn Hadramee. There is no doubt that the one who mixes with the people and patiendy bears their harms has a great reward.

And from the narrowness ofthis world, to the vasmess of this world and the Hereafter. Related by al-Bukhaaree no. This pure saying is inherited from the Companions of the Prophet sollslla. Events to Befall this Ummalt The Prophet ibaabah llolla,ahu talnyhi wo sollnzz informed us of events rvhich will befall this lJmmah, some of these narrations speak of good for this Ummah – indicating also that the future, power and honour is for the Muslims; and that ttrey will be established in the land.

Ifowever, ifwerelyon newspapers, magazines andthe radio then these media sources belong to the disbelievers, ttte West. Itbeganas something small, bearingresemblance to the truth, which is whythose who entered into it were mislead and then were unable to leave it. The dao’ee caller who knows this waywill findit verydifficult to implement,yethe does not make this an obstacle in his way, since day and night in his d.

Then the Prophet sallollaoha taloyhi wa sallaz explained what is left after these categories. Iii] All the various firoq sects have been threatened with HellFire, except those who take adhere to the toqeeilolt an. Giingprecedence to what Allaah loves ibsanah personal loves, when being overcome by desires.

All else will be left and it will remain ibaanaah the people who inherit it. But be upon the Straight Path and upon the Sanna.

In comparison, our students study all components of the language, intertwined in our thorough academic curriculum, from the beginning to advanced stages of study. This narration refutes rhe conceptof bid’ah hosaooh good innovation with regards to beliefs and worship, and a more detailed explanation of this will come in a latcr issue – if Allaah wills’ The prooft ofthis are many, but it is enough to state one: So utrat are the conditions that a Muslim must firlfill in order for the action to be righteousl This is shown in the statement of Allaah – th e Exa he d.


This is why the suength of ibaanqh Muslims is not in their great number – weaPons or wealth – but it is in their ‘oqeednh belief and their adhereing to it.

So the P rophet, sollolla,oha’o byhi w a snllaru,saj,d: So may Allaah have mercy upon him, the foremost Imaam.


This matter is a veryserious one and must be stressed here, so that we may know drat we are in need of making our actions correct and purely for the Face ofAllaah – the Exabed. Thus, we see that some of the brothers who cdl to Allaah, they do not have except a little knowledge. Clinging to that which the C,ompanionss of Ibaanaj Messenger salldllaobu ‘alayhi pfr sallfrnt were upon, taking them as our example to be followedr6 avoiding InnovationlT and wcry Innovation is misguidance.

In addition, Al-Ibaanah offers academic resources such as counseling, tutoring, elective ibaanag, and special workshops. That is to say, one must be sincere in his supplication, so he turns to Allaah – the Onefreefrom allimperfections – irthanattentive heart, being truthful in his turning to FIim, knowing that Allaah – the Most Perfect, the Most High – is capable of answering his supplication and hoping to be answered.

So he sees an innovator calling to his innovation, and a worldlypersoncallingto the world.

Al-Ibaanah Arabic Language Center Cairo

They must not seek anything that on-Nofs ul-Amoaratn bis-Soot the soul that calls thtm to evil orders them to do. Some of the SolaJhavesaid: Kisrna was killed xl his kingdom totally vanquished.

It has the desire to love, to gain good and beneficial things for itself.