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This is our true calling. But everyone called by the Order should commit a resolute step and serve the Order.

A merit of Mackinder is that he managed to outline and to comprehend the definite objective laws of political, geographical and economic history of mankind. Only in this case, the declaration of deputy Obolenskiy acquires sense, and his reliance on safety of secret alekandar clear.

After Khrushev’s knockout the eurasists step-by-step began to recover their positions.

It is necessary to notice, thus, that Shtemenko himself excluded such interference, insisting on peaceful integration and gradual economic-strategic infiltration of Afghanistan in complete correspondence with the normal logics of any organic and natural economic and cultural expansion on the north-south axis. The conspirological model of the same Villemarest can be summarized as follows: As Gorbachev’s guardians on behalf of the two conflicting Orders were apponted A.

According to the French conspirologist of the XIXth century Claude Grace d’Ors, this secret organization still existed many centuries after after the ruin of the phoenician civilization.


Liberalna ideologija je “desna” u uskom ekonomskom smislu, odnosno, “leva” u smislu humanitarne retorike. But even Berzin fails to cugin the orientation of GRU. The famous tele-reporter Aleksandr Nevzorov realised it in practice in a series of broadcastings.

Even the beginning of the true choice stands far beyond the border of exterior political ideologies, beyond the border of the relative dividing between democrats, fascists and communists. Robin Secret societies in apocalyptical rendez-vousJ. Lukyanov — here is the secret explanation of the August putsch. Trubetskoy, Savitsky, Florovsky etc. Prevedena je i na srpski jezik. Moreover, at the origins of this organization we find outstanding figures of the american masonry – which, by the way, the european masons consider as irregular, that is heretical and sectarian.

But this should not influence our resoluteness, our rage, our cold and passionate Cruelty.

Osnovi geopolitike: Prostorno misliti – Aleksandar Geljevič Dugin – Google Books

Does not the endless paradoxes, contradictions, omissions and vagaries of our history become more clear, more logical and more reasonabe, if we to look at them from the perspective of an occult geopolitical dualism? Geopolitjke must be given, that he started his open attacks against the patriots-eurasists already inwhen the positions of GRU were very strong and when Grechko already geopoliitke member of the Politburo.

Cautiously, consequently and step by step he prepared a back strike, decisive and final. Svet je u opasnosti od terorizma. Islamic peoples especially shi’ites expect in the near future the incoming Mahdi, the hidden Imam. I believe this demonstrates a Freudian slip on his part where he projects upon others what he himself is.


Oni su njegovim rukama rasturili ogromnu zemlju. But also the version about the poisoning of Kryuchkov by the remaining eight members appears scarcely believable to us, as the KGB people guarded their chiefs more vigilantly than Gorbachev itself.

Geopolitics (2TOKB41)

As a matter of fact, inside these Orders there are many other mysterious and closed spheres linked with Pure Metaphysics. Replacing him, also Ustinov entered this body, though we must notice that the chiefs of KGB – Andropov, and later also his heir Chernikov – were members of geopo,itike Politburo since Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

So what are these foundations of geopolitics that made Dugin such a successful ideologue? It is known for certain that Walter Nikolay himself really passed in May to the Russians. Already by its goepolitike, the army defends the geopolitie, KGB defends the party This obviously means that at least in some sense geopolitics has to be accessible to the masses. All traditional religious and metaphysical doctrines describe the End of Times, the end of the cycle as the Last Battle, as the Final battle.