that of Aleksandr Dugin’s neo-fascist treatise, Foundations of Geopolitics. 2 The impact of this intended “Eurasianist” textbook on key elements among. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Aleksandr Dugin’s Foundations of Geopolitics | One perceptive observer of the Russian political scene. I came across this topic as I myself was looking for an English translation of ” Foundations of Geopolitics” by A. Dugin to share with my.

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The Foundations Of Geopolitics: But that’s not where the parallels end between the year-old book and current events. The two countries’ interests simply do not align as perfectly as we would like. If not, why not?

Remember the “Russian Homestead Act”? If the country is in top 5 in these categories, it isnt perfect. The Geopolitical Future of Russia self.


Law enforcement personnel check the documentation of foreigners, and they actively target ethnic Asians. Have America’s president antagonize China for no reason The book has had a large influence within the Russian military, police, and foreign policy elites[1] and was allegedly used as a textbook in the General Staff Academy of Russian military.

Recently, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe revealed that Trump encouraged him to strengthen ties with Putin to hopefully resolve the conflict over the Islands.

Those countries remain “independent,” in the same way a ten-year-old declares his independence by wearing their hat backwards. If you want to be more accurate in a philosophic kind of way, then you have to compare it to another example country and look which one is more competitive and which one is less you could even say russia is more competitive than north korea, but is it really competitive by our standards?


Bombing hospital in Afghanistan? Is it possible that Russia may be directly involved with the death of the DNC staffer? I read a book about New Years Day in Grozny. It’s been used as a textbook by Russian military strategistsand some of the similarities between what’s laid out in geopoliitics book and current Russian policy is a little spooky.

But Russia needs to show that it’s a credible power that can stand against China before Japan would even consider Russia as a 2nd choice – let alone, jump ship from its allaince with the US. Working with Snowden and even getting him to do propaganda on live TV.

The book wouldn’t bother outlining it if it wasn’t something that didn’t already exist. Where have the US’s counter intelligence agencies been while this was in the formative stages?

Foundations of Geopolitics – Wikipedia

The entry for a translation will usually give the original title; and in any case, you can search by author. The aleksabdr of racial tensions and anti american sentiment is unquestionably happening through mediums foundtaions RT. They do not want incursions into Central Asia. It’s still too soon to tell but I am really starting to see evidence that we are on the path to the end of NATO and the EU, and it will be accomplished by Putin using Turkey.


It can be easily argued that they are much worse than Russia.

Predicting Russia’s Next Move With A Super Old Book |

So the barometer already indicates the Russians have no wish at the current time to piss the Chinese off Check out the sidebar for examples of good source dhgin.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. This may, among other reasons, explain why Trump is Russia’s media darling. I can go into more detail if you like.

LuckyDuck rated it really liked it Apr 22, The China thing is in response to the humiliation the Russian got in from the energy deal. Forgive me geopolirics i have violated any format policy. Lists with This Book. Can I support it with technical assistance? He has written a lot of books, but the most relevant one is Foundations of Geopolitics.

Foundations of Geopolitics: The Geopolitical Future of Russia: English Translation

Incorporate the Caucasian states? They did in fact meet? Honestly, not sure user Sava Adelina marked it as to-read May 13,