It is a presentation on the CSR initiatives taken up by AMUL Please note that the presentation (ppt) does not contain the initiatives in detail. Csr of amul. 1. By AA AAKANKSH BHOIR (06) RAMESH MOOPANAR (32) RITESH SHINDE (42) N NITESH SRIVASTAVA (47) ANKIT. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been defined as the commitment of business to contribute to sustainable economic development.

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Animal nutrition programme Amul has helped a long way the dairy farmers sustaining their dairy farming.

The advantages of doing so through an effective CSR program, such as building brand recognition, realizing increased sales and fostering trust with employees and smul, can be achieved as a win-win in almost all situations. The adoption of modern production and marketing techniques helps in providing those services that small producers individually can neither afford nor manage.

The milk from the village co-operatives is purchased at an interim price. Chilling milk at grass root level and transportation of the same in road milk tankers have reduced microbial load in raw milk which in turn has reduced processing costs in terms of energy, thereby better return to farmer producers.

The focus on health and hygiene, housekeeping, village chilling units, management of village co-operative societies, rapid transportation of raw milk to amlu plant, accelerated milk handling at the dairy reception dock has retained the freshness of milk auml received at dairy plant.

It has developed in-house modules for training and competence buil-ding to improve and up grade of their xsr communication skills to understand the customer, be responsive to customer requirements, and communicate clearly auml trouble shooting of problems. But all this required immaculate planning and execution. Replication of Anand Pattern through Operation Flood programme helped India to achieve first position in production of milk in the world. What is the procedure to form a Village Co-operative Society?

CSR of Amul Archives – India’s Largest CSR Network

Amul Research and Development Association is a step towards it. Through various communication media farmer members were made aware of benefits of tree plantation and tree plantation activity schedule The entire plantation activity was coordinated at all the three tiers of Anand pattern – at village, district and state level dairy cooperatives. Every business organisation follows the same principle. There is a change in the status of women. Since then Amul has come a long csf in the management of animal husbandry introducing the best management practices and the services are provided 24 hours today.


Amul Dairy has been recipient of countless awards for its outstanding efforts cwr processing and providing quality products to consumers thereby enhanced income in to the hands of dairy farmers. The initiation of Total Quality Management TQM way back in was to work with the well known quality management initiatives which have proven to be effective elsewhere to create a culture of transparency, openness and leadership in the organization.

Indeed, a very tough task. The union has established an excellent reputation in the dairy industry and has evoked the admiration of experts from many parts of the world. Likewise, CSR efforts have shown to yield measurable returns in waste reduction, improved efficiency, diminished liabilities, improved community relations, and brand recognition.

Corporate Social Responsibility, The Amul Way

The Dairy Demonstration Farm is generating overwhelming interest in milk producer members because of its success and viability. So as to maximise the earnings of the milk producers the GCMMF changes the product profile during the fiscal and directs its sales and marketing activities towards those products that would bring in maximum returns.

Some of the programmes are: Log In Sign Up. This has improved further the returns to the hands of dairy farmers. This programme is well taken care by a dedicated team of veterinarians. As a very unique measure Amul extended all the TQM initiatives to its business partners whether it was the farmer producer in the village or a wholesale distributor in a metro town or its most sophisticated production unit.

In order to further strengthen its activities, ARDA is in constant touch with national and international agencies, academicians and researchers and even car platform for graduates and postgraduate students to do their research work to fulfill their academic purpose. The inception of these awards dates back to Geo-remote sensing based vehicle tracking system has been put in use for efficient handling of Road Milk Tankers carrying milk to Dairy Plant.

Achievements of the “Amul Movement” 1. Most businesses would certainly flounder in not being able to achieve at least one or many of those expectations.

At the village level, coordinators were identified in respect of the villages to be covered and the number of saplings required. To link these milksheds to the city market and ensure a year-round sustained milk supply, the National Milk Grid with storage and long-distance transport facilities was created.

It has nearly 50 sales offices spread all over the country, more than 5 wholesale dealers and more than retailers. Amul Scholar Amul Scholarships: It has succeeded largely because Anand Model involves people in their own development and because their interests are safe in their own hands.


CSR Initiatives

Any producer can become a DCS member by buying a share and committing to sell milk only to the society. What are the requirements to become a member of the society? The major advantage of taking milk and not cattle from villages into cities was the convenient, economic and scientific management of the milk animals in milksheds through improved breeding, feeding and health care xsr. To put this idea in to the practice a design team constituting of representatives of member unions were formed.

Supply Chain Management Educating employees on sustainability practices throughout the supply chain can lead to greater efficiencies and help build collaboration to meet sustainability, quality and other goals.

Next day after the programme on a post programme press note was prepared giving details of the programme celebrations along with photographs. Invariably the price paid to the member-producers in Gujarat is higher by 15 per cent than the national average.

I, csd like to express my gratitude towards my Prof. The Union provides technical support to milk producers on Scientific Animal Husbandry practices and also facilitates loan disbursement from banks to the needy by guaranteeing the loan repayment on behalf of farmers.

The answer lies in two things: Amul has further established mobile and static animal disease diagnostic laboratories at Balasinor equipped with sophisticated equipments and professionals to assist the veterinary services for specific treatment of the ailing animals. What will be my obligations as an Amul Preferred Outlet? After the completion of the programme the MU’s were asked to submit the report on tree plantation activity. Amul’s Icecreams are made from milk fat and thus are icecreams in real sense of the word, while amuo brands in India sell frozen desserts made from vegetable fat.

The net positive on reducing waste, designing green buildings, implementing green operations and maintenance plans — all have continually proven to yield a positive return on investment ROI. The dairy cooperatives have been able to maintain democratic structure at least at the grass-root level with the management committee of the village level unit elected from among the members in majority of the villages.