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Adama: [sees Billy flirting with Dualla, and realises Roslin's right] They'd better .. [Tyrol, under suspicion because of his relationship with sleeper Cylon .. [Apollo confronts Colonel Tigh after finding that he dealt in the Fleet's black market.]. One thing I've been noticing this rewatch is how Roslin is the most opaque of the She had a relationship with the now-dead president, although they didn't see Much like her suggestion to Adama that he'll have to kill Admiral Cain, the “ Black Market” (season 2, episode 14; originally aired 1/27/). 33, Act of Contrition, Hand of God, Black Market; theme-titlejpg an obvious thematic marker for their strained and subtle relationship. Roslin and Adama ( s2), Roslin Confesses (s2), Adama Falls (s3); theme-titlejpg.

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And yes, I usually have a few tears in my eyes while doing so. Not only does it also have big moments, but it also has plenty of small ones, making their relationship nature and more real: They are a couple you root for and applaud. The writers behind the series truly did a fantastic job of crafting this romance, and it is worth picking up the series to learn from these writers, even when they stumble in other aspects not the AdamaxRoslin coupling, they never stumbled with that in my eyes.

And while novelists have to write differently for their medium, there are plenty of nuggets to be gleaned—but I digress. The writers take these two characters from not really liking each—she was the teacher parading as president and he was the technologically impair, domineering, military tight-ass—to that tear-jerking final scene between the two at the end of season four.

The dynamic nature of this relationship and the history that develops between Adama and Roslin are what make this coupling so great—and the writers nail it.

How did they do? They first created believable characters whose goals were to live and safeguard what remained of the human race. For most this would pretty much sink any pairing; however, being mature adults, they were able to rebuild their relationship.

This progression all made sense: Yes, I know, I know. Epiphanies was all right, but man… Black Market. Epiphanies The time has come for Laura Roslin: My favorite fictional President sorry, Morgan Freeman is rushed to sickbay, her cancer diagnosis finally having caught up with her.

Roslin, doing her own thing, pulled some negotiation-fu and got the teachers to come back, but instead of thanking her Adar asked her to resign, which Roslin was obviously against. No one listens to him, though, because when does anyone ever? The Six in his head, whom I thought went way last episode, but no, that would be far too simple.

I miss this Boomer. Not crazy banging-her-head-against-things Boomer, but ambiguous-loyalties Boomer. I want her to get loose somehow and start wreaking glorious havoc. While all this baby drama has been going on Adama has been dealing with his own crisis. Lee takes a team to find and disarm the explosive, but it goes off before they can land on the ship, taking out the refinery and almost killing them in the process.

Themes of Battlestar Galactica, Pt III

Adama throttles Royan, who at this point has already been arrested, and demands that he make the attacks stop. He looks like Christmas has come early. Tigh would hate the pro-surrdender movement even more if he knew who another one of its leaders is: Six, newly escaped from the Pegasus.

A Cylon is working on the inside to try and get humanity to surrender to the Cylons. Hey, speaking of Sixes, I wonder what happened to that reporter version of Six from season one.

Taking a break from Cylonitude, maybe. Learning to play bridge. He eventually does, but only because she pushes him. Baltar, if you were here and a real person I would slap you on the back of your head. Good on you, Baltar! I wonder how many episodes that attitude will last. He does some bloodwork and explains his conclusions to Adama: Instead they take a blood sample from the fetus and inject it into Roslin, who seizes a bit and flatlines before coming back to life cancer-free. Back in the game, Roslin visits Jahee and gets a personal assurance out of him that the attacks will stop.

Only if he dedicates himself to providing justice for the people can he become a great leader. Baltar makes the switch to bitter in two seconds flat, ranting about how no matter what he does Roslin will never trust him. At least as far as Baltar knows. Everything she said in the letter was true! Baltar, you drama queen. The episode ends with Jahee, released from the brig, delivering a special present from Baltar to Gina.