Aljur abrenica and rhian ramos relationship

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aljur abrenica and rhian ramos relationship

Abrenica's former co-star Rhian Ramos then asked the identity of the special the Kylie-Aljur alleged romantic relationship arose when Abrenica attended her. A good relationship among the cast are important, as well as a good director to guide you on the My Kontrabida Girl Starring Rhian Ramos and Aljur Abrenica. Mar 1, Rhian Ramos and Aljur Abrenica topbill GMA Films' heartbreak, will it further sabotage Isabel's career and their chances for a relationship?.

But this is not to indicate the start, but the the stoppage of the race. I power down my window and signal him to come to my car. Turns out that someone had injured herself in the karting track on the other side and the ambulance on standby for the race needed to take her to the hospital.

So there we waited. The hospital is very near. It takes a while to endorse the patient properly, no matter how minor the incident may be. So this mishap only prolongs the agony. I can see one of my arch rivals, Jeff Reyes angling his car towards mine to tighten up the line into turn one.

I know I need to beat him into the turn because it will be easier to pass a kidney stone than to pass him in the later laps. If he can take Phoemela Barranda, he can build a comfortable gap while the three of us dice it out.

aljur abrenica and rhian ramos relationship

All these thoughts come into your head as you sit in a motionless race car on a starting grid surrounded by thousands and thousands of people. Not even Asian Formula 3, which was a massive international event, came close to the circus that was around us.

It comes down to just instinct, and reacting to the situation.

aljur abrenica and rhian ramos relationship

The overwhelming vast majority of the time is spent waiting. And of course trash-talking. People always associate the life of a race car driver with the champagne, the victory jumps on the podium, the girls, the smiles, and yes, sometimes the anger when they crash.

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But true as that may be, those are the highlight reels. But nobody talks about the anxiety and the fear that sometimes suffocates you.

aljur abrenica and rhian ramos relationship

Not necessarily the fear of crashing, but the fear of losing, which as sickening as it is, only amplifies the thrill of winning. And that is perhaps the single biggest emotion that I experienced over the last 5 months or so, and ironically enough can be summed up in just two Japanese words: But to lose to a celebrity No disrespect intended, of course; Phoemela Barranda, Jinno Rufino, Fabio Ide, Rhian Ramos, and Aljur Abrenica are outstanding, and shining examples of the very concept of the Vios Cup——that takes an unlicensed inexperienced driver and produces an extremely competitive one——but driving is not their core competence.

So to lose out to any one of them would be as painful as me landing a major role in a movie or being selected to be an image model in a competition that they were auditioning for. And just as I was marinating in those very fears and thoughts, another official comes running through the grid telling us all to start our engines.

rhian ramos

Good girl gone bad Rhian broke into the scene more than half a decade ago, as the apple of the eye in some popular fast food commercial. It was a welcome breather for Rhian who often plays the role of the aggrieved lead, in some tearjerking evening drama.

Which leads us to ask: As many would remember, Rhian became subject of a much hyped internet scandal in late The confession soon made it to YouTube, to the delight of gossip-hungry netizens. Accusations were hurled and the public feasted on whatever juicy morsel of gossip would leak. The relationship of more than a year reached the end of the road. But Rhian knows better now. Knowing that tragedy is what you make of it, Rhian gathered the pieces of her broken heart, her broken life.

As her ex flew out of the country, Rhian flew to her dreams. As negative as it all felt at the time, there really was a greater reason why all those things had to happen.

aljur abrenica and rhian ramos relationship

Question it or learn from it. But a return to showbiz was the least of her priorities at that time.

aljur abrenica and rhian ramos relationship

My concern was how to protect the people that I loved. And when these things happened, it became a good time to reconnect, be with the people that I loved.