Alucard and integra relationship counseling

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alucard and integra relationship counseling

I agree with your statement on Alucard and integra relationship. But if you googled Alucard in the Hellsing wiki and look at his relationship. Read story Black Damask (A Hellsing One Shot) by Lecoffins (Leo) with reads. He saw Integra raise a gun to her temple and he closed his eyes tightly. + you give terrible relationship advice. x, Nika Dear Onika/Dear Robert, I trust you. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships.

He states to Walter and Integra that it was a whim based on Seras' own decision to live. He reveals to Walter that he finds her a fascinating creature and seems to admire her will to live despite the hellish events in Cheddar Village. While he is frustrated with her refusal to drink blood, he was always confident that eventually she would drink and seemed quite proud of her when the time came. As stated by Hirano the relationship between Seras and Alucard is complicated.

Integra Hellsing

Alucard takes on a role of a mentor and teacher to help Seras reach her full potential. As Seras lost her parents at a young age, her fondness and love for Alucard could be similar to a daughter's love for her father. Hirano said that their feeling of the love could be something closer to the ties of the familiship.

We cannot just say it's father and daughter. At times Seras seems nervous and uneasy around Alucard, mainly due to his constant berating about her being a pathetic vampire during the early days of Seras' vampire life.

She also strongly objects to Alucard's unnecessary cruelty towards human beings, while she does not partake in the slaughter of the SWAT team, she aides Alucard in his combat with Tubalcain Alhambra and later attempts to fight Alexander Anderson though her attack is comically cut short. As the series progresses, her shy and nervous behavior towards Alucard loosen up a bit once she becomes a full-fledged vampire and he addresses her by name.

During Alucard's fight with Anderson, Seras comes to his rescue in a desperate attempt to save him. After stopping the strike by Anderson, Seras' alarmed calls bring Alucard back from torpor. The last visage in his dream was Seras' face, ending the flashback and chapter with the words: There is a voice calling out.

Your voice sounds fine regardless; like fragments of shattered melody Go and conquer, Seras. If you really looked at the two religions, they were practically the same, but don't tell the Catholics that. So she really didn't see what the whole childish rivalry between the Hellsing Organization and Iscariot was about. Weren't they both doing the same thing?

Weren't they both trying to protect their respective countries from vampires and other denizens of darkness that sought to harm the innocent? Integra blamed that asinine moron Enrico Maxwell. Just thinking about him, made her cringe. The man was a pompous arrogant fool, who thought he was better than her because of his religion. Countless times he called her slurs such as 'protestant sow', 'heretic' and her favorite 'protestant whore'.

She always wondered how such terrible words could come out of the mouth of a man who claimed to be a man of God.

alucard and integra relationship counseling

Maybe God didn't give a crap about what His followers called others. She guessed that she shouldn't totally blame him. It wasn't like she was all that nice as well, but that was merely because the first time she met him, over ten years ago, he looked like a haughty ass, and the minute he spoke to her, it was in a condescending tone of voice, that clearly said that he thought her; a girl was too immature for her position and it was more suited for a grown man.

At the time he told her that, she was 18 and wanted to knock his front teeth so far down his throat, he'd talk with an American accent. But she held herself back which was mature of her, only Enrico didn't notice it. And over the years and through their many encounters, Enrico was quick to tell her how God had abandoned her due to her heresy.

Integra was not one to forgive so easily, even if it was a requirement. It was hate at first sight. This attack on the Vatican was almost as bad as the attacks in London, only a lot less organized. Before Yumi had her head torn clean from her shoulders, she and Heinkel had found out that a crazed man that had become a vampire had been turning people into ghouls for months. He had been gathering an army in retaliation for that attacks on London, more specifically Enrico's part in it.

The pope had given Enrico charge over several units and he went AWOL and killed innocents and ghouls alike. What was worse was the Vatican's cover up. So now thousands of ghouls overran the Vatican, tearing and eating anyone unlucky enough to get caught.

alucard and integra relationship counseling

But as time passed and the ghouls were gaining more ground, Enrico realized that maybe the pope had a point, even without Alucard, maybe Hellsing could be of some use. The butler squirmed and hesitated, making Integra wish for what seemed the millionth time that Walter was there.

alucard and integra relationship counseling

The vampire, whose name was Alucard, became her loyal servant. Not long after, Integra was knighted and introduced to Vice Admiral Sir Shelby Penwood, a former friend of her father. Upon seeing Integra for the first time, Sir Penwood said that she was far too young to fulfill her duty. He revised his opinion during the actual storyline, in which he admitted that it was an honor to have met and served with her in his farewell message, prior to his death.

His sacrifice was just one of the many examples that helped solidify Integra's resolution about humanity's worth and continue her duty. Integra as a child was more timid than she is now, yet a very willful girl, being brought up with a commanding presence that even Alucard respects.

She was forced to grow up quickly after her treacherous uncle tried to kill her. When Alucard became her servant, she grew more confident and comfortable with her position as head of the Hellsing family and a Knight of the Round Table. Much like Seras VictoriaIntegra experiences a coming of age, gaining experience and losing her remaining innocence as events unfold and the war begins, transforming into a leader with an iron resolution who does not flinch at the first signs of danger and who gains wisdom through dire losses and betrayals.

alucard and integra relationship counseling

During inside she and Seras slaughtered the remaing forces and then approched the Captain, Integra leaves Seras to go fight the Werewolf while she goes for the Major. Integra reaches the room where the Major is and she tries to break his glass dome but fails. She witnessess Alucard's dissapearance and she raged against the Major and Seras, who after defeating the Captain uses her cannon to break the dome along with blowing half of the Major which reveals that he is a cyborg.

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Integra and the Major both gunned at each other and Integra gets her eye shot but suceeds in killing The Major. She and Seras feel Walter passing away, the battle won, the two then fled from the giant Zeppelin. Integra and the current Penwood talked about his grandfather the orginal penwood and claims that he has slashed Nazis and then the current Penwood leaves.

Seras and Integra were waiting for Alucard to come saying that it has been 30 years. When Integra went to bed Alucard finally appeared and she offered him her blood similiar to how she gave Seras her blood. Family Integra's known family includes Abraham Van Helsing, a Dutch metaphysican and philosopher and one of the main characters of Bram Stoker's Dracula, who was either her grandfather or her great-grandfather.

Her father was Sir Arthur Hellsing, who died when she was 13 years old 12 years old in the mangain Even though Integra had a far from normal childhood and did not go to school or a daycare, it was obvious that Arthur loved Integra very much, and wanted the best for her. It was from him that she inherited her current position as Bureau Director of the Hellsing Organization and her seat in the Convention of Twelve.