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Angie Stone talk about her seventh studio album Dream, her past relationship with D'Angelo and why she thought about giving up on music. Stone. "It's some exciting s-t." D'Angelo hopes to have the album in stores by Christmas. A spokesperson for the Red Hot AIDS Charity Trust said it expects to issue the song as a Angie Stone Talks About Past Relationship With D' Angelo. Read all about Angie Stone with's exclusive biography Is an only child. Cowrote and coproduced former boyfriend D'Angelo's album Brown Sugar. Your new favorite show is right here. Trust us. Find Your Next Binge.

Your relationship with him received a lot of public scrutiny. No, I wasn't referring to D'Angelo. When I was dating him he wore glasses, had short hair and his pants were hanging down to his butt. He was just a year-old kid with big shorts and nobody cared and no one saw his beauty but me.

I promise you when your record drops your lips are gonna become famous, your eyes—everything will become famous. People have always credited the success of Brown Sugar to you. What people need to know is that we were in love with each other so my presence, my spirit, my gift, all of that flowed into our relationship. So where he was in his life as an individual had a lot to do with how he expressed those songs.

If anything, the beautiful part of Angie—the best friend, the confidant, the songwriter, the supportive lover—inspired his music.

We work extremely well together, but I have a respect for him as a musician, as a Black man because I understand the pressure of the will to do greatness with the odds against you and your spirit has been broken. For the sake of my son, I would never disrespect his father. There are times that we are silent and there are times that we laugh.

So was it difficult letting go of the intimate part of your relationship? Did you ever feel like you had to work harder on your relationship once he became a superstar? Does he get to see your year-old son Michael often? As his friend, did you run to his side after he had his run-in with the law? I have a son with him, so when he got into a car accident that affects my child because my son adores his father.

Information from the Red Hot Organization and Amazon. On March 13,Amazon. D another Red Hot Selection: From The Red Hot Organization website: The rest of the album is currently in production. Here, the melody is left as the hook, recurring often enough to remind you that the Roots' lyrics come as both an homage to Duke and as a critique of the world that forced swing-era black fans through the back door while African American bands held sway on the dance floor.

The turntable work adds a warpy feel that Ellington, who frequently used his horn players to bend and slur notes, would have loved. To be released June Of course this is all subject to change. When he first approached the artists, they did not respond, he said.

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They became friends, and she ended up collaborating on several of the tracks for his debut album, Brown Sugar. Their close musical bond led to an intimate relationship that produced their son, Michael. D'Angelo guests on the album's first single, "Be Here," and will also appear in the video, which Saadiq will direct. In addition to the reckless-driving charges, the year-old was charged with driving while his Virginia driver's license was suspended.

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From Rolling Stone Daily: Kuti died of complications from AIDS in The Women Have It August 1, " The musical style of singer Donell Jones, like Lewis', has been compared by some critics to greats of the '70s, such as Stevie Wonder and Donny Hathaway.

Jones, whose new album, "Life Goes On," had a strong sales debut, believes that men just need to put out better music.

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We need to catch up," he said. Perhaps its no surprise that the male neosoul artist with the sexiest, most street-wise image -- D'Angelo -- is also probably the most successful. His most celebrated video featured him almost nude; he's also collaborated with top rappers and has appeal from the suburbs to the street.

Yet D'Angelo's last disc, the Grammy-winning "Voodoo" inwasn't a huge commercial success. It sold just over 1 million copies and yielded only one major hit single. But unfortunately in our society, we kind of give more attention to the bad guys and the sexy artists. The Red Hot organization, which has been using music to raise money and awareness to help fight AIDS for over 10 years, has put together a new album designed specifically to target the AIDS problem in Africa.

Kuti, the father of musician Femi Kuti, is credited with pioneering the Afrobeat sound by combining jazz and funk with traditional African rhythms. Kuti was also active in the Nigerian political scene and was often persecuted and imprisoned during his life for expressing his views. As his dozens of imitators have found out, duplicating Fela's stuttering Afrobeat thump is harder than it looks. That makes a record with not one, but 20 solid Kuti covers worth celebrating.

It took motivation from a true Fela fan to complete the project. For a long time there was this one block in my mind -- "You can't do a Fela record! Once the ball finally started rolling, the project very nearly spiralled into the abyss.

It was done in three days, and then the rest took three years. From our perspective, the only way you can really pay tribute to someone is to do it in your own style, and that's what happened. Most of the artists involved keep the integrity of the tracks but also blow them wide open. That ranges from D'Angelo and crew's faithful cover and Blackalicious's blinding use of a Fela sample in their beats, to Bugz in the Attic turning Zombie into a broken-beat smash, Common reworking lyrics from Sorrow, Tears And Blood into his new rhyme, and Toronto producer Doc essentially writing a "new" Fela tune with singer Kelis.

Basically, it's a song Fela could have written, but already people are saying that it doesn't belong. The great thing would be if people went and checked out the original records because of this.

D'Angelo, who was charged under the name Michael Eugene Archer, was to have been tried Wednesday on misdemeanor assault and obstruction of justice charges. He reached a settlement Tuesday with a woman who said he cursed at her and spit on her during a Nov. Settlement terms were not disclosed. When a policeman tried to serve warrants at D'Angelo's home, he tried to shut the door on the officer, who then forced his way in and subdued the singer with pepper spray.

Prosecutors and D'Angelo's attorney, Ned M. Mikula, agreed that the singer didn't have to be in court Tuesday when the criminal charge was handled. From Verve Music Group: Hard Groove is the realization of a musical dream come true.

Hard Groove speaks of yesterday, sounds like today, and looks like the future! Roy himself says it best in his liner notes: This recording is something I've wanted to do for quite some time.

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The music is a representation of what can happen when people looking in the same direction get together, with dedication, focus, and positive spiritual energy. Come back here for music, video and more! Another serendipitous moment happened during the session with D'Angelo. Hargrove originally brought him in to sing a Michael Henderson song, but D'Angelo wasn't quite feeling it. Unfazed, Hargrove allowed creativity to blossom in the studio.

Then I noticed them start to play. Then, I said, 'Ahhh! And then D'Angelo, out of nowhere, just started talking about this song by Funkadelic. I said, 'Let's cut it. Joining Raphael Saadiq during the second of three performances for the recording of his live album were Tony! His first project under the agreement will be the live album "Raphael Saadiq: All Hits at the House of Blues.

Among the July 3 show's highlights was a Tony! Plus, there's a lengthy reunion set by Saadiq's old group Tony! So what does this digital revolution ultimately mean for retail?

You might know me from that "Your Body Is a Wonderland" song or perhaps our mutual friend, Roots drummer? I'm writing to ask you to put out a follow-up to one of the few records to change my life forever, Voodoo. When Voodoo came out in I stood in line at Tower Records in Atlanta at midnight to get it. Turns out, it set the gold standard for modern "neo" soul music.

It'sand I'm no less excited by it today than I was when I played it full blast in my mother's Plymouth Voyager on the wag to my bullshit job. In contrast to the present age of gunmetal-gray hip-hop, with perfectly aligned beats and blips, Voodoo throbs.