Anko and orochimaru relationship marketing

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anko and orochimaru relationship marketing

(AU) [Rationality, meet Naruto] - Anko never wanted to lead a genin team. style of dress and your unusual relationships make people uncomfortable. " Although Anko-sensei's name was in the market, the odds associated. OroAnko is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Orochimaru and Anko Mitarashi. Anko proctors the second stage of the Chūnin Exams held in Konoha. He reactivates her dormant Cursed Seal of Heaven, immobilising her with the pain, and warns her not to cancel. Kakashi smiled and closed to within an arms-length of Anko. He tilted .. Still, killing all of the captured ninjas would not look good for any future diplomatic relations. Not only .. That old lady who sold produce in the market.

M for combat and occasional cursing. At the bottom there is a glossary and a list of changes from canon. The Hokage smiled and leaned back, fussing with his pipe for a moment to ensure it had a good draw.

How could I possibly manage a bunch of kids?! I'm not a babysitter! Besides, what am I going to teach them—how to choose bad mentors and get bad tattoos? And it would interfere with my social life! How would I—" The Hokage puffed contentedly on his pipe and watched her stalk up and down his office, gesticulate wildly, and rant on and on about her unsuitability to instruct a genin team. He didn't try to interject, but simply waited until she ran out of steam. I also believe you are loyal to Konoha.

Unfortunately, there are some who worry that you might still identify with your teacher. The fact that you display so many of his traits doesn't help. The motion made her longcoat sway open; the mesh bodysuit she wore underneath revealed that the flush went halfway down her chest She did it deliberately, he knew she did it deliberately, and she knew that he knew she did it deliberately. The manipulation was irritating, but that didn't meant it wasn't effective, and for a moment he had to grope around for his train of thought.

You have a cursed seal, given to you by Orochimaru. Your coat has a purple lining, and Orochimaru wears a lot of purple. Even aside from your similarities to Orochimaru, your provocative style of dress and your unusual relationships make people uncomfortable.

Under her bosom, of course, and with a deliberate bounce, damn her.

anko and orochimaru relationship marketing

He was starting to run out of patience, and Anko's honeypot antics weren't helping. He was sixty-eight years old, but he wasn't dead, and having such an attractive woman flaunt herself at him was very He forced himself to take a deep breath and carefully visualize the entire chain of forty-four hand seals needed for Suiton: Water Dragon Bullet Technique, and carefully not visualize Anko's soft, nicely rounded—hand seals!

Think about hand seals! By the time he got to the forty-fourth and last seal in the chain, he was feeling composed again, and was able to turn his attention back to the irritated woman opposite him.

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Her coat was still hanging open, so he carefully kept his eyes on her face. Many of them want something 'done about you'—exile, demotion, it seems like everyone has their own favorite idea. They have prevented you from reaching full jonin rank because, when they look at you, they see a dangerous person who is the student of a traitor and might be a traitor herself. When I look at you I see a dangerous person who is a loyal ninja of Konoha and will therefore obey her Hokage! Anyway, it won't be quick and it won't be easy, but it will happen.

I had to burn some political capital to ram that through the bureaucracy, so please don't let me down. Take it and report to the Academy at noon for team assignments," he said. He gestured towards the folder. Your students will reflect on you—if they are strong and upstanding Leaf nin, people will become less worried about you.

If they remain weak, or if they lose the respect or trust of the village, then the negative view will be solidified. What have you saddled me with? Sarutobi slapped one hand on the desk to cut her off. He nodded in satisfaction, hiding an inner smile. Yep, he still had it.

She gaped at him for a moment, started to say something, then turned and stalked out, already flipping through the dossiers again and growling to herself. Sarutobi smiled as the door closed behind her. This should kill a lot of birds with one kunai; he had no idea how she'd address the problems but, however she did, he was confident it would be effective. The chunin had clearly lost a fight recently—his head was bandaged, he had a cast on his left arm and his right leg, and a pair of crutches leaned against the podium.

He really should have been in the hospital, but there was clearly no way he was going to miss the graduation ceremony. Naruto bounced on his toes, barely able to contain himself. Maybe he'd end up on a team with Sakura-chan! That would be great! She'd always ignored him in the Academy but now Sasuke-teme wouldn't be around to distract her from realizing just how awesome he was, so she was sure to acknowledge him and go on a date with him!

He and Sakura-chan were still unassigned—the chances of them being together were going up! She didn't dare look at him directly, instead contenting herself with stealing glances from under her bangs as she pressed her fingertips together nervously. Shino looked at his two new teammates and sighed; Naruto was blatantly staring at Sakura with an expression like a kid being sent out of a candystore, Hinata was carefully not-staring at Naruto with an expression like a kid being sent into a candystore, and he was stuck with both of them.

Last one there cleans out the grease trap! The grease trap under the grill in the Academy kitchen was infamous; the grill made food for over a hundred ravenous young children every day, and a lot of that food was deep fried.

The trap was a four-foot deep hole that was almost constantly full of rancid, semi-solidified grease and bits of food. Cleaning it properly required getting down into the hole itself and ending up covered in muck; it was a punishment given only to students who really annoyed one of the teachers. Shino was first into the hall by dint of having sat closest. Naruto was a few steps behind, with Hinata bringing up the rear from her seat by the far wall.

Shino sheathed his leg muscles in chakra for speed, bounding up the first stairs three at a time. The angles favored him; so long as he stayed to the inside of the staircase, the simple geometry of the stairs meant that he could block the other two from passing him.

He allowed himself a very small smile behind the cover of his high collar as he hit the top of the first flight and turned for the next. Naruto went shooting past him, riding a fountain of orange-jumpsuited clones up the empty space around which the stairs turned; each clone appeared below Naruto and the two would push off of each other hard, allowing Naruto to jump a little higher each time. His rapid ascent was disrupted when he ran into a horizontal sheet of buzzing kikai bugs at the third floor.

The orange-clad genin yelped and jumped to the side to avoid the bugs, slammed into a wall, and tumbled down several stairs. Shino leaped over him on his way past, but Naruto managed to grab his ankle and drag Shino down with him. Before he could untangle himself from the blond, Hinata was past them, planting one hand on Shino's back to leap over them in a smooth parkour jump, after which she continued flowing smoothly up the stairs.

Shino cursed and set another cluster of his allies on Naruto, instructing them to flutter across his ribs and under his arms in the fearsome Aburame Tickle no Jutsu, the terror of playgrounds everywhere when Shino was growing up.

Even as he leapt after Hinata, he ordered more of his allies to land on her head in order to block her vision and make her stumble. Shino managed to make up some ground—he was faster, just by virtue of having longer legs—but she was still half a staircase in the lead when she burst out the roof-access door. Several seconds later, Naruto trailed out behind them with a thunderous scowl on his face.

He stalked over to Shino, who watched him impassively. The blond ninja shook his finger fiercely at his new teammate, opened his mouth to lay into him Rubbing the back of his head, he ruefully admitted, "Ok, that was pretty slick. But I'll beat you next time, believe it! I am Mitarashi Anko, Terror of Konoha and, for my sins, I have been assigned to turn you three into ninja of the Leaf! Let's start with a basic skills test—meet me at training ground twenty-three; you have fifteen minutes, and if any of you are late you'll all be sorry.

Shino swore softly and turned for the stairs; at eight storeys, the Academy roof was too high to leap from without risking injury. Before he could so much as take a step, however, he was grabbed from behind and dragged over the edge of the roof to the familiar yell of "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu! Shino struggled to break free of Naruto's surprisingly strong grip so that he could turn and land on his feet, but there wasn't quite enough time; the two of them hit the ground on their backs with an impact that drove the air out of their lungs but left them both intact.

His fingers twisted through the single seal of his favorite jutsu and there was another pile of clones, stacked all the way up to the roof of the eight-storey building. Up on the roof, Hinata looked down uncertainly. When Naruto's clone had grabbed her arm and tried to pull her off the roof, she had disrupted it with a panicked Jyuuken strike; she had too many bad associations with being grabbed.

anko and orochimaru relationship marketing

When she realized that it was Naruto-kun that she had struck, her heart almost stopped; the fact that it had only been a clone was little consolation. It was a long way down, but the sight of hundreds of Naruto-kuns piled every which way in a giant mountain was even more daunting You can do it!

She might be a coward, but she would rather die than disappoint that smiling face. It was extremely disconcerting to have each clone give her a thumbs-up and a cheer before she smashed through it. Having stepped off under her own power, Hinata was able to keep her feet under her and land with no more than a muffled thump!

The moment she landed, Naruto started cheering. Now come on, let's go! Halfway to the training ground, Hinata was red-faced with exhaustion. She was just about out of chakra to sheathe her muscles and power her leaps, and it reduced her to moving hardly faster than a farmer.

Shino was still going, but clearly wearing out as well; his jumps were getting shorter and he was starting to lurch as he ran. Naruto, of course, was racing ahead, his seemingly boundless energy letting him keep the pace. A wave of despair washed over her. Why did she have to be so weak?

Naruto-kun would never respect her if she couldn't even run properly! Gathering up the dregs of her strength, she forced herself to keep going, even though all she wanted to do was collapse. By the time she made it to the training ground she was staggering and gasping for breath, but she didn't stop until she reached the others.

anko and orochimaru relationship marketing

Once there she bent over, hands on her knees, chest heaving as she gasped in huge lungfuls of air and tried not to vomit from chakra exhaustion. Shino was better off, but still obviously at the end of his stamina. Naruto, of course, wasn't even breathing hard.

Work before play, though; sit down and let's talk. Anko sank gracefully into seiza, making sure that her coat stayed closed; later on, she'd sit cross-legged in her miniskirt, give the kids a show to find out how they handled such simple manipulation. For now, though, she wanted their brains actually engaged. She surveyed them silently for a moment.

Good kids, she thought. Under twenty minutes from the Academy to here is damn good time for a bunch of genin; they must have really gone all out.

Hinata looks like she ran herself into the ground; the girl's got absolutely no quit. I can work with this. Now, no matter how much I despair of this task, I will complete it even if it kills all of you. So, to kick things off, I want each of you to tell me a little about yourselves—your name, something or someone you care about, something you don't like, and what you do for fun.

Half the people in the village distrust me because I was the student of Orochimaru and they think I'm probably crazy and possibly a traitor. I'm currently dating Morino Ibiki and Ueda Reizo.

what is the relationship between anko and orochimaru in naruto? | Yahoo Answers

Morino-kun is the head of Torture and Interrogation and Reizo-chan is a waitress at Moritake's. If you speak badly about either of them or in any way disrespect them, I will strip you naked and hang you by your toes in a tree overnight. I also like to do tea ceremonies. It took several seconds and a raised eyebrow before Naruto shook off his paralysis. How does that work? If this is correct, I confess that I too would be interested to hear how such a relationship came about.

Anko's eyes slowly closed as she tilted her head. A shout in the distance shattered the moment into ten-thousand irrecoverable pieces. They instantly sprang apart. The grey haired ninja's lone eye crinkled as he smiled.

It doesn't matter the time or the place. I will always make time for you. After Kakashi left the area where Anko could see him, the smile dropped from his face. The lightning flickered then died. He remembered the expression that had flickered on Anko's face before she had covered it up with a false smile. The grey haired ninja knew Anko's story, hell, the entire village did. Chosen by Orochimaru when she was still a young Genin to be the Snake Sannin's apprentice, Anko followed Orochimaru everywhere.

When the Snake Sannin's experiments turned to kidnapping and human experimentation, Anko was there. From what Kakashi could gather, Orochimaru hid his more horrific experiments from Anko, keeping her in the dark until he needed her.

Once he had significantly researched what he had needed, he had given Anko the Cursed Seal of Heaven. When Orochimaru was driven from the village, he had taken Anko with him. From what Kakashi could piece together, especially now that Anko had given him a personal glimpse of what her time in Sound was like, Anko had seen terrible things and most likely been forced to do terrible things.

But, when the Leaf had raided the underground base Orochimaru was using, the Snake Sannin abandoned Anko without blinking; going so far as to inflict an injury - Kakashi didn't know what kind of injury, just that it was rather serious - on Anko to keep the Leaf ninja occupied while the Snake Sannin fled. Betrayed by her mentor, Anko was brought back to the Leaf and given medical treatment.

However, when she was released from the hospital, she was met with scorn from the ninja population. Despite the unfair accusations, Anko never let it break her.

Instead, her personality developed into a strange mix of carefree cheer and optimism. But, now that he had seen her slip on a carefree smile like a mask, Kakashi wondered how many of her smiles were just that, a mask to hide the pain inside.

He knew that he was unable to do more than be there for her, to listen if she needed an ear, and to provide a shoulder to cry on. What if he was not the only one to help Anko? The Cursed Seal of Heaven was far too complicated for him, but what about Naruto? What if Naruto could remove it, thus removing Anko's last tie to her hated former mentor. Kakashi nodded to himself.

He would speak to Naruto soon as everything grew a bit more calm. Naruto vaulted a broken wall as he rushed towards the Hyuga Compound. He had complete confidence that Hinata-Chan, Haku-Chan, and Sakura-Chan were able to defend themselves, but he could not rest; could not allow himself to relax until he knew they were safe. While his chakra senses had told him they were not in distress, he wanted to see them with his own eyes.

He passed the group of Hyuga who were stationed outside the compound. They were keeping watch for stragglers from Sound or Suna who might try a suicide attack against the Hyuga clan. The Branch Members didn't even blink as Naruto blurred by, used to the level of care the Last Uzumaki bestowed to his precious people. Brushing past the gate guards, Naruto slowed to a walk, closing his eyes.

He sent out a chakra ping, and almost instantly got three replies back. And judging by how they quickly were moving in his direction, Naruto guessed that they had sensed him as well.

Haku hurried down from the tower she had built with her ice. She had felt Naruto-Sama's chakra ping, and she could wait no longer to see him. Not noticing that she was nearly doubling her normal running speed, Haku ran towards the location she had felt Naruto's chakra ping. Arriving at the location a scant few seconds later, she couldn't hold back her cry of exaltation.

All of her worries and fears faded away in her Naruto-Sama's arms. Her sun, her light, had returned. You promised after all. Spotting the dried bloodstain on his shirt, Sakura barely refrained from casting her Mystic Palm technique right then and there.

Only the knowledge that Naruto wasn't bleeding at the current time allowed her to control herself. Knowing Hinata wanted a turn with Naruto, Sakura stepped back, surreptitiously wiping a few stray tears that fell as she now allowed herself to relax, comforted by the knowledge that Naruto was safe and had come back to them. Hinata kept up a strong mask as she approached Naruto, but it grew harder to mask her happiness at seeing him alive and unhurt.

While she had been alarmed at the sight of the dried blood on his right shoulder, a quick scan with her bloodline had assured the blue-haired kunoichi that he was wound-free. Stepping into Naruto's comforting hug, Hinata pressed her face against his chest as she felt her mask shatter. Hot tears of pent up worry and happiness spilled down her face, soaking Naruto's shirt.

Feeling him tighten his arms around her, Hinata couldn't help but smile as she pressed her face farther against Naruto. A quick inhale brought the heady unique scent of Naruto to the forefront of her consciousness.

An impatient cough from Sakura quickly brought Hinata out of her brief fantasy about Naruto's scent. Stepping back from the blonde, she fought to regain her calm mask as well as displace the heat that had covered her face. Go back to your assigned tasks. The pink-haired kunoichi froze for the briefest moments at the utterly male scent that was uniquely Naruto. Logically, Sakura knew that she was still riding the combat high, the released chemicals in her brain amplifying her reaction to the scent.

The rest of her wanted to grab Naruto and inhale his scent. A sudden image of Naruto without his shirt blazed into her brain. Spotting Naruto turning to glance curiously in her direction, Sakura spun on her heel and quickly headed off. While she didn't know what love was, Sakura was fairly certain this was what her mother felt towards her father. Kin Tsuchi felt the dull pain in her hand fluctuate as she clenched and unclenched her hand waiting for Shino to return.

It had been sore for clenching a senbon for so long as she waited along with several of the Aburame clan members. She, along with the several clan members, had stayed back from the final matches. While the Aburame members had stayed to complete their duties or to tend to their personal bugs, Kin had stayed back, knowing that Orochimaru-sam Orochimaru - he wasn't her master, not any more - would attack the village.

She had originally planned on slipping out of the village during the chaos that happened during the invasion. However, when the sounds of an invasion alarm rang out over the village, she was torn by two different feelings. The first was her survival instinct, the very thing that kept her alive while she was at Sound. The second was a strange feeling, one she had never felt before.

It was almost as if part of her wished to stay, to fight Sound. Kin had dismissed those thoughts, however. She knew what happened if one went against the Snake Sannin.

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Her resolve tentatively set, Kin headed for the compound exit. Abruptly, her escape was arrested by a fireball that whizzed in her direction. Her shocked eyes stared at the smirking Sound ninja that blocked the path to the exit. What happened next had changed Kin's view on how the world worked.

She knew she couldn't take the Sound kunoichi on. Hell, back at the Sound village the kunoichi was one of the ones that Kin had lost spars against on multiple occasions.

Spotting no escape, Kin prepared to fight, despite knowing that it was futile. Shino, after all, would be disappointed if she didn't put up a decent fight. Then, with the sound of fluttering wings, something flashed over Kin's shoulder from behind, the small dark cloud missing the attacking kunoichi by the slimmest of margins.

I'll make it quick for old time's sake. Then, the ground erupted from underneath the Sound nin. Back flipping away, the Sound kunoichi slid to a stop outside of the compound. Both kunoichi stared at the wreathing mass of insects that had nearly ended their fight. Why were they defending her? And it is irrelevant. Kin-San has not caused the Aburame clan harm personally and she has helped us. We will not let you take her. And then she spotted them, at least ten of the bug users stepping into sight.

A sharp sting lanced across her jugular, her hand snapping upwards to touch the wound. Her hand never made it. Darkness took her as the poison quickly did it's grim task. Kin stared at the now dead body of the Sound kunoichi. She felt strangely numb, having experienced a roller coaster of emotion these last few minutes. We will protect you. Shino-Sama said that you were a good person caught in a bad place.

Her throat tightened, almost painfully, but it wasn't from poison or smoke. No, this feeling was new, and she didn't dare to hope that this was real. She was, after all, just another dirty orphan from Sound. While her heart ached to believe the medic's words, he wasn't Shino.

anko and orochimaru relationship marketing

She would only believe the words when they came from Shino. But in order to do that, she would have to make sure Shino had a home to return to.

That same feeling from before filled Kin again. But unlike last time, she didn't push it aside. Slowly opening his eyes, the Kazekage surveyed his current position.

anko and orochimaru relationship marketing

Something was wrong, but he couldn't put his figure on it. He was laying half buried in rubble. A sharp pain from his left arm informed him that it was broken, most likely shattered. Rasa flexed his right hand, it was working correctly, ignoring the dull throb that shot through it every time it moved. It still astounded him that Jiraiya, the Toad Sage, had taken him down with one punch. Swatted him aside like a bug. As per shinobi training, Rasa attempted to wiggle his toes, but he felt nothing.

Bringing his right hand to reach carefully behind his back, Rasa encountered a sticky wetness on his lower back. A inaudible sigh escaped him as he now knew what was wrong with his legs. Concentrating one moving his signature golden sand was harder than anticipated with the now fiery pain that was slowly starting to increase from his shattered left arm.

But Rasa persevered, knowing that his village needed him. Judging by the lack of combat noise, Suna and Sound had lost. The Leaf would be looking for answers, someone to blame. It was his duty, as Kazekage, to have them focus all of their ire on him. The rubble that imprisoned him slowly began to move. It had been two days since the failed invasion of Suna and Sound and Konoha was still recovering from the attack.

Without having named a successor, it was up to both of the Civilian Council and the Shinobi Council to appoint a new Hokage. Their first and most obvious choice, Jiraiya, had instantly refused when he was offered the position. Then reality reared it's head, and the councils were now scrambling to figure out what they were going to do with all of the captured Suna ninja.

Given how much damage the village took, it wasn't feasible to keep them incarcerated for long. Rasa, the Kazekage of Suna, had willingly surrendered himself to the village, but had lost consciousness shortly after due to his severe injuries he had sustained during his fight with Jiraiya.

However, it wouldn't do to simply let the Suna ninja go free without suffering some kind of punishment. Still, killing all of the captured ninjas would not look good for any future diplomatic relations. Not only that, but the councils still had to deal with clean-up of the village at large as well as get medical attention to those in need. Houses needed repaired, and those who had lost their entire homes needed shelter while new buildings were built. Not only that, but most concerning of all, the ghostly outline of the Kyubi itself had risen above the trees for the briefest of moments, when Naruto Uzumaki had single-handedly fought the One-tailed demon container of Suna.

Even more concerning, the Uzumaki had won. The council itself was split. One side believed that it was indisputable truth that Naruto Uzumaki was the Kyubi and should be killed before he turned his wrath onto the village. Personality Anko is noted to be similar to Naruto Uzumakiboth being loud, stubborn, and prone to acting without thinking. This is particularly true in matters relating to Orochimaru: The Third Hokage insists that Anko shouldn't blame herself for anything that Orochimaru does.

Appearance Anko is a fairly tall woman who was of slender frame. She has light brown, pupil-less eyes. Her hair - black with a blue tint in the manga [9] and violet in the anime - is styled in a short, spiky, fanned-ponytail.

She usually wears a fitted mesh body suit that covers her from her neck down to her thighs.