April kepner and jackson avery relationship counseling

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april kepner and jackson avery relationship counseling

Our 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 14, Episode 16, recap reveals what goes down was less about the new couple and more about Jackson being distracted from his . As the hour drew to a close, Jackson asked April, off her meltdown, “When did Send her to go run an Avery ER somewhere else please!. 10 Couples That Hurt Grey's Anatomy (And 8 That Saved it) Sarah Drew and Jesse Williams as April Kepner and Jackson Avery in Grey's. Jackson Avery, M.D. is a fictional character in the ABC prime time medical drama, Grey's He and Dr. Kepner continue a sexual relationship, although April is uneasy and believes she is pregnant. When she tells Avery, It is hinted that Avery still loves Kepner when he turns to him for dating advice and he shows jealousy.

His father "ran off to God knows where because he couldn't stand the pressure of being an Avery", and his mother Catherine raised him alone. He says that his family identified him as "just the pretty one" and they never pushed him academically, so he pushed himself.

Jackson is initially a surgical resident at Mercy West Hospital. His grandfather Harper Avery is affiliated with Harvard and has to be treated at the hospital; during this period, he tries to convince his grandson to transfer to Massachusetts General Hospitalwhich he can arrange, but the younger Avery refuses. For comfort, he and Kepner both take rooms in the large house of fellow resident Meredith Grey Ellen Pompeo.

april kepner and jackson avery relationship counseling

Also living there are her husband, Dr. For some time, Avery suffers because of the death of his friend Percy in the shooting, and having assisted in surgery on Shepherd while threatened at gunpoint by the shooter. The seventh season shows Avery's emerging interest in Meredith's sister, Lexie Grey, and they start a relationship. Avery also starts working with chief of plastic surgery Mark Sloan Eric Danewho had previously had a relationship with Lexie.

She is discomfited by the two men working together and, when she later shows that she still has feelings for Sloan, Avery breaks up with her. As the end of the fifth year of residency is near, the surgical residents, including Avery, prepare for their board certifications as they prepare for fellowships they plan on joining.

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The night before taking the exam, Jackson and the virgin Kepner have sexual intercourse. Though April regrets having broken her promise to Jesus to stay a virgin until marriage, the two have sex again during the period of the exams.

During the exam, Avery is supported by his mother Catherine Debbie Allenwho happens to be a tester at the exams. Although Avery has true feelings for her, she pushes him away because she believes that he feels guilty for having sex with her. In the season eight finaleAvery reveals to April that he is taking the position at Tulane Medical Centerdespite feeling sick for leaving Seattle Grace Mercy West and her behind. As a celebration of the conclusion of their residencies, the former chief of surgery Richard Webber James Pickens, Jr.

They are victims of an aviation accident in which Lexie Grey and eventually Mark Sloan die of their injuries. After the accident, Dr. Avery stays at Seattle Grace and continues his work in plastic surgery. Kepner continue a sexual relationship, although April is uneasy and believes she is pregnant.

When she tells Avery, he proposes to her and she accepts, anticipating a happy wedding. But the pregnancy is false and the couple break up before announcing their engagement to the staff. As a means to avoid each other, the two doctors decide to each bring a date to Dr. Bailey 's wedding selecting this date for each of them, both of which are interns. Shortly afterward he tells Kepner about the incident, and she thanks him for his honesty.

It is hinted that Avery still loves Kepner when he turns to him for dating advice and he shows jealousy. The doctors believed they got to everyone, but Jackson stayed behind because he noticed a small pink shoe.

april kepner and jackson avery relationship counseling

When April noticed Jackson wasn't with them, she began to panic and rushed back towards the bus as it lay there ablaze. Suddenly, the bus exploded. Thinking Jackson was in the explosion, April became hysterical. When he emerged from the fire with a small child, she ran to hug him, but was stopped by Matthew. Thinking she had lost Jackson made her realize her true feelings for him.

When everyone calmed down, she went back in to see him. April then told Jackson to give her a reason not to. Although Jackson may have still had feelings for April, he did not give her a reason to leave Matthew.

Instead, he exploded at April, telling her the only reason she wanted him was because he had moved on. This put a small strain on their friendship, but they still spoke occasionally.

April even admitted that Jackson set her straight and she was happy to be getting married to Matthew.

april kepner and jackson avery relationship counseling

When the time came for April to send out wedding invitations, she purposely left out Jackson's name. She said she did this because she feared it would upset Matthew.

Instead, she invited Stephanie, hoping she would bring Jackson as her guest. After speaking with Matthew and April, Jackson realizes that April truly wants him to be at her wedding so he decides to go and they share a brief hug, re-establishing their friendship.

It is later revealed that April chose Jackson and decided to marry him. After working on Jill KaslinerJackson and April fought about how they would raise their children. April walked out and ended up staying with Arizona and Callie for a few days. She came back to retrieve her iPod and told Jackson that they couldn't table the discussion about how they'll raise their children any longer because she's pregnant. They later discover that their unborn son has Osteogenesis Imperfecta type 2 and decide to induce labor at 24 weeks.

Shortly after giving birth and holding their son, Samuel Norbert, died in their arms. The eighth season ends with Kepner, Avery, Karev and Webber waiting for Meredith and Yang, who are victims of an aviation accident. Months later, Hunt goes to visit April, who had moved back to her parents' farm in Moline, Ohio.

In the wake of the tragic aviation accident, he offers her an attending position at the hospital.

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When she gets back to Seattle Grace, she resumes her sexual relationship with Avery, despite claiming she wants to re-virginise. April has a pregnancy scare and Jackson promises that he will be there every step of the way, even marry her, if she tests positive.

When April finds out that she is not pregnant, she is overjoyed, but inadvertently hurts Jackson's feelings by saying that they dodged a bullet, seemingly thrilled that they don't have to get married anymore. Jackson breaks up with April. April suggests to Jackson that they each take a date to Bailey's wedding in an attempt to move on. Jackson takes intern Stephanie; the two bond and eventually have sex.

When Jackson tells April that he is sleeping with somebody else, she is visibly crushed and tells him that they can't be friends again until she has gotten over him. In the next episode, a very attractive paramedic named Matthew Justin Bruening asks April out for coffee and they start seeing each other. Shortly afterwards she turns to Jackson for dating advice and it is hinted that Jackson is still in love with her when he shows signs of jealousy but Jackson overcomes his jealousy and they then re-establish their friendship.

She confesses to Matthew that she is not a virgin anymore as she led him to believe and he breaks up with her because she lied to him. However, in the next episode, Matthew forgives April and they get back together. He asks her to marry him through a flash mob and she says yes.

In the season 9 finale, April thinks she lost Jackson when a bus blew up and tells him she loves him, but he only has a few injuries. She remains engaged to Matthew while Jackson dates Stephanie. At the wedding, Jackson realizes he still loves April and stands up professing his love. Jackson and April are seen driving off together at the start of the following episode and later it is revealed that they have secretly eloped. At first April and Jackson do not tell their friends about their marriage, but later they do because of a new rule at the hospital.

Catherine Avery is not at all happy about her son's elopement with April, and the fact that there wasn't a prenuptial agreement.

April Kepner

They soon make up after April signs a postnuptial agreement. Jackson and April soon hit a rough patch when they realize that they have different views in the way their children should be raised religious. Not long after their fight, April realizes she is pregnant. April and Jackson's baby is diagnosed during pregnancy with Osteogenesis Imperfecta type 2, and learn that the baby will not survive long after birth. Jackson believes that termination is the best option, however April would rather give birth to the baby knowing it will not live very long.

They scheduled an induction for the next day, at the beginning of the appointment they are asked to sign their baby's death certificate, which is too hard for the couple to bear. They decide to give birth to the baby via induction at 24 weeks gestation having it baptized right then. She gave birth to Samuel Norbert Avery, and he died a few hours after birth.

In the following weeks after Samuel's death, April and Jackson find it hard to be around each other and be intimate with one another. After April tries to seduce Jackson in a supply closet, Jackson asks if she is sure she wants this so soon after the death of their son, leaving April to storm out in anger. In the series 11 finale April decides to join Owen Hunt for 3 months as a trauma surgeon with the army; this not being well received by Jackson.

But after April states she needs this in order to grieve Samuel - Jackson lets her leave. Over the following months April lengthens her stay in the army, this having a strain on her and Jackson's marriage as Jackson can rarely get a hold of her or talk to her over the phone.