Archer and rin relationship test

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archer and rin relationship test

Rin Tohsaka is a fictional character introduced in Type-Moon's adult visual novel Fate/Stay Night by Type-Moon. Rin is a highschool student who becomes the master of the warrior Archer to While Shirou's relationship with Saber was meant to be the latter a change based on her backstory, Rin's characterization was. High school students Rin and Shiro pair up as allies when they're chosen to Rin, Archer, Shirō and Saber face a new girl's seemingly unstoppable servant, Shirō and Saber help Rin test her theory that Kuzuki is Caster's Master, but the truth is . friendship, romance and family relationships before heading off to college. Archer (アーチャー, Āchā) is the Archer-class Servant of Rin Tohsaka in the Fifth their relationship as Master and Servant, Archer begins to question Rin as a master. .. However, he and the others fight Santa Alter when she decides to test .

He was born from that fake Assassin's flesh during his final moments. That imaginary samurai was pathetic until the end; his use stemming only from death. This man was dangerous in every way possible. His calculations extended beyond the realm of regular human understanding. With just herself, Shirou, and Rider, Rin questioned their chances of victory.

I desire the grail. Be it black or not, I truly don't care anymore. I defiled her mind, body, and soul. I filled her with poison and watched as her infant form adapted to an eternal nightmare while you enjoyed the comfort of a privileged daughter.

Her survival was…doubtable, yet she continues to struggle. I may have my grail yet,' Zouken's face clouded over. The blasts passed through Zouken, merely pulling apart swarms of bugs before they reformed into the image of an old and feeble man.

Zouken's horrid laugh filled the void, and he leaned on his cane with amusement. Your father would have encased me in an infernal prison ten times over by now.

archer and rin relationship test

The results, nonetheless, would have been the same, unfortunately. This snapped Rin out of her panic, her blood draining.

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Zouken lifted a brow, his forehead wrinkling hundreds of lines. We both know you are the least threatening of all the masters. Do not test my patience. You live as a source of purpose and pleasure for the grail; nothing more. Clearly, Archer was attempting to make his master a little more useful in combat through training on the side, but Rin knew Zouken couldn't be taken down by such normal means.

Sure enough, the head of the Matou clan simply cackled, Assassin seemingly teleporting to meet Shirou and deflect the attack. Shirou switched to a criss-cross assault, utilizing the fact he had two small swords, but both were shattered in an instant by the far more capable heroic spirit. Assassin easily pushed Shirou back with merely a dagger and his enormous clawed hand.

Is that all you have to offer? If the assassin class can hold you at bay, you have nothing to provide me beyond spirit, and even that could be mistaken for utter idiocy. She readied her mana circuits, and tried to ignore the fact Berserker's cries continued, meaning Saber was still in a life or death struggle herself. Rider, please help us.

Rider understood that Sakura was safe as well, based on what Zouken said, and there was enough distance between Sakura's agonized form and Zouken to merit an attempt on the crazed man's life. I suppose that would be your only hope. Soon, Assassin was pressed by the pressure, his cloak forced off for better mobility as his skeletal frame stretched and bent unnaturally to block and parry the flurry of attacks.

Rider twisted and turned like the most graceful of dancers, while Shirou's much less refined form served as more of a distraction to offer opportunities for the servant at his side. Rin tossed four multi-coloured jewels into the air and then thrust her palm against them, the resonance of mana connecting the circuits midair before projecting the condensed collection of magic into a beam of raw energy.

Zouken simply raised his cane to fend off the attack, but he smiled at Rin, as if revaluating his assumptions about her. Suddenly, Shirou grunted in pain, blood being pulled out of his mauled left arm by Assassin, his claw bent at a degree angle overtop of the two combatants. Rider seized the opportunity, but Zouken's powerful and ancient magic deflected her back. The fighting stopped for a moment, and Rin knew Rider was still hesitant to go all out with her master in so much pain.

archer and rin relationship test

It was during this pause that Rin noted the lack of sound in the forest now. In another instant, the world shook, the white noise filling Rin's ears as she covered them and tried to keep her balance. The results should prove…interesting.

Under normal circumstances Rin would have been jealous, she admitted it, but at the moment, what was inside it was the only thing that she cared about. Gently, she undid the clasp, opening the top of the bag There was a sound not unlike a gunshot from three inches in front of Rin's face, and something burning and blinding filled her eyes.

She screamed, involuntarily leaping to her feet Stars flashed behind her—burning! When she was finally able to rub the The second thing she saw was that her hands were covered in bright orange paint. You know, like the sort they use to booby-trap stolen bank notes, so they can be marked and made unspendable?

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I had it set up to explode outward if my bag was opened without clicking the disarming switch. It does get my texts a bit dirty, but since I habitually take any valuable texts immediately to my laboratory at home. Because, you see, I am not a moron. The rest of the cafeteria was dead silent, which should have told you how the two girls were viewed; anyone else, they would have been laughing at.

Rin and Luvia, though Her smile was soft, and warm, and behind her eyes Rin saw a malice that could have burned out the stars.

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What did you do wrong? Rin held up a hand, cutting her off. I was going for a booby-trapped bag all along, and you gave me no heads-up! Are you or are you not one who seeks to be a Magus? You need to spot the snares and murderous traps of the demons, Hannah. Your eyes must sieve through Luvia's endless bloodthirsty schemes, don't you see? You must be a relentless, implacable predator who cannot be caged or outwitted.

I am going to storm the very gates of Hell itself. I am going into Luvia's estate in the city, and I am going to reclaim my property," Rin said, her aura burning with boundless confidence. Hannah made a kind of confused whimpering noise. Luckily, Rin didn't care what Hannah felt or thought. Hannah sighed, walking through the beautiful rose gardens to the front door, knocking on the door. An older gentleman in a suit answered, smiling warmly at her.

I am afraid we do not accept solicitors here in the manor; Lady Edelfelt is a busy woman, and she cannot Luvia, in an informal it should be mentioned that Luvia's idea of "informal" was still something that most people would consider appropriate to wear out to dinner, so it was very frilly indeed evening gown, walked up to the door, a cup of steaming tea in her hands. And a girl scout as well! I've always said that the scouts are the champions of the commoners. Welcome, common woman, to my home.

Enter, and take tea with me, that you might peddle your simple gypsy wares. Also, she might be as crazy as Tohsaka. Glancing out a side window as Luvia led her to the kitchen, Hannah saw Rin climb over the outer wall circling the grounds, quickly gaze back and forth like a hunted animal, and begin slinking between flower bushes as she approached the manor with a slightly manic expression on her face.

As was to be expected, the boundary field around the Edelfelt mansion was impressive. Just what Rin had come to expect of the demon she had deemed the greatest enemy of her life. But as deadly and cunning as Luvia might have been, Rin was a Magus of vastly superior natural skill, intellect, and beauty, and slipping through the security was well within her powers. She smirked, wondering how long it would take her to break back in one day in the future when she was finally ready to make war on the Edelfelt family and cast them into oblivion for the indignities their heir had heaped upon her.

Rin was maybe not taking this situation well. The side wall, under the master bedroom window, was overgrown with creeping ivy. This gave the manor a rustic, lived-in feel that Rin, as a traditionalist, approved of. Also, it gave her a foothold to climb up to the window, which was actually far more useful. A lifetime of Chinese martial arts had left her in great physical condition And it didn't hurt that having a great body was just one more way for her to win at her relationshipso scrabbling up the plants wasn't too hard.

The window was even open, so all she would have to do was climb right inside and Inside the bedroom, she heard Luvia's voice say, "And here, commoner, you see the beautiful bedroom of a noblewoman.

archer and rin relationship test

Worry not, for even though it is beyond your simple means to achieve, you may join me here for tea and some of your wonderful commoner treats, basking in the light of my wealth for as long as you wish. Rin thought, slipping down a few inches on the wall. Was drinking your tea in the dining room like a normal human being so terribly hard?! I didn't ask if you were, Miss Edelfelt A presence I've not felt since We have to maintain operational security, or we'll never achieve our objective.

You really, really want to help me. Because we're best friends, aren't we? We are," Hannah squeaked. Now, you just stay riiiiight here and clean up, m'kay?

And if Luvia comes back, you stall her. Ask about Luvia's family again, she can talk about that for days. I have a test tomorrow Stay here, I may or may not be back for you. The Edelfelt manor was, she noted without any rage at all, both larger and nicer than her own family estate back in Japan. But there were certain basics to all security; the central location, deepest within the home's defenses, was typically considered the most secure point.

That was the best place to look first. She slipped through the rooms like a wraith, always in the shadows, always silent.

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She saw no servants or household staff, but that hardly meant there were no eyes seeking her; this was the home of a Magus. And given that she was a Magus who had totally stolen all her spells from Rin's own family, a dangerous one though limited by her meager intellect. She moved from room to room, seeking the center of the house, the most heavily defended place in the manor The door at the end of the hall looked like the same elaborately decorated foppery that adorned the rest of the house, but a quick inspection revealed it to be heavily reinforced beneath the exterior.

Luvia's personal workshop, it had to be, and there was no place she was more likely to place anything that she wished to keep safe and study.

Rin checked the lock, studying it for traps—and found the room unlocked. Only when you came here, to the source of my power with all your ferocity, could my victory be complete.

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Now we shall have our final battle. Our powers shall clash, and when the smoke clears only one of us shall be left st-" Rin snapped her hand forward, grabbed the book, and ran out the door. Luvia blinked a few times at her empty fingers, before saying, "Bitch! There were people who would have called Rin's actions those of a coward. Rin called these people, "Failures. Or at least, it would be worth paying when she got out of this house alive and with her prize intact.

Which she was going to do, certainly. Really, Luvia was hardly going to Something exploded in the hall next to her head, showering her with plaster dust. She's trying to kill me!

archer and rin relationship test

Rin thought in something less like genuine rage and more like exasperated annoyance. She couldn't afford to stop and fire back, either; she had a fragile treasure in her hands and a running fight just would not work.

Her only real goal at this moment was to get out of this damn house. Did something expl-" Hannah began, stepping out into the hall. Rin grabbed her mid-sentence and threw her down in Luvia's path as an obstacle.

Some might have called this cruel, but then, Hannah hadbeen so utterly charmed by Rin that she'd volunteered to help her however she needed, even at the cost of her own life. It should be noted that Rin saw no appreciable difference between "volunteering" and "being forced" when she was the one doing the forcing.

It should also be noted though at this point it probably went without saying that Rin saw no particular difference between being "charming" and being "kind of a bitch. Had Hannah been in a better place, mentally, she might have noted the fact that both Luvia and Rin running her over without slowing even slightly or really noticing she existed was pretty much a perfect metaphor for her life.

At the moment, though, he thoughts were more along the lines of Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch Rin turned the corner, spotting the first window she'd seen since starting her flight. Covering her face with her arms, she leaped through it, flying through the air amid shards of glass.

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It had been a second-floor window, but she was If not, rolling with the impact was seriouslygoing to hurt She hadn't been over the lawn. She had been over the paved path leading to the main gates. Wiping the blood off her forehead, she got to her feet and started to run again, even as she heard the sound of Luvia impacting behind her.

The pavement shattered beneath her feet, and the sun got a little less bright. Yeah, she was pretty pissed. Rin took off running, pumping mana into her legs and clutching her treasure close. All she had to do was get off the Edelfelt property. She was pretty sure that Luvia wouldn't continue trying to murder her in public, and there was no actual proof who the book belonged to. It was her word against Luvia's and everyone knew the Swedes were horrible liars With an earsplitting shriek of "I'm!

archer and rin relationship test

The two magi tumbled, and as was befitting two ladies of high class and standing from ancient, noble families, they most certainly did not begin to beat the crap out of each other.

There was no biting, no scratching, no knees driven into stomachs or elbows driven into noses. Luvia most certainly never slammed Rin's head into the pavement by her pigtails, and Rin most definitely never threw aside the book in her hands to grab up a loose cobblestone in an attempt to smash Luvia's skull in. Because they were too civilized for that, you see. So if anyone saw anything like that, it was clearly their own overactive imagination. In the beginning of the anime, she summons Archer as her Servant, although she originally wanted to summon Saber.

After her father is killed in the Fourth Holy Grail War, Rin continues to perfect her sorcery with some guidance from her guardian, Kirei Kotomine. She strives to earn the admiration of her peers to avoid drawing attention to her private life, even though she is secretly stingy, tomboyish, and a slacker. She is perceptive, resourceful and avidly competitive. In the Heaven's Feel route, her relationship with her sister, Sakura is expanded upon.

She battles Sakura but later allows herself to be struck while she apologizes, hugging Sakura and expressing her true sisterly love. Rin specializes in the transformation of energy, which includes storage of Mana in objects. She stores all of her mana in jewels that she regularly charges to bypass her body's natural limitations on releasing energy.