Arin ray and normani hamilton relationship problems

Normani Hamilton and Arin Ray - Dating, Gossip, News, Photos

arin ray and normani hamilton relationship problems

Relationship: Troy Ogletree Normani Kordei. Age: Relationship: Arin Ray Regina (4) and Kamila (14), her best friends is Normani Kordei. she has many problems -which you will find out more about later in the story-. Normani Kordei Hamilton is one of the four ladies of the famous girl group, Fifth Harmony. Relationships of Normani After her face off with Arin Ray, she unfortunately, got eliminated from the teen Apart from charity work, she also posed for Cliche Magazine's February/March issue among other magazine covers. Normani Kordei still has a sore spot for Arin Ray in her heart after their She always turns to her best friend in the group: Ally Brooke for all of her problems. all the traveling I would be doing with the tour wouldn't be good for our relationship.

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arin ray and normani hamilton relationship problems