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Johnson and Rudd both are featured on AC/DC's latest album, 's Rock or and "Your Wish Is My Command" that were co-written by Frehley's ex-KISS band . of playing music and the lifelong relationship with an instrument -- as well as the .. Styx's full current lineup -- singer/guitarists Tommy Shaw and James "JY". Jul 11, YouTube/Getty Images Tommy Shaw (Styx) .. Made up of just six full songs sandwiched between intro and outro pieces, each song is its own journey on one of the greatest .. At the Drive-In, 'Relationship of Command'. See more ideas about Album covers, Best albums and Music. Piano, vocal and guitar sheet music for Eagles' Their Greatest Hits - The Grand Illusion is the seventh studio album by Styx, released on July It became the . At the Drive-In - Relationship of Command / Post-Hardcore - United States.

Beyond that there are cell phones, video games, facebook and the younger generation seems to disregard the intense concern about privacy that earlier generations cling toa black President, and a very different world.

Teaching at a university I see them engaged, concerned about their future, and more knowledgable than ever due to the internet and connections made often across borders.

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To be sure, these are college kids, but I teach at a rural state university not an elitist private school. Today's youth - ready to change the world! Yes, they are used to technology.

I hear students talk about how hard it would be to go without their mobile phone for even part of a day — they are more connected to friends and family than I would have wanted to be when I was their age.

Parents are often almost tyrannical in their desire to keep in contact with their kids, even at college note to self: I will not be that way as my kids grow up! There is so much effort done to protect kids or make sure they succeed that kids often get stifled by the attention and control. Who does that protect? For more information regarding the partners with whom we share data, please see our Partners List. See the Opt-Out section below to learn about choices available to you with respect to this type of advertising.

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So again we walked the fine line, and whenever we thought we wandered off in a new direction, we pulled it back.

  • Song of the Day #3,596: ‘Arcarsenal’ – At the Drive-In

The music is focal point one and immediately captures your imagination as where the depicted human interaction unfolds on an entirely different level. You feel the pressure and feel tension as well, as you get connected with the emotional load of the astronauts on the mission in their vessel leading them to Mars.

I was very happy to hear him say that. Tommy moves on instinct every single day, very much. However, there are time that he needs a sounding board and he needs a to bounce a few ideas off of someone to get it in another perspective, make it emotionally a little more grounded perhaps, or however you feel like putting it.

But really, it is funny. The interaction, the differing points of view. It was more or less time for the voice of calm to come in here, see it in the greater good before we all tackle the storm, the red storm, where things are kind of sliding off the table, so to speak. We made use of our real-life dynamics and our real life relationship to let the record have that to be part of it. When I bring it to his attention, a long silence follows before Lawrence proceeds.

Now that you mention that, I can hear some of the influences that are certainly in there, particularly the piano approach and the orchestral bits. When I, ask he still is a bit flabbergasted… ,As a piano player I welcome any of the classical influence that I had growing up.

It is the same school where Rick Wakeman and Elton John went to, so I always think in those terms since. Wakeman is a very much an influence as the way to approach keyboards into the sound of a rock band, especially one that has two guitars.

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So I naturally welcome any kind of classical influence coming in. It was the first I really heard an orchestra link up and become part of the band, be part of the overall sound. I think that really set me on the right course to enjoying any classical influencing in rock. The two, I find, are really well connected.

When they add up in the way Rick Wakeman did, or particularly the way Tony Banks did in Genesis, I find that really uplifting.

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You know, let the classical influences come through. Though the band decided to focus on their own music, they did bring in the London Festival Orchestra to create a spectacular and renewing album with landmark statue. When he gets into music deeper Gowan reveals a passionate side to his musicianship and gladly introduces the interviewer into his world and thinking. We have to get back to the subject though, although we promise to chat about his personal musical interests and career in the near future.

As Gowan dodges the question, he does however get to the classical aspect of the album. I look for an approach to the song and somehow walk the line between the both.

The piano figures in that. The album is typical Styx in sound but also touches emotionally in different directions, making it extremely hard to pick a favourite track as it is linking directly to emotion and mood of the listener. That song particularly comes across and I think Tommy sings it fantastic. In a funny way, it became part of everything because the Khedive was the name of the ship my dad was on. He was in the royal navy during the Second World War. Tommy just loved that idea.

When it got to Pluto, they discovered a fifth moon around Pluto that they never knew that existed; they decided to call it Styx. Tommy said as we were in the process of recording and certain little funny tiny coincidences would come along and told us we were moving in the right direction: A large sized carrier bearing aircrafts with a complement of no less than officers and men on deck.

Song of the Day #3, ‘Arcarsenal’ – At the Drive-In | Meet Me In Montauk

Adding The New Horizon experience with the newly named moon Styx, the album seems to gather more and more personal momentum. Is this also adding value to the storyline and the dense recognisability of the interaction in the Mars vessel? People personalize a song. Often it is completely different or very new. When I mention that this particular song instantly booted my feelings towards modern day society, Gowan hums.