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The Your Tomcat Is Pregnant trope as used in popular culture. So you have a pet and you love him dearly. Let's call him George. One day, you notice that . Sweet Polly Oliver and the Tomcat Chapter 1 There was her Uncle Richard, Uncle Mason, Uncle Gerald and Aunt Hattie. Hattie Schuyler wasn't related by blood to the family but she was married to Gerald Schuyler, she. Get an answer for 'What is the character of Aunt Polly's realationship to Tom in 1 educator answer; Analyze the character of Aunt Polly and her relationship to.

He had to use a cane in order to make walking easier; his limp was due to an injury he sustained during his time in the army. However, despite his limp and his cane he was still a tall and proud man. Mason was a short statured man; he wore a thin pair of glasses over his gray eyes and he had short dark hair.

The man also had noticeable dimples on each side of his face; they never failed to bring the warmth out of his smiles. Gerald sported dark brown eyes that matched his hair color, he also wore glasses but they were a little thicker than Theodore's.

He was about as tall as Richard but still a little shorter than him. He also never left his home without his family pocket watch, it was his prized possession and he made sure everyone knew it as soon as he walked into the room.

Hattie she was a petite woman. She had her dark brown hair tied back into a formal bun; a light dust of freckles decorated her round face. Her eyes resembled those of a doe and they were the same color too. They had all gathered together to discuss some important business with her father. She remembered the look on her father's face once he saw their carriages pull up to the Schuyler mansion gate.

He looked unsure and nervous, something her father rarely showed. In all the time she had known her father he always had a look of pride on his face, especially when he was around his family. But this time was different and that made little Eliza Schuyler even more determined to give him the flowers that day despite the fact that he had requested that no one disturb them while they had their meeting in his office.

She pranced down the hallway with some flowers in her arms. They were lilies, her father's favorite flower. A big smile was on her dirt covered face as she made her way to her father's office. When she was in front of the door she reached out to the door knob and slowly turned it.

The door creaked open a little bit and she was about to enter to surprise her father when something stopped her dead in her tracks. Her eyes widen and she immediately stopped pushing the door, there was a little slit for her to see and hear the meeting going on between the Schuyler relatives.

But nobody seemed to notice the little four year old as she stood outside the door, listening to their conversation. They were too engrossed in what they were doing to pay any attention to her. Hattie Schuyler wasn't related by blood to the family but she was married to Gerald Schuyler, she had to give up her last name when she married him. Her family had been grateful for the marriage since while she may not have been able to continue her legacy with their name she could at least have one with the Schuyler name.

It was no secret that if someone managed to marry into the Schuyler family they were set for life, even the men who married into the Schuyler family were considered to be very lucky. But Philip Schuyler was the first in a long line of Schuylers who didn't produce a son from his marriage. The son didn't even have to be the first born in order to carry on the family's legacy. Please do not talk down to me as if I am a child. Schuyler would listen to what his relatives would have to say at the same time he would not tolerate disrespect in his house.

He also would not have them talking about his oldest daughter as if she was nothing but a pawn. A pawn that had to marry in order to of use to anybody, he loved his daughter too much to see her like that.

As stated before Philip Schuyler always had a face full of pride when it came to his family. Eliza had never seen her father lash out like that before, it kind of frightened her. But nonetheless she continued to listen to the conversation.

She heard her Uncle Mason clear his throat. You know that they did not mean to show any disrespect towards you or your daughter," he stated. He was so kind and gentle and he had a way with words.

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He was known as the peacemaker in the Schuyler family for this reason. He never cared for violence and he was not a man who proved that he could fight unlike his cousin, Mr. He had made his legacy based on the successful trade business he had and on the business deals he made throughout his life. He was a very intelligent man when it came to numbers and investments. Whenever he came around he always brought a gift for the girls, this time was no different.

Earlier today Eliza and her sisters received a new doll from their beloved uncle, the dolls were handcrafted to look like them. The doll's had their features and the girls already adored them. Yes without a doubt Uncle Theodore was their favorite. Her father spoke once again only this time he used a gentler tone; it was one that she had come to know since he would always use it in front of his wife and children.

For Eliza Schuyler it was a tone that was very loving and meaningful. I served my nation, I made a name for myself, I have a lovely home, I married the woman I loved and I have three wonderful daughters. As far as I am concerned that is enough to preserve my legacy. Children are a part of a parent's legacy which is why you have to raise then right!

With what I've seen you've given your daughters too much freedom, how do you expect them to listen to you if you do so! Out of all the uncles, no out of all the relatives she had he was her least favorite. He always seemed to have a scowl on his face whenever he went and Eliza always noticed that he had his nose in the air whenever he went out. It like his way of saying that he was better than everyone around him. Schuyler he had served his nation as well, in fact he served alongside her father but he never reached the credentials her father had during his time in the army.

Maybe that's why he never really liked her father; her mother had said the same thing to her and her sisters several times before. She had always said that their Uncle Richard was just jealous of Mr.

They are living beings that have rights just as much as you and I do! You have no heirs and you don't set boundaries for your daughters! How can you hope to preserve your legacy if you cannot do the simplest of tasks!

A man cannot live on the past alone especially not one with a status such as you! Your accomplishments call for you to carry on your name, if not then they mean nothing and they will be forgotten," Richard stated in a firm voice.

It is their duty. The tone of his voice was filled with nothing but indifference and bluntness.

She couldn't help but pity her cousins at that moment; she knew that her uncle was not an easy man to deal with. She couldn't imagine being his daughter instead of her father's, in fact she couldn't imagine Richard having daughters in general.

She could only imagine how he would have treated them. Indeed, Richard didn't have any daughters, he only had sons. This is only fueled his already large ego. She tightened her hold on the lilies she held and she did her best not to lean too closely to the door, she may have been a child but she was an expert at what not to do when it came to sneaking around.

That was one thing she learned from watching her younger sister Margarita "Peggy" Schuyler. So she stayed hidden, she stayed silent and she listened. I have made my decision. If your wife cannot bear you a son within the next year then you might as well focus all of your attention onto Angelica. She will be able to preserve your legacy even if she cannot bear your name. She wondered what her uncle was going to stay about her and Peggy. She shivered at the thought of it. Although I highly doubt they could make something of themselves if they wanted to," Richard stated.

They won't be able to learn anything for the future if you keep treating them like that. And if they do I'm sure they would make wonderful wives to very lucky men.

The same goes for Angelica to. However, I would say that they should make their own choice when it comes to marrying a man instead of marrying just because of status and position.

They have a right to marry someone who makes them happy; at least that's how I see it. Unlike the rest of the family Richard never addressed Eliza and Peggy by their nicknames. He always referred to them by their full names. It was one of the many things little Eliza didn't like about him. Richard continued with his statement. Her Uncle Mason rarely expressed his anger towards people; he was a very relaxed person who always tried to be the one to defuse difficult situations.

But much like Mr. Schuyler he wouldn't tolerate disrespect towards his family. They are my children, not yours. You may tolerate those kinds of expectations in your household but I do not. Although the same can't be said for your children Philip. Richard stood up from his seat and walked over to his cousin, he used his cane to keep his balance as he did so. It always amazed Eliza how fast the man could walk even with a limp and a cane. Eliza shrunk back a little out of fear.

She hoped that there wouldn't be any fights between the two. She didn't want her father to get hurt in anyway. And judging by the way Richard was standing it looked as if he was ready for a fight; he was challenging Mr. Schuyler's authority in his very own house. Only Richard would do something like this. Schuyler looked ready to defend himself he needed to. Richard leaned over the desk Mr. Schuyler was sitting at and looked him straight in the eyes.

She couldn't believe that her uncle went that far when it came to insulting her father and them to an extent. She knew that Richard wasn't a fan of them but to think that he actually thought that little of them was so heartbreaking. She pitied herself and her two sisters; her only solstice was that she had not been born as a daughter to Richard Schuyler.

In all honesty she was glad she wasn't born as his child in general, whether daughter or son. She also couldn't imagine her father being like Richard when it came to parenting and raising them. She could only imagine how Angelica, Peggy and her would turn out to be if that was the case.

In that moment Eliza truly appreciated the father she had rather than the father she could have had. But the conversation didn't stop there and Eliza continued to listen.

It was now her father's turn to speak. Schuyler stood up from his desk seat and directly glared at his cousin. And the last words I ever heard him say was to reproach-" In addition to providing discipline, Aunt Polly also attempts to provide spiritual guidance.

In an effort to explain her difficulty in raising Tom she justifies -"Well-a-well, man that is born of woman is of a few days and full of trouble, as the scripture says, and I reckon it's so" 3. Using the Bible, she comes to the unfeminist conclusion that Tom's evil behavior originates in being born to a woman and that it is her duty to fix it. She further reinforces religious values in Tom with a small lesson which references the Edenic apple -"She was so overcome by the splendor of his achievement that she took him into the closet and selected a choice apple and delivered it to him, along with a lecture upon the added value and flavor a treat took to itself when it came without sin through virtuous effort.

And while she closed with a happy Scriptural flourish, he "hooked" a doughnut" By giving him an apple for doing something good, she tries to show that a fruit usually associated with sin will taste a lot better if it is associated with virtue. The final and most important role we see Aunt Polly take is that of a loving mother figure. Despite the relentless discipline and spiritual guidance, she comes off as a caring and noble character.

Seems a little odd that this mixup occurred with a cat who lived in a veterinarian's home. They started out by calling me Thomas, but when they, um, got to know me better, they changed it to Thomasina. In The UncannyValentine discovers that Scat is female when she gives birth to kittens. He had been referring to Scat as 'he' up to this point. Literature Animal Inn by Virginia Vail: In the second book, a character is mentioned as having a rabbit named Harvey, whom they discovered to be a doe when she gave birth to a litter of six.

There is a book where Jessi is petsitting and thinks that a fat old male hamster is sick, so she takes "him" to the vet In a later installment of the Little Sister spinoff, Karen's class gets a second guinea pig they name Everett.

A few people point out how fat Everett is until they discover "he" is going to have babies and change the name to Evelyn. The rest of the subplot is about raffling off the baby guinea pigs to kids in both Ms. It's explained that they thought she was a male, but by the time they find out the truth, she was used to answer to that name, so they kept it. In Clementine and the Family MeetingClementine and her whole science class are doing projects with rats.

She is partnered with Waylon and they have a rat named 18 whom they've been feeding snacks as a test to whether it will help him learn better.

He grows bigger and bigger and they think it's the snacks causing it. Later, he goes missing and when they find him, they find that "he" has had babies and is actually a mother rat. In Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Hard LuckGreg's aunt Gretchen's rabbit is thought to be a buck, but she has babies. In Alan Dean Foster 's Pip and Flinx novel The End of the Matter, this trope happens with Flinx's Alaspinian minidrag, Pip, after a "homecoming" trip during which "he" socializes with a definitively male native minidrag.

It also introduced a subtle continuity error with the earlier novel Bloodhype, which was set several years later in the series's timeline but referred to Pip as male. Heinlein 's Farnham's FreeholdBarbara is quite surprised to find that the cat, named Dr. Livingston, is pregnant, since she'd believed the cat to be male.

The five other human members of the group have known the cat a lot longer than Barbara has, and consistently use male pronouns, which probably adds to the confusion. The dragon in the Discworld book Guards! In the Harry Potter series, Hagrid's temporary "pet" dragon Norbert is mentioned in passing in a later book to have turned out to be female and redubbed "Norberta.

This explains a lot. In Harry's Mad by Dick King-Smithafter Mad is bird-napped, Harry's family adopts another African grey parrot to replace him, which they name "Fweddy" due to its lisp.

After Mad returns home successfully and gets to know the new parrot, an egg suddenly appears, and Fweddy shyly admits "Call me Fwedwika". If I had a brontosaurus, I would name him Horace or Morris. But if suddenly one day he had A lot of little brontosauri— I would change his name To Laurie Reversed in the Lensman novels, when the benevolent aliens demonstrate their precognitive powers by telling the hero that he will encounter an immature female creature named "Thomas".

At the end of the book, he does meet a kitten whose owner had believed her to be male. Later, "George" lays eggs so the caveboy renames it Georgina. In the children's book Mr Cat, a man's cat named "Mr Cat" is revealed to be female when she has kittens, possibly with the crazy grey cat next door.

However, she is still called "Mister". In The Mystery of Mr.

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E, a book from the Welliewishers line of the American Girls Collectionthis occurs with the Welliewishers due to an Accidental Misnaming. The twist in this case is that the dog's owner actually already knows she's a female dog. Willa's Aunt Miranda asks the Wellwishers to look after "Mr. E," a dog that belongs to her friend Shu Ping, while he travels in China. The girls agree, but one day, the dog disappears. The situation is finally resolved when they discover Mr.

E snug in a little cave with several puppies. They take Aunt Miranda to see and finally it occurs to Willa to ask how "Mr. E" could have had puppies if he's a boy. Aunt Miranda asks if she said "Mr.

E" and explains that the dog's name is actually "Mystery". She had mysteriously appeared at Shu Ping's house one day and he could never find her owner, so he kept her and named her "Mystery".

Bill later Billina the chicken from Ozma of Oz and later Oz stories. Happened to the main character in the Papelucho book series and his sister. They adopted a cat whom they named "Teodoro", and later it turned out Teodoro had to be renamed as "Teodora" female version of the same name by the children since she just had a litter.

Jakkin seems to assume that his dragon is male. Most readers are led to believe this too. But the dragon is always referred to as "it" and near the end, Jakkin's master reveals that it's a female.

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In Pure Dead Wicked, she has an, ahem, encounter with what later turns out to be the Loch Ness Monsterand winds up pregnant. Not that she realizes this either, until she goes out to, ahem, answer the call of nature and winds up with an egg Montgomery's Rilla of Ingleside contains a cat the Blythes call "Jack Frost" and think is male until it has kittens.

They still refer to "him" with the masculine pronoun, though, since it's become habit by this point. Archbishop Maikel Staynair has a pet cat-lizard that he didn't find out was male until after he'd named it after his late wife.

Fortunately, his wife had the kind of sense of humor that the family figures that she would've been amused by it. In The Six Bullerby Childrenone of the boys finds a chick and names it Albert, but it grows up and turns out to be a hen, so he renames her Albertina. In Sophie's Adventures Sophie adopts a stray cat, which she names 'Tom' and which promptly gives birth to four kittens.

On ringing up her Great Aunt for new name suggestions, she's horrified to hear the suggestion of Tomboy "That's worse than plain old Tom! Later, she names three of the kittens Molly, Holly and Polly, but it turns out they are toms, and "Polly" gets renamed Ollie.