Belarus and armenia relationship

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belarus and armenia relationship

The Byelorussian SSR was one of only two Soviet republics to be separate members of the . Belarus has an embassy in Arinj, just north of Yerevan. There are around 25, people of Armenian descent living in Belarus. Australia, January 9. In recent years Belarus and Armenia have created a good basis for the fruitful owing to “the good relations between the presidents of Belarus and Armenia”. About two weeks ago, on April 2, intensive clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan in the disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabakh happened.

The Karabakh group is more than 20 years old, and, on the other hand, Minsk sells Polonez to Azerbaijan, and you criticize.

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Not only Minsk sells, Russia also does it. There were fourteen countries. But at one time, it became clear that it is difficult to carry out with fourteen countries, so the institution of co-chairs was created.

belarus and armenia relationship

Russia received the status of a permanent member, and each of these fourteen members annually had a rotation. Therefore, we decided that the three countries will remain on a permanent basis as co-chairs and they will hold a conference. And the Minsk Group in fact came out of this format, since the documents should lead to them doing something, going to Minsk under the auspices of these fourteen countries and holding a conference.

Even if this happens, then it will take place a couple of generations later, when the hatred goes away and they find solutions. The parties are not ready as long as they only buy weapons. I cannot believe that Azerbaijan bought such a huge amount of weapons for such money so that it rusted in warehouses.

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Sooner or later they will use it, and we must be prepared. And the most painful is when a country that is part of this entity, especially a country that is together with you in the CSTO.

InAmnesty International reported a pattern of deliberate obstruction, harassment and intimidation of human rights defenders in Belarus. Reporters Without Borders accused the Belarusian authorities of hounding and arresting journalists from the country's Polish minority.

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Lukashenko has closed the country's main Polish newspaper, printing a bogus paper instead with the same name and size that praises his incumbent government. Several foreign, mainly Polish, journalists have been arrested or expelled from the country. Lukashenko accused Poland of an attempt to overthrow his government by stirring up a peaceful revolution in Belarus comparable to the Orange Revolution in Ukraine in Later in the Belarusian riot police seized the headquarters of the Union of Poles in Belarusan association representing theethnic minority Polish living in western areas the country that were part of Poland until World War II.

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The dispute between Poland and Belarus escalated further as Poland responded by recalling its ambassador from Belarus for indefinite consultations, and called on the European Union to impose sanctions on the Belarusian leadership in order to curtail the human rights abuses in Belarus. Belarusian papers described this as a 'dirty political game', and part of a 'cold war' waged on president Lukashenko. Polish Foreign Minister Adam Rotfeld said a clampdown was under way, aimed at destroying "all elements of political pluralism and independence" in Belarus.

The commission said it was considering offering support to independent media in the country and had set aside more than eight million euros from its budget to offer support for human rights activities.

Belarus rather risks its relations with Armenia than supports Russia’s growing role in the region

France expressed her solidarity with Poland on the issue of human rights in Belarus a day after the EU declared it was worried about the situation in that country. Several former Soviet Republics, including neighbouring Ukraine, also expressed their concerns about the development of the situation in Belarus. However, it is contended by some scholars that the EaP is unable to create a workable partnership.

Lukashenko also fired his air defence chief and the head of the border guards over the incident.

If Azerbaijan fires at Yerevan, would Belarus protect Armenia?

Their replacements have been told not to hesitate to use force to stop future intrusions from abroad. Belarus—Russia relations Russia remains the largest and most important partner for Belarus both in the political and economic fields.

After protracted disputes and setbacks, the two countries' customs duties were unified in March but the customs controls were soon restored. In terms of trade, almost half of Belarusian export goes to Russia. Due to the structure of Belarusian industryBelarus relies heavily on Russia both for export markets and for the supply of raw materials and components.

belarus and armenia relationship

After initial negotiation with the Russian Central Bank on monetary unionthe Russian ruble was set to be introduced in Belarus inbut this was postponed first untilthen untiland now seems to have been suspended indefinitely. Relations with the United States[ edit ] Main article: However, the authorities did not follow through with reforms as hoped, leaving an uncertain future for IMF-backed cooperation.

Belarus authorities have said on several occasions that they find IMF intervention and recommendations in Belarus counter-productive to the economic development of those countries.

The relationships with the United States have been further strained, after Congress of the United States unanimously passed the Belarus Democracy Act of Stewart from the country, following a row over travel restrictions placed on President Lukashenko and sanctions against state-owned chemical company Belneftekhim.

The Belarusian Foreign Ministry announced at the same time that it was recalling its own ambassador to the US. This was followed by the expulsion of ten other U.