Big brother luke and ashleigh relationship definition

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big brother luke and ashleigh relationship definition

Big Brother , also known as Big Brother 15 and Big Brother: Power Trip, was the fifteenth It was then revealed that just % of the vote, separated Helen and Ashleigh, making it one of the closest results in Big Brother history. .. housemates to communicate openly with each other about their relationships and issues. It was the final nominations of the series this week, meaning tonight served as the Scott and Ashleigh both left the Big Brother house tonight following a when she was shown a tape of Luke talking about their relationship. Celebrity Big Brother housemates accuse Ashley Roberts of playing Ashley, pictured right with Stephanie, voted for Jonny during this week's.

In addition to making important decisions regarding food and tasks, the Head of House would be immune from the week's eviction. Dale, Darnell and Luke were selected as the candidates to run for the position.

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Kathreya and Rex participated in a French food challenge by attempting to eat a five-foot-long baguette, [84] Dale and Mohamed had to identify wine by taste and bouquet, and Maysoon and Rachel had to master the craft of mime. As Head of House, Darnell did not participate in the task, nor did Luke, who was suffering an illness.

After the task results were announced, Belinda was given an envelope which directed her to send a "Heavenly housemate" to "luxury jail". Belinda chose to send Darnell. The selected housemates would have to hang on a tire swing dressed as gorillas, with nothing to eat but bananas. Whomever could hang on the longest would win. The housemates chosen to compete were Dale, Maysoon and Rebecca, the latter of whom fell from her swing in under five minutes.

Housemates from Hell had to, at regular intervals, find the ringing alarm clock in the Task Room, which had been filled with clocks, and turn it off. Housemates from Hell also had to continually refill a large egg timer with sand to ensure it never ran out. Luke, Rebecca and Rex had to unearth various objects in an archaeological dig and determine when they were created.

Maysoon and Stuart had to construct a large pocket watch using components provided by Big Brother. In addition, all housemates except Dale had to form a "human clock" in the garden, with each housemate assigned a number on a large clock face and estimating in turn when five minutes had passed.

As Head of House, Dale had to oversee the tasks but was not allowed to participate in any of them. As housemates had been explicitly warned not to do this, Kathreya and Mohamed were forced to spend the week in Hell as punishment. Housemates had five minutes to eat a variety of chili peppers worth one to eight points, with eight points being the hottest and one point being the mildest. Whichever housemate finished with the most points would be the new Head of House. Michael, Mohamed and Rex, who placed second, third and fourth, respectively, joined him in Heaven.

On Day 55, housemates undertook a "cops and robbers" themed challenge, with Heavenly housemates as cops and housemates from Hell as robbers. Housemates failed this task as the cops figured out that Dale and Maysoon were responsible for taking the token. However, Michael and Rex chose to buy 57 of Big Brother's Ever Changing Special Prize Tokens from the shopping list, along with tea, coffee, milk, sugar and a packet of custard creams.

Incidents Lisa attempted to escape the house on Day Lisa did not leave the Big Brother compound, and was allowed to return to the House, via the Diary Room, shortly after her departure, and went unpunished.

They joined Dale and Luke, who were already up for eviction after receiving the most nominations. As punishment for discussing nominations, Darnell, Kathreya, Maysoon, Mohamed, Rachel, Rex and Stuart were put up for eviction alongside the original nominees.

big brother luke and ashleigh relationship definition

The housemate who completed this task in the shortest amount of time would be the new Head of House, and the three housemates who took the longest would spend the week in Hell.

Among these letters were letters for each of the Heavenly housemates. She chose to reward the housemates from Hell.

While Heavenly housemates had to complete a table tennis -themed performance in the style of Bunrakuhousemates from Hell had to perform multiple puppet shows using hand puppets of the various housemates illustrating their experiences in the Big Brother house. To celebrate the occasion, Big Brother pitted nominees Dale and Stuart against each other in a " bad luck " obstacle course that included opening umbrellas indoors, walking under ladders, spilling salt and cracking mirrors.

As punishment, on Day 59, Big Brother confiscated her suitcase and her personal belongings. When Rachel continued to clean up the House on Day 63, Big Brother punished the housemates from Hell by instructing them to clean up a trolley full of dirty dishes, each labelled with the word "peril". Outgoing Head of House Rachel judged the winner based on taste and visual similarity to the actual landmark. Big Brother then announced that the winning team of Kathreya, Michael and Nicole would be sole occupants of Heaven that week, relegating the other housemates to Hell.

All housemates, except Head of House Michael, took part in events including the feather-throwing event. The real task was that Michael had to guess at least 3 of 5 winners of the events correctly as he sat in the diary room for the housemates to win a luxury shopping budget.

Michael correctly guessed 3 of the winners, so the housemates passed the shopping task. Punishments During the task on Day 67, Kathreya and Lisa broke the rules when Kathreya cut Lisa's hair, despite the rule stating that only Lisa was allowed to do so. As punishment, housemates were forced to empty the jar of hair and start over. The housemates had to paint themselves and pose as statues the housemate that lasted the longest without moving was declared "Head of House".

Big Brother contestants 2012: Luke A, Deana Uppal, Benedict Garrett and the rest

Rex lasted the longest and became Head of House. Rex had to split the housemates into teams of two. Rex would choose the winner to have a party with him in the diary room. He chose Nicole and Sara's mosaic as the best. On Day 76, Big Brother gave the housemates news of the latest shopping task. Housemates had to perform a dance to " Thriller " by Michael Jackson. The Head of House, Rex would choreograph. They performed it on Day 77 and passed to Big Brother's satisfaction Punishments On Day 77, Kathreya was sent to jail for discussing nominations, but was released shortly before the 'Thriller' dance task.

However, this was not the real task and unbeknownst to Mark and Pauline, the inmates had to distract them whilst retrieving luxury items from the "evidence room". On Day 9, Big Brother announced that this week's nominations were cancelled and only the Power Housemate would be allowed to nominate.

That night, Power Housemate Chris secretly nominated Pauline for eviction. On Day 10, Steven was nominated for eviction, [25] Ash was nominated on Day 11 [26] and on Day 12, Marlon was nominated for eviction. They watched the nominated housemates' VTs and spied on them in secret in the Pod. They were told that Ash, Ashleigh and Winston had to take part in a memory game where they had to remember particular numbers in order for the other to avoid a disgusting fate.

Christopher, Mark and Danielle did not know that they are actually trying to fool them and whoever could string along their partner for the longest would win an award. Three housemates were asked into the "mind lab" at a time and were offered a task. If they all said Yes then they would earn 10 points and would have to complete the task, if they all said No then they'd earn 5 points but wouldn't take part in the task.

However, if their answers did not match they would earn no points but the housemates that said Yes would still have to take part. On Day 22, Steven was given a secret mission. He was given made up words in which he had to throw into a conversation to describe his fellow housemates. She chose Matthew and they became the Power Couple. They then had to choose someone to automatically nominate to face the public vote.

However Matthew and Toya were given the power to veto three housemates' nominations. They chose Ash, Marlon and Steven. However, Steven was told he must choose one of the Power Couple to replace him. Week 4 Tasks On Day 24, Ash, Marlon and Winston were asked to write a poem about one of the female housemates and present it to Danielle. She then showed them clips of their behaviour towards girls in the house and gave them ways to improve it.

On Day 25, the boys were asked to make cocktails for the girls which would represent their personality. Unbeknownst to them, the girls listened to their conversations whilst they were making the cocktails.

Their mission was to "kill off" their fellow housemates without Winston suspecting them. After successfully telling jokes, sitting on a whoopy cushion and "accidentally" falling in the pool, she was rewarded with a clown costume and make-up.

On Day 30, Mark and Christopher were given the task of identifying childhood photos of their fellow housemates. If they were to guess the majority of the pictures, all housemates would receive pictures of family and friends, as well a hamper of sweets. The task was passed.

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Because of this, all the females were safe from this week's eviction and all of the males were automatically nominated to face the public vote. They chose Chris, Marlon, and Steven.

He then had to choose who was on his nice list and who was on his naughty list.

big brother luke and ashleigh relationship definition

The 'nice' housemates were invited to a Christmas party with Christmas dinner, whereas the 'naughty' housemates weren't. Danielle, Helen and Marlon were put on Christopher's naughty list and were therefore not invited to the party. On Day 33, housemates took part in their next shopping task where the house was powered on battery.

Over the two days of the task, housemates were asked into the "app zone" where they were offered to use an app. If they used an app, the battery would drain. On Day 34, Big Brother offered the nominated housemates a chance to save themselves, but by doing this the battery would drain and the shopping task would be failed. Over a number of different rounds, couples were eliminated and the remaining couples were invited to a party.

However, he is unaware that Ashleigh also has an earpiece and must try and guess who Steven will target. Helen had to get balls out of gunge using her mouth alone, Mark had to put pegs on his face, and Winston had to eat chillies. However, after completing these challenges, they were told they had each set their personal best and would have to take part again to beat this. As all three housemates were successful, they won a hamper of treats.

Armageddon Week Tasks On Day 38, the house was transformed into a post-apocalyptic wasteland for the beginning of Armageddon Week. In teams, housemates had to collect as many fish as possible from a sewage pipe and then had to scavenge for items in order to build a raft that could hold a housemate afloat for the longest time. In 'On the Ledge', new housemates tried to knock original housemates off of a ledge by reducing the ledge's size through moving a wall.

Original housemates had to remain on the ledge for the duration of the task. Later, in 'Fool the House', original housemates had to correctly identify whether statements from newspaper stories, etc. Original housemates won the task. Original housemates did not discover Christopher was on a task, and new housemates and Christopher were rewarded with a meal in the garden. Later, in 'Judgement Time', original housemates had to correctly identify who new housemates had selected as the answers to a series of questions in VTs that were recorded before new housemates entered the house.

Original housemates correctly identified the majority of the new hosuemates' answers and won back hot water and access to the bathroom. On Day 40, Big Brother revealed to the housemates that Ash, Ashleigh and Marlon were the three housemates that received the most nominations. Between the three of them, Marlon was the one with the most nominations and was therefore evicted. The three new housemates; Biannca, Pav and Zoe, decided which one of them was to be evicted on Day Them and Christopher received a takeaway reward.

Teams had to choreograph, practice and perform a headline act, with Big Brother selecting the winning team. Zoe and Ash were selected as the winning team's groupies and also attended the party. The teams were pre-selected by Big Brother so that the most confident housemates were on the red team. The teams went head-to-head in a number of challenges, with the blue team believing that the team which won the most challenges would win a luxury shopping budget and the losing team would have only basic rations.

big brother luke and ashleigh relationship definition

However, the challenges were rigged so that the red team would always win, with the red team being aware that the real shopping task was to convince the blue team that they were all losers. If the red team won this challenge, all housemates would pass the shopping task, however, if they lost, they would all fail. After the reds won the task, the housemates received a luxury budget.

Big Brother deemed him to have failed this task.