Books on mother and daughter relationship

books on mother and daughter relationship

In my new novel, The Awkward Age, I wanted to write, at core, a love story between a mother and a daughter. For that relationship is a romance, of a sort, and. The mother/daughter relationship is one of the most intense relationships a woman will Daughters and Mothers: Making it Work and millions of other books are. These books showcase an eclectic cast of mothers and daughters from past Prize in —and Sethe-Beloved's relationship is like no other.

10 books that explore mother-daughter relationship

The story though not a happy one gained immense popularity. It revolves around Sethe, a slave who killed her young daughter so as to save her from years of slavery. Many years later, Sethe is free from slavery. This is the time when a mysterious woman comes to live with Sethe and she is convinced that the woman is the ghost of her murdered child.

books on mother and daughter relationship

The book received the Pulitzer Prize for fiction inas well as the Robert F. Simone de Beauvoir who wrote The Second Sex, a feminist masterpiece, produced another winner in this one.

books on mother and daughter relationship

Simone captures human experience, suffering, hospitalisation and the witnessing of death. She also writes about her difficult mother with great honesty and empathy.


Following this dream, the duo moves to Los Angeles from Wisconsin, and struggles ensue. While Adele finds it difficult to make ends meet, Ann has no interest in Hollywood.

books on mother and daughter relationship

It portrays the resentment the daughter has for her mother, but still loves her despite that. Her first book, Tender at the Bone, is about her affair with cooking.

books on mother and daughter relationship

In the book, she shares anecdotes about her mother, who was a terrible cook. For You, Mom, though, is completely about her mother. The book explores the complicated relationship she had with her mom. When Kate reaches the school, she gets the news that her daughter had committed suicide, out of guilt.

The book is about Astrid and her mother, Ingrid.

9 Books on the Complexities of Mother-Daughter Relationships

When Bernadette suddenly goes missing, Bee sets out to figure out where her mother could have gone. She changes her mind upon giving birth to daughter Cecilia, deciding instead to stay at St. But her past does that thing that pasts tend to do—it demands to make itself known.

She hires a psychic and a private detective to try and piece together what really happened. My Name is Lucy Barton by Elizabeth Strout Lucy Barton is recovering from an operation when her estranged mother comes to see her in the hospital. The two slowly reconnect: What starts as seemingly trivial conversation becomes the gateway for unpacking long-held tensions.

books on mother and daughter relationship

Missing Mom by Joyce Carol Oates Nikki Eaton is a reporter for a small town newspaper in her thirties living life on her terms. When her widowed mother, Gwen is killed in a random act of violence, the loss impacts Nikki more than she ever saw coming.

  • 10 Great Books about Mother-Daughter Relationships

She goes on to explore the sense of abandonment that followed her for years. Her long road to healing began with their reunion a decade later.