Brian epstein and cilla black relationship goals

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brian epstein and cilla black relationship goals

Cilla Black rehearsing with Paul McCartney. relationships, Epstein decreed that Willis should be known as Cilla's “I wanted it for Shirley Bassey, but Brian insisted that Cilla could do it. .. Help us reach our year-end goal. Cilla Black with her manager Brian Epstein, “Brian and Cilla's relationship certainly became a bit strained in the final year,” says. Cilla Black – singer, presenter, OBE and firm fixture in the nation's heart – is talking “One evening I was at Brian Epstein's flat,” she recalls, talking about her Yet their relationship could be as combative as it was constant.

As Epstein once admitted: The Beatles are famous because they are good.

The Beatles lost millions because of manager Brian Epstein's blunders

It was not my managerial cunning. The deal was a disaster: Epstein walked into the meeting and declared: From clothes and wigs to clocks and pens there was a fortune to be made… and Epstein rejected them all. Eight Days A Week: Play slideshow 1 of 16 WHY? Because he had already given away 90 per cent of the merchandising rights to a company called Seltaeb, run by one Nicky Byrne.

brian epstein and cilla black relationship goals

Byrne, meanwhile, retired to the Bahamas. Even as his drug and gambling habits spiralled into chronic addiction and the full folly of his disastrous early deals began to become clear, they stuck with him.

brian epstein and cilla black relationship goals

His reasoning is that it was so long ago and with Epstein's mother Queenie now dead the intimate and controversial contents of his diaries will no longer offend.

But the highlight of the sale is the unique collection of 13 personal diaries dating from various years between andwhich record events and influences affecting the progress of his life, including the now legendary first official meeting with the Beatles in Three notebooks inscribed in Epstein's hand in ink and pencil between and give an emotional account of his childhood, teenage years and his early 20s. The second book apparently traces with brutal honesty, the development of Epstein's homosexuality, culminating with his arrest for soliciting.

This is believed to be the first example of any personal corre spondence between one of the Beatles and their manager to appear at auction.

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According to Christie's, this important letter gives a rare insight into the tensions that existed in McCartney's and Epstein's relationship during the last years of Epstein's life when he was suffering from depression.

Finally, there is a pen and ink hand-drawn Christmas card designed by John Lennon circa Inscribed with the message "Happy Christian Brian from John", it is thought that Lennon's interpretation of the seasonal message is an ironic reference to Epstein's Jewish faith.

brian epstein and cilla black relationship goals

But these are all estimates. They could be exceeded. Perhaps it should not be forgotten that Sir Paul McCartney is an avid collector of Beatles memorabilia himself and has sometimes gone to great lengths to acquire pieces. So there could be fireworks.