Canada and south korea relationship

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canada and south korea relationship

Canada–North Korea relations refer to the relations between Canada and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea Travel and commerce with North Korea. Cultivating a relationship with newly elected South Korean President Moon Jae- in could be beneficial for Canada on multiple fronts. Korea-Canada relations date back to , when Canadian missionary James Canadian troops who stood shoulder-to-shoulder with South Koreans over the.

Oliver Avison was a personal physician to King Gojong and founded the Severance Hospital in Seoul, and the medical college that became Yonsei University. Francis Schofield of Guelph, Ontario, became a national hero in Korea for his participation in the Independence Movement against Japanese colonial rule.

Canada–Korea Free Trade Agreement

Canada and Korea established formal diplomatic relations in and, 10 years later, Canada opened its Embassy in South Korea. InCanada and Korea celebrated the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations.

As also marked the 60th anniversary of the Korean War Armistice, Canada and Korea participated in both bilateral and multilateral commemoration ceremonies and activities, underlining the bonds of friendship formed during the Korean War, a defining period in the development of our relations. InCanada designated July 27 — the anniversary date of the end of active hostilities — as an annual Day of Remembrance in Honour of Veterans of the Korean War.

Korea is a priority market for Canada, being a key gateway to the wider Asia-Pacific region and offering strategic access to regional and global value chains. Sectors with high potential for Canadian companies include agriculture, education, information and communications technology ICTand sustainable technologies, as well as forest products. People-to-People Linkages Canada and Korea share strong people-to-people linkages stemming from historical connections, which are enhanced by increasing immigration and tourism flows, as well as student exchanges.

An average of 5, South Koreans immigrated to Canada annually between andcontributing to a community of approximatelyCanadians identifying themselves as being of Korean origin. Over 26, Canadians currently reside in South Korea, including about 3, language teachers.

canada and south korea relationship

With few natural resources, beyond the resourcefulness of its people, and the gateways of Incheon and Busan, the South Korean economic miracle is based on innovation, adaptation and entrepreneurial spirit.

These are all qualities successive Canadian governments are keen to encourage and develop at home. Moon plans to visit Washington in the coming weeks.

Trudeau should invite Mr. Moon to include a Canadian stopover to plan the "how and what" of deepening relations.

Canada-Korea Free Trade Agreement

A renegotiation of the North American free-trade agreement may be at the top of U. President Donald Trump's trade agenda, but he also wants to renegotiate the " horrible" Korea-U.

canada and south korea relationship

Moon would almost certainly welcome any advice from our Prime Minister on the management of Mr. Story continues below advertisement The FTA provides a framework and platform, but the meat of these deals comes from deepening our business-to-business ties.

The South Koreans are keen to develop partnerships in sectors including medical devices, smart cars and e-commerce as well as in the practical application of artificial intelligence and robotics, all areas in which Canada has interest and growing competence.

The private sector will be key.

Canada–South Korea relations

South Korea's International Trade Association KITA with its 71, members, mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, is a natural starting point for Canadian business. KITA has 10 overseas offices. But it's the North Korean situation that is first on Mr. Moon's to-do list and the main purpose of planned trips to Washington, Beijing and Tokyo.

The North Koreans have played the international community for plus years, promising concessions, all the while building their nuclear arsenal and ballistic-missile capacity. The United States has declared an end to its " strategic patience. To further complicate things for the South Koreans, Mr.