Chad danforth and ryan evans relationship poems

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chad danforth and ryan evans relationship poems

Chad Danforth is just looking out for Troy. All of this is observed by Ryan and Sharpay, standing in plain sight in the doorway looking like. By Ryan O'Connell, May be prone to avoiding songs I'd already been forced to 3: Senior Year (soundtrack) Performers Troy Bolton Chad Danforth Ryan Evans List of tests Test your Internet connection bandwidth to locations around the. Sharpay and Ryan Evans are a gay, incestuous couple, Dodie says. Chad Danforth, the black (or mixed race) boy who's Troy's best friend.

The editorial archives of Poetry magazine, the personal papers of Harriet Monroe, and the papers of other modern poets, editors and publishers of poetry are held as part of the manuscript collections in the Special Collections Research Center.

The editorial archives of Poetry: A Magazine of Verse acquired by bequest from Harriet Monroe included extensive files of correspondence and poetry manuscripts from the time of her founding of the journal in until her death in Subsequently, the University of Chicago Library acquired two additional series of editorial files documenting Poetry and its authors during the years and Together, these three series of files preserve the letters and writings of a significant and remarkably diverse group of modern poets of the first half of the twentieth century.

Scope Note This collection contains administrative records of Poetry: A Magazine of Verse from its founding in to The majority of the files include correspondence, poetry, articles and reviews that were sent to and compiled by each editor of the magazine beginning with its first editor and founder, Harriet Monroe. Though the collection covers the period toit includes a small amount of correspondence from the late s.

In the s, the collection was first archivally organized into three series, based upon the original arrangement in which the papers were received.

The preservation and microfilming project conducted in retained this broad arrangement but also provided enhanced description by identifying subdivisions with each of the series. The Poetry collection has been arranged as follows: Administrative Files,Series II: Administrative Files, and Series IV: For more descriptive information see the series descriptions for each series.

The collection documents not only the administration and growth of Poetry magazine, but also the development of English-language verse in the first half of the twentieth century. Most of the files within each series contain editorial correspondence and poetry, articles and reviews, in manuscript and proof form.

Each series contains a modest amount of business files having to do with the operation of the magazine including financial, advertising and fund raising records, literary prizes, author biographies and clippings.

Within each series, manuscripts and correspondence have generally been arranged alphabetically by the name of the author. Series I and II are divided into alphabetical subseries distinguished "Major" and "Minor" Poets, a division present in the files upon their receipt.

Related Resources Browse finding aids by topic. The editorial files of Poetry are amplified by collections of papers and records that document the work of individual poets and the publication of their writings. Zabel, and the editorial files of the Chicago Review. Collections documenting the writing and publishing of modern poetry continue to be acquired.

Administrative Files, Series I includes correspondence, manuscripts of poetry, articles and reviews sent to Harriet Monroe during her tenure as editor of Poetry: The manuscripts cover the period from the beginnings of the magazine to her death in This series has been divided into three subseries, reflecting the organization of the files as used by the editorial staff of the magazine. Major Poets, and 3. Or is that Cheryl Chad? Oooh, the coveted double burn! Step Two is set to go off at lunch.


By showing Troy photographs of former Wildcat legends and describing their accomplishments, they make their point about his lack of focus in the most ham-handed manner possible. Now that is a sucker punch Zack Snyder can only dream of. And no private school is as well-funded as East High seems to be.

So does that mean the Wildcats are playing in the state championship game after all? Not the district playoffs? Look, not all contributors to the betterment of the human race were men, obviously. You have to give both our leads credit, though. Troy looks a bit exasperated, whereas Gabriella seems more amused than anything else. Troy, having had enough of being pushed around, decides to turn the tables and talk about how he thought his teammates were…well, his teammates.

As Troy begins his answer, one of the other players mounts the webcam on top of the screen. Gabriella is not important. So, this was the brilliant plan. First, there are so many ways this could go wrong.

chad danforth and ryan evans relationship poems

The whole plan is predicated on the assumption that Chad can drive Troy to say just the wrong thing at just the right time.

Subject closed, end of discussion. The ultimate goal, after all, is to focus Troy on the championship game and Gabriella on the scholastic decathlon.

List of gay, lesbian or bisexual people: M

But what is the realistic likelihood of that happening now? There is no way for Chad and Taylor to disavow their sabotage. Their fingerprints are all over this stunt. Knowing that, why would Gabi agree to help Taylor? Would you, in her place? And that little squall should be nothing compared to the storm on the horizon, when Troy finds out that his supposed best friend and his teammates set him up.

No, the most likely conclusions from here all involve at least a few broken friendships, an empty trophy case, and several curtain calls for a triumphant Sharpay on opening night. Selling out your crush and your dream in the same breath?

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For those misguided souls who would rush to his defense: So pick your poison, fans of High School Musical. Is Troy an odious little suckweasel, or is he a spineless coward? Some flaws are too great to overcome, and some actions cannot be undone…especially in just ninety-eight minutes of running time. Oh, and obviously…Chad Danforth? You know who comes off the poorest in this whole scenario, though?

At least for me. Nor is it Taylor, although it easily could be. Oh, bad form, madam! Gall, plus cheek, multiplied by stones, raised to the power of chutzpah might come close. But despite all that, Taylor is spared the brunt of my contempt and loathing.

Yes, the one I just called the victim. For me to do that, there would actually have to be a victim to shame. Once more unto the breach, dear friends. He was pretty good, though.

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I mean, not Peter Barsocchini good or anything, but Nameless Dude had some chops. The script, you see, has established Gabriella as having two concrete desires: Troy, and the callbacks. Both of them have just up and vanished before her eyes. How does she react? The easiest, most obvious response. Again, an easy and obvious response. Exaggerated weeping and wailing. Troy would be the ideal target, of course.

But the most immediately available target is Taylor, who obviously has something to do with the broadcast. Blowing up at either or both of them would be a perfectly understandable response at this juncture.

Not quite the same as denial, disbelief involves an intellectual component — an attempt to disprove what one has just seen.

This could be as simple as asking Taylor how she faked the video, or as complex as hunting down and confronting Troy. The exact opposite of disbelief — belief without tangible evidence. She knows Troy better than that. Everything will be alright. But not once, in this whole sequence, does she give a hint that she will confront anyone about her pain, or fight for anything she says she wants.

What am I, made of money? The purchase price alone would break me, to say nothing of shipping costs. This is because Gabriella Montez is not a well-rounded character.

She is a plot device, thinly disguised by a mishmash of traits and tropes and Informed Attributes. Every viewer of this movie has mistakenly treated her like a character. They were meant to. But not even the cuteness of Vanessa Hudgens can cover up the truth forever.

Do you think an academic whiz kid with a spotless behavioral record would brush off getting detention on her first day at a new school, just because the boy who helped her earn it is her cute karaoke partner? Did it strike you as plausible when she showed up at auditions for no established reason — indeed, after having said she was going to skip extracurriculars that semester?

Much less that she would openly request a tryout after being so scared that she initially had to hide? And now, our supposedly dedicated and driven female lead — after having decided to try something new and practiced really hard at it, and after having subsumed herself totally in her crush — just gives up all that hard work and emotional investment without even a token gesture of resistance. To seem real, a fictional character has to be more consistent than anyone you will ever meet in the actual world.

We need to be told who they are at the start of the story, and we need to be told what drives them, and then we need to see everything they say and do follow naturally from those givens. But the only way to make sense of Gabriella Montez is to resort to metatextual explanations. She wants what she wants because Troy drives the story, and so as the love interest her wants have to be in sync with his.

She is what she is because she has to check off a set of boxes: And it makes for lousy fiction. So, yeah, Gabriella pisses me off.

But the person it should piss off the most? Or…hang on a moment, my bookshelf is handy — here we go: That the Valentine that Ender truly loved was a creature of impossible purity. But a Purity Sue? What a terrible thing, to have yourself immortalized so flawlessly.

Seriously, our little Gabi out-Buddhas Buddha. The Blessed Virgin probably prays to her for intercession and guidance. All I can say is, if anyone fictionalized me this way, I would have some long and unpleasant periods of reflection on how in the hell I was supposed to live up to that.

As if to prove me right re: Noticeably absent from the lyrics? Oh, I told you. But message aside, I also have some aesthetic problems with this number. It starts out nicely, with some very minimal staging…just Gabriella, alone, walking the empty halls of East High. During the school day, even during lunchtime, would the halls of a massive public school ever really be this empty? Or this dimly lit? But all too soon, this simple choice is spoiled.

chad danforth and ryan evans relationship poems

Plus, somebody probably Ortega again decided to try and sneak in some choreography, starting at the same point.

In fact, it makes the whole piece look ridiculous, as Gabriella steps, and grooves, and swings her arms, and points — all in perfect time with the music. There is one lyric that I love. From the short bridge: Oh, Gabi, you can do so much better. And this is probably the closest High School Musical gets to the quality level of Grease. Anyway, Gabriella wraps up the song, still isolated from the world, and then turns the corner — into a crowded student hallway.

Wow, East High must have the most considerate students ever. Oh, wait, never mind. I think I see their motivation now.

No snide remarks or recriminations, of course. Not from our golden girl. But even though she just watched the boy she was crushing on betray her behind her back, she insists on being quietly nice and telling him exactly what she thinks he wants to hear.

You owe him nothing! How smart is this girl, anyway? No, he does not. Instead, his feeble attempts at conversation thwarted, Troy stands in the hallway like a lost puppy until somebody celebrating the impending basketball game blows a vuvuzela in his ear. How am I supposed to root for these two morons to get together? Troy blows off his teammates to go emo-jogging. Coach Bolton watches from the house as Troy misses a series of simple jumpshots. Gabriella stands on her balcony and practices her sighing and wistful gazing.

The capstone is Chad and Taylor bearing witness to their own handiwork, in the form of an awkward lunchtime encounter. At least they have the good grace to look ashamed of themselves as they walk off together. I should hope so, kids. You broke your friends. Yet as we wind up the act, the thread changes. Chad and Taylor are now trying to reunite our lovebirds.

We have yet to receive any real indication that Taylor cares about Gabriella except as a means to an end. So far as I can see, if Troy and Gabriella were locked in on their practices and preparations, Chad and Taylor would be perfectly happy.

Oh, if only this outcome had been foreseeable! Oh, wait, it was. Then the rest of the movie would involve rebuilding the teams, reforging some friendships, and reuniting our leads…all so the heroes could be in a position to win their championships and take on Sharpay and Ryan. But that was back when I thought this movie might make some structural sense, before I analyzed it and fathomed the depths of stupidity it plumbs.

Ah, the days when I was young and innocent. Okay, younger and slightly less cynical. Chad is up to bat first. Their message is simple: As juniors in high school, you should already know this. Are all of you ethically retarded? And the movie has clearly shown those concerns to be justified. In a perfect world, both Troy and Chad should be sympathetic characters here.

One wants to try something new.