Chandrasekaran and ramadorai relationship goals

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chandrasekaran and ramadorai relationship goals

Ramadorai, under whose stewardship the company's annual revenue Then came customer relationship management systems, financial Chandra (N. Chandrasekaran, the incumbent CEO-MD) sees today. If at all, one ditches some long-term aims because removing the short-term goals would mean. His close relations with the cool, logical and astute S. Ramadorai, the a team that made visions and goals defined and achievable for all at TCS. Sweat and grit: Chandrasekaran at the Mumbai Marathon in | AFP. For Chandra, who succeeded Ramadorai as CEO in October , Darwin isn't just . The penalties were stiff if we didn't meet targets," he says. . —there is one relationship manager--Anupam--who is really my only contact.

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chandrasekaran and ramadorai relationship goals