Claudine barreto and rico yan relationship goals

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claudine barreto and rico yan relationship goals

Former actress Gretchen Barretto reacted to the heartwarming photo of .. loveteam Daniel Padilla, Blue Hearts, Kathryn Bernardo, Filipina, Relationship Goals. On March 4, Rico Yan and Claudine Barretto will celebrate their fourth anniversary as real "Trust is the secret of our relationship," says Rico. Claudine Barretto posts a birthday message for the late Rico Yan. Sharon Cuneta reveals important detail about relationship with Richard.

Warren is often abused by Eduard and is treated with cruelty. As the series progresses, his relationship with TonTon gets better and they start to appreciate them more. He is later accused of shooting Eduard. Warren later leaves the series to migrate to the United States. He is mentioned to have reconciled with Eduard and is now living happily with him, Corazon, and TonTon. In the series, Warren also has a crush on Jowie and also Nicole.

She is Nicole's best friend who has a crush on Warren. She and Warren both have a liking to each other which sometimes makes Nicole jealous of the two. Jowie later leaves the show after moving to another town with her family.

Claudine Barretto posts 2 new notes from ex-boyfriend Rico Yan

She is the cunning half-sister of Don Fernando. She perpetrated the acid attack which left a scar on Magda's face. She married Ysmael and had a daughter with him named Nicole. She spreads terror on Via and her family.

claudine barreto and rico yan relationship goals

In the end, she was killed by a speeding truck after a duel with Via in an abandoned construction site. As she was dying a bloody death, the flashbacks of her horrible killings she committed were seen including the death of her husband, Ysmael, and the people of the bus. With her ghastly death, her terror was over. In the movie version, she was killed in a car explosion after Via crashed her car into a store beside the road. Her character was given the moniker terminator because she repeatedly cheated death throughout the TV series.

She was a housemaid in Fernando's house and the two started a relationship which fruited Via. Selina and Criselda then planned to kidnap an infant Via — Magda then attempted to stop them which resulted Selina in perpetrating an acid attack which burned her face. This started the intense rivalry of Magda and Selina. She later took in Gabriel, a child whom she found on the streets, and Warren, the son of her friend, Corazon, and raised the two as her own.

Rico Yan & Claudine Baretto: A SAD LOVESTORY

She later meets Via — her daughter, when Gabriel and Warren save her from the kidnappers. Later, Magda married Fernando. Via's daughter was named after her — Magdalena, in honor of the woman who gave life to her and Gabriel.

She is referred to as "Nanay Magda" by many. He has a grudge against Magda after she betrayed him and told the police of his crimes which got him imprisoned.

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He started a connivance with Selina to kill Via for money. He was later betrayed by Selina and was imprisoned. Manuel later escaped from prison and kidnapped Nicole and Jennifer.

The children attempted to escaped which resulted in Nicole's death after getting shot. Selina ordered her henchmen to kidnap and torture Manuel. In the movie version, he makes a cameo as a guest in the film's wedding scene of Via and Gabriel.

claudine barreto and rico yan relationship goals

He had a forbidden relationship with Magda despite already being married to Criselda, who was infertile. Their relationship resulted in Magda getting pregnant with Via. Fernando was later manipulated by Selina and Criselda that Magda sold Via to them. He later holds a grudge against Magda and vows to forfeit all of her rights to their daughter, Via. He lives a life full of deceit due to the deeds of his half-sister, Selina, and is constantly manipulated. Fernando later finds out the truth and plans manipulate Selina.

He later marries Magda after the car explosion which resulted in Selina's "death. In the end, he and Magda, along with Via and the rest of their family, finally live in peace now that Selina is gone. Ricky Davao as Eduard Rodrigo - Corazon's husband. In the movie version, he makes a cameo as a guest in the film's wedding scene of Gabriel and Via. Gilbert, Nicole, and Jennifer's father.

In the movie, he was killed by Michael. During Selina's death, she remembered how she unmercifully killed him. Nida Blanca as Carmen Buencamino - Rafael's mother. She survived a gunshot by Selina. She dies after being shot by Magda's brother Manuel. In the movie she was killed by Abdon.

claudine barreto and rico yan relationship goals

Later she was raped by Selina's goons and she was also Neal's girlfriend. Later she betrayed Selina and escaped, she fell in love with Rafael.

In the movie version, she makes a cameo appearance as a guest in the film's wedding scene of Gabriel and Via. Janice de Belen as Connie - She is Jennifer's mother. In the movie version, he makes a cameo appearance as a guest in the film's wedding scene of Gabriel and Via. Married a rich old maid to ameliorate living nevertheless union was tormented with lies and deceit.

Yan worked with Director Chito Rono in a mini series titled Detourmaking it as his third starring role for Star Drama Presents. He was Carl, an eccentric rich young man who was dying and in journey through life. Carl bumps into all sorts of equally weird characters emerging as a better person at the end of the road.

Wearing all the prosthetics during summer of where the temperature shoots up to 38 degrees Celsius. Yan being the professional and thespian, did his job without a single complaint and gave a profound depiction of the said character.

In movies, Yan moved up to be a leading actor. In and he did Paano Ang Puso Ko? Indisposed but want to live a normal and enjoy life to the fullest. And Joel Bernabe, a sedulous merchandiser in the two-part film Flames: In the film Kay Tagal kang Hinintaya romantic drama, directed by Rory Quintos [18] In SeptemberYan played Alex Medina, an aspiring businessman whose only dream is to open his own restaurant.

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Paired opposite Judy Ann Santos whose character needs to choose between family and Alex, the movie was Yan's first full-length role as a leading man, shot in one of the most romantic place Vigan, Ilocos SurPhilippines. Yan played Miguel Quirino, an elitist, methodical student council president that has exceptionally high standards, whose character was constantly pissed and flirted by Mela Claudine Barretto just to get his attention.

The film received a positive response critical and commercial. Yan's line was "I don't like the way you dress. I even don't like your make up But i love you. On Septemberhe showed his humorist side by playing the pleasant and witty Castro in an all-male comedy sitcom, focusing in three characters on Whattamen [21] [22] [23] alongside, Dominic Ochoa[24] Marvin Agustin and Ai Ai De Las Alas.

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Later on the trio had a spin-off from sitcom to daily afternoon show Magandang Tanghali Bayanwhere Yan was launched as one of the new hosts. On FebruaryYan filmed his last movie Got 2 Believea romantic comedy directed by Olivia Lamasanwhich was a huge box office hit and received a gold record award for the official soundtrack before his death, were Yan recorded a duet, alongside Claudine Barretto as one of the theme songs, Got to Believe in Magic.

Yan played Lorenz Montinola a commitment-phobic photographer whose only dream is to be an international one.

claudine barreto and rico yan relationship goals

He was chosen by screenwriter Ricky Lee and director Marilou Diaz Abaya to play a lead role in the movie sequel of Moral.

He had two shows, Magandang Tanghali Bayan [27] and Whattamen [28] airing at the time of his death. He was filming the Talk 'n Text commercial series when he died and was set to make three more commercials before his demise. According to Ochoa, the group attended a party the night before and went back to their cottage at around 2 AM Friday. At around 6 AM, Yan was heard groaning but his companions dismissed it as mere snoring.