Claudine barreto and rico yan relationship marketing

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claudine barreto and rico yan relationship marketing

IF ONE were to ask Rico Yan about his relationship with Claudine Barretto two years ago, he would have given you the standard show biz reply: "We are the. Even after his sudden passing, Yan shared his success to the Rico Yan With a degree in Marketing Management from De La Salle University, Yan was Claudine Barretto decided to give a glimpse of their relationship by. What makes it easy for Jak Roberto and gf Barbie Forteza to keep relationship strong Fan pages on social media such as @ricoyanclaudine on Instagram was na Mahal Kita” with his last girlfriend, actress Claudine Barretto. Rico first secured a degree in business in Marketing Management from the.

Work in some offices stopped, traffic froze and almost the whole nation watched the live coverage of Rico's final journey. His youthful image became embossed in the minds of his fans, turning him into an icon of values much needed as inspiration, especially for the underprivileged youth who look up to him. His family continues his mission through the Rico Yan Youth Foundation.

During his burial, two donation boxes stood beside his mausoleum for the sole purpose of aquiring funds for the Foundation. Headed by Rico's brother Bobby, the Foundation's primary aim is to help get the youth off the streets and give them the one thing Rico valued the most: So today, PEP pays its respects to Rico who made everyone shine as bright as his own star. What follows are the personal opinions of some PEPsters who still remember him affectionately as an icon in the entertainment industry.

Rico's fans have lamented why Rico died so suddenly. Some even thought the news was just a rude pre-April Fool's joke taking advantage of Rico and then girlfriend Claudine Barretto's rumored breakup. Others immediately waited for news and were devastated to learn that everything was true. One fan confessed that she angrily blamed Claudine at the time, thinking that Claudine was the reason for Rico's death, that Rico might have died of a broken heart.

Nonetheless, fans would rather talk about what Rico did before he passed on and about his influence to this very day.

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His decency, one fan noted, outlook on life, and noteworthy humbleness molded him into a sort of anti-controversy shell that made him immune even to the most nasty of rumors. Another fan also shared her opinion that Rico was just like Fernando Poe Jr—quiet, reserved, and helpful with or without the prying eyes of the media.

Reality bites, but I'm not going to bite that, because I know it's wrong. People say, just get used to it, but my opinion is, why should I get used to what I believe is wrong? Because everybody has the inherent capacity to make a difference, so the question is do you have the guts to make a difference or are you coward enough to bite reality? That's a very good conviction. I have delusions of grandeur in writing book. Well everybody likes to do that.

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Yeah, tell me about it. So every so often, whenever I get spurts of idea, type kaagad. C'est la Vie contains most of his points of view and it comes out every other Tuesday. So there, I have delusions of grandeur to write a book. Okay, this book will be about? Points of view pa rin. We have to admit, values, principles, morals-they're intangibles, so my only way of keeping a good grasp of whatever it is that I have is through writing.

So you put it into writing for everyone to know. So it's gonna be like Rico Yanism RY: I'm going to be the next Deity of religion. Do you have any fetish? I have a fetish for feet. I don't know, that's why when you meet a girl, for example you get introduced to a girl, "hi" tapos kunyari you're gonna get something, you look at the feet kaagad.

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I also have a nape fetish. Once I see the nape of the girl, I always go, aaaah I also have a leg fetish--long legs.

What are you looking forward to? It's not a bad year, after all. Yeah, I'm very, very thankful, so at the turn of the century, I thanked God, for you know, for every disappointment there is a corresponding blessing, that's what I should look at for this year.

Who or what inspires you? Well, I don't want to be pragmatic, or carrying my own cross so to speak, but I idolize my grandfather, Manuel Yan. Because of, whatever it is that he believes in, inhe still believes it until now and eight administrations have never even changed that.

claudine barreto and rico yan relationship marketing

As a public servant, he was wise enough not to follow the chief executive but ratify the constitution, which is really meant to uphold the interests of the constituents. Well, right now, I try my best to be like him. Because of the way I idolize and epitomize my grandfather, it did make me vigilant, but because of my lack of military background, I don't have the discipline to control my emotions. So whenever there is something or someone comes in the way between my principles and myself, I become very emotional.

Now that's one unique trait, which makes you different. But to put a fine point into it, my grandfather is disciplined towards his emotions to become very diplomatic. But me, probably, once people push me a bit too far, I have to compromise what I believe in. I become abrasive and very heightened. At the moment my fear, I think not being able to tell myself that I did my best in everything I do.

What's always in your fridge? What I always have is mga thirst-quenching drinks, parang after a hard day's work, you just drink it up, to cool your self down and I always carry ice cream. What's your favorite ice cream flavor? Well right nowhave you tried the nestle crunch?

claudine barreto and rico yan relationship marketing

So there ice cream and then ahh, coffee. Oh, how do you like your coffee? Brewed, black with sugar. No cream, cream for me is an insult to coffee. Well, yeah, because some people actually drink milk with coffee, I mean, you know not the other way around.

Yeah, parang you don't get the robust aroma and taste of the genuine coffee.

claudine barreto and rico yan relationship marketing

Of course I'll patronize my own, Timbuktu his coffee shop along Nakpil st. What's the title of the last book that you've read? Actually my mom made me read it, I forgot the title, it 's about faith. Basta it tells about a man and his faith amidst trying times, something like that.

What would be your greatest indulgence? I'm 24 and I'm single.

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Right now I can live in a Porsche for all I care, di ba? Talking about being single, have you ever had your heart broken? How many times have you been in love?

How many times I've been in love? Countless, yeah, I mean I can fall in love with a girl the very first time I laid eyes on her.

Talaga, totoo pala yun But to love someone, that's a different story. Who's the girl for you? My ideal is really, ah, compliant to my fetishes.

claudine barreto and rico yan relationship marketing

Aside from that, I have a weakness for mestizas. A girl who's aware of what's happening in her environment, in her society. Have you found her?

claudine barreto and rico yan relationship marketing

Oh, I guess I'll never be sure until I can actually say that I'm willing to get married. But ah, a lot of girls are like that.