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on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Anime art, Clare claymore and Manga anime. I love Clare and Raki's relationship. Find this Pin and more on Claymore. At Rabona, Raki carried a statue that had within it Clare's Claymore. It is unknown how powerful he is in relation to Claymores or Awakened Beings, . Raki is easily trusting, as shown in his friendship with Clare who was feared by the rest of. claymore Jean - Google Search Clare Claymore, Manga Anime, Manga . Clare and Raki Beautiful Moments, Most Beautiful, Boruto Naruto Next Generations.

Clare was saved plenty of times; the fab-four Miria, Deneve and Helen too were saved against that male A. We don't even know anything about the members of the Organization besides some names. Besides, we never got to see more development on Raki because he never changed his main objective of life: But he discovered he need strength to do that.

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That's why he's pushing himself to get stronger, walking all alone. Funny enough, that's in a way the same objetive of Teresa in episodesbut i never saw anyone calling her underdeveloped. Another huge issue I have is with people hating on the relationship Clare and Raki have. I mean, Raki literally has no one else in this fucking country except for Clare. Remember the part where his brother killed his whole family or something, and then Clare had to kill his brother, and then the whole fucking town pretty much banished him, which meant he had nowhere to go back to?

Yeah, I do too. Essentially alone, which is somewhat normal and expected for a Claymore, Raki is the only positive human interaction in her life. Safe to say, they rely on each other, and if it bugs you, piss off. The kiss is just a way of calming him down. A kiss is a promise. Raki was not a damsel in distress: He was willing to die with Clare in the cathedral, in an attempt to protect her from her letting Galk decapitate her.

He certainly was not a damsel in distress against Ophelia, he just didn't have the power to succeed, which was to be expected obviously. He stood up to Cid and Galk in Rabona in defense of Clare, that certainly takes bravery. I would never stand up to a cop or policeman, which is the equivalent of Cid and Galk.

claymore clare and raki relationship trust

He managed to follow Clare, until he collapsed in "The Fields". He survived on his own after they separated due to Ophelia. He survived Isley and Priscilla, and Isley's training.

He wasn't afraid of Clare, even though she could Awaken at any time and eat him up. He bravely tried to punch the NY in his second time.

Just to make me "preach" even more? Here's some points from eps that shows that he's not as underdevoloped as some people might think. He pretty much knows nothing of the world outside his village and much less of Claymores.

And we learn of his current occupation, a cook. He has lost everything, and the only thing left is this Claymore, the only person in the world that gives a damn about him, hence why he calls her sister, and fallows her like a little brother would fallow an older sister.

When the soldier started talking smack about Clare, he punched him in the face, despite knowing that the guy was stronger them.


When Clare asked to be killed for going over her limit, Raki threw himself onto her and was willing to die along with Clare. When Clare starts Awakening in Robana. OH, that town scene with the bandits, Teresa, and Clare was for sure one of the best.

Teresa's eyes, expression, and actions were just WOW! And Clare awakening in the manga was awesome too. Partial awakening so hot! Especially when Helen explained there were only 47 slots available. At the time we knew about the ranking system from Teresa and had met numbers After seeing how royally Teresa destroyed the youma it seemed to me like Clare should be fairly tough for inheriting her strength.

How wrong I was. I just sat there thinking, Clare is the weakest one?

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Raki's response was pretty good too. It was so different than what I expected to see that it has to be one of my favorite moments. I thought Clare was fairly tough as well, until I found out she's the weakest. I'd been waiting for it for a while, beginning to doubt Ophelia was a pretty scary Ax Crazy and a good character in that sense but in the end I just can't bring myself to like a sadist, even a fictional one. First Awakened Being hunt.

The fight wasn't so great for me, but the discussion afterwards and Galatea's descriptions of their emotions and the conflict in the group gave me chills for some reason. Getting introduced to Miria, Galatea, and the weakness and greatness of Clare all in one arc was great value-for-time, too. I was convinced she had been slaughtered along with Sophia and Noella. It was so incredible to see Ophelia get so royally owned after seeing the power gap between her and Clare.

Then I had the strangest desire to poke Irene's nose and say "beep". And pull one of her ears for some reason. I went nuts when Miria said, "We are already awakened. Lol koffy Another one of my favourite scenes would be when Clare and Miria killed that six armed awakened being. This scene is from Claymore Season 2, to be released in Sorry i just took doraemon's time machine Sleepy Speculator Come on someone tell her about that arm It made my brain do a thinking of the implications like that there must have been male warriors at some point in the distant past.

Enara when I first saw ritful I wanted to hug her. I actually got kind of mad at that, because its Jean's sword, why the hell is Teresa thier, it should be Jean. They should of had Teresa standing somewhere else. I'm sure there are other Jean fans that would agree. Why do people like Jean so much?

I really don't understand it. No one else does that but the recent appearance of Agatha. Jean has one of the most powerful attacks, cares for her friends and subordinates, is loyal, trustworthy, honorable, grateful, willing to sacrifice herself for the good of others and so on.

She does not give into the claymore number based elitism. While she did want revenge against Duff for torturing her subordinates she never went berserk. Jean keeps a cool head no matter what. Jean has rock solid will power and morales of steel. She saves Clare by sacrificing herself keeping a promise she made and she dies with a smile on her face.

claymore clare and raki relationship trust

Jean's first thought after being attacked by Rigald was not how to save herself but the need to protect the other leaders for the survival of the others. Jean does not seem to be skilled at youki reading or necessarily a great leader but she gives it her all and leads from the front.

She is the weakest single digit until her partial awakening possibly. She must know she is weaker than Clare. Her life debt is not to someone weaker than her.

Clare risked a lot to save her and not just once.

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Jean is quiet but honest. Jean, like every other claymore, probably had a very difficult past. Yet unlike Ophelia she clung to her human side to the point that Galatea knew she would die before awakening.

Jean was able to stare Riful in the face while being tortured as legitimate arguments were made about them being the same type of monster without her resolve ever fading. Even as she passed her limit and her body transformed uncontrollably she held on to her human heart enough to keep her limbs from breaking her restraints. Even with a completely awakened body Jean was happy that Clare would end her life as a 'human'.

She cried and begged Clare to end it quickly as she could not hold it any longer. I think Jean is up there with Clare tending Teresa and blind-Rabona Galatea for noble Claymores in the series except Jean was that way the whole time we saw her. But I agree that Jean has a terrible hair cut. I really do not like her hair cut.

It makes me forget that she is a hot chick like every other claymore. She does not have eye brows either. Indeed, it was one my favorite scenes where her awakened form was revealed.

I thought her haircut was very befitting for her char. This scene is so intense that it makes Teresa cry. And who would have thought that someone could make the mighty Teresa cry. Don't you agree guys? I was pissed and stuff but this scene was so surprising and the sound kinda IMO it's a cinematic masterstroke maybe the onliest one in the whole series that's why I watched this scene about 20 times: I'm really happy now that the Theresa worshippers don't know where I live: I also like all the parts with Galatea, my favorite character, 'cause she's one of the best claymores.

Ummm, the last chapter is great, when clarice comes to Rabona, I was like: But then Clare shows up, and Sid sees her, and yells: