Cullen bohannon and lily bell relationship

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cullen bohannon and lily bell relationship

Cullen Bohannon - Lily Bell story (HellOnWheels) Hallelujah. A very interesting take on this song and the relationship between Cullen and Lily. The song is not. This week, fans are speculating about the nature of the relationship between gunslinger Cullen Bohannon and newly widowed Lily Bell. Keep reading to see. Sure, her chemistry with Cullen Bohannon is super hot and I really enjoyed their relationship but she was an independent character in her own.

Cullen practically strangles Sean when he mentions seeing Harper wearing his Sergeant stripes; which means that Cullen's revenge is almost complete. He gives Cullen a taste of his own advice when he urges Cullen to let go of his past. But Elam has some problems of his own. Ever since he returned from the hunt for the renegade Cheyenne, Elam has been acting in an extremely arrogant way, alienating his followers in the freedmen.

Eva Robin McLeavy also becomes angered at Elam because she believed that he intended to marry her, when instead he simply wanted her to be his exclusive woman among the whores. That night, the fancy party gets under way and the investors are suitably impressed by both Lily and Durant. Alone at the party, Eva is invited to dance by Mr. Toole Duncan Ollerenshaw despite their history.

Elam comes across them and he threatens Toole with violence. But Eva takes Elam aside and says that there is nothing between herself and Toole.

She loves Elam, but she wants to settle down and doesn't want to sell herself any more. She then returns to Toole and resumes dancing. At the same time, Sean and Phil lead the beleaguered merchants of Hell on Wheels against The Swede as they violently tar and feather him before running him out of town.

Elsewhere, Cullen tracks down Harper, who pleads that he's innocent and that he wasn't even in the army when Cullen's family was slaughtered. Undeterred, Cullen strangles Harper to death, shortly before discovering Harper's discharge papers that prove he was telling the truth.

cullen bohannon and lily bell relationship

Stunned by his deadly mistake, Cullen staggers off. Lily also catches sight of Cullen while she dances with Durant, but he is gone by the time that she twists around. Later, Cullen finds Elam and he admits that he killed the wrong man. Cullen then rides away from Hell on Wheels with the clothes on his back. In the morning, Harper's body is discovered where Cullen left it and a manhunt ensues.

When " Hell on Wheels " was first announced, it was widely assumed that it would be a program on par with the late and lamented HBO western series, "Deadwood. And "Hell on Wheels" is most definitely not the next great western TV series; much less deserving of a place among the best shows on television.

But the most frustrating thing about it is the sense that "Hell on Wheels" could have been so much better. Some of the pieces fit together and the earlier episodes had some intriguing moments of promise that made it seem like the writers had a master plan to bring it all together at the end. For a season finale, "God of Chaos" is surprisingly bland and largely drama free.

Aside from Cullen's fate at the end, it barely seemed any different from an episode normally found in the middle of the season. The dramatic beats of Cullen killing the wrong man and becoming a fugitive seemed blindingly obvious. And as much as this is presented as a game changer for Cullen's role going forward, keep in mind that the cliffhanger about Cullen becoming a fugitive was already used earlier this season.

cullen bohannon and lily bell relationship

That was resolved fairly quickly in the next episode when Cullen beat The Swede senseless with his belt. As an adversary, The Swede never recovered from that sequence. Villains are supposed to be at least as formidable as the heroes. So once The Swede was reduced to minor foil to Cullen at best, he could never be taken seriously again. It's one of the tragedies of this show. Christopher Heyerdahl gave such an enigmatic and strange performance early in the season that The Swede was one of the most compelling characters on the show who also had intriguing shades of grey.

cullen bohannon and lily bell relationship

The predominantly male cast makes sense given the time and place the show is about so I'm not fussing about that and in fact I rather applaud that they found a way to include a main female character.

Sure, her chemistry with Cullen Bohannon is super hot and I really enjoyed their relationship but she was an independent character in her own right with her own motivations and story lines. Every episode in season 1 gave me some new reason to love her character.

The fact that she fled prosperous London Society with an American surveyor and explorer. That she insisted on going into the field with him and formed a genuine attachment to the wild prairie landscape.

That she is lusty. That she is practical and not afraid of hardship. That while she keeps a placid and controlled demeanor, underneath she is passionate and emotional and occasionally will allow those emotions to drive her. That she didn't just go west with her husband but helped him with his work and applied herself to learn his trade well enough to take over his job after he dies.

That she has the presence of mind even when half dead to take her husband's surveying maps with her and to bury them until she gets the lay of the land at Hell on Wheels and with Durant. That when Durant pours out a truly heart wrenching story of his childhood in Hell's Kitchen, and even though you can see the sympathy on her face while he is talking, she properly reads him and gives him no quarter, telling him to buck up and stop feeling sorry for himself.

That even though she faced down a murderous Indian and crossed many miles of wilderness while sick, she is much more terrified of facing a parlor full of her husband's female relatives. That when told that the Hell on Wheels carpenter will take advantage of her, she lays her own wood floor in her tent even though she has no idea what she is doing. That though she is interested in Cullen and develops admiration and respect for him, she doesn't chase him.

That she becomes committed to the idea of the railroad and wants to stay involved because it honors her husband's memory and gives her purpose. She hates feeling useless. Season 2 Lily is a little bit harder to love, though maybe that's not fair. She is in a weaker position and in some ways seeing her try to navigate the increasingly challenging hand that is dealt her is just as interesting. With Cullen gone, the only way she sees to secure a place with the railroad and not have to return to "civilization", is to throw in her lot with Mr.

She uses Durant's desire for her to get power, a power not usually allowed to a woman.

HELL ON WHEELS 1.10 ‘God of Chaos’

As with things like this, it is fraught with danger and disappointment but she still manages to champion the women in the camp and keep her eye on the prize. I appreciate that it's not too easy for her, that we see her be unsure and have to back down from things and appeal to the men around her to help her.

It feels authentic but still she is not bowed. And then when it comes to it she is the one that aggressively makes things happen with Cullen.

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For all his feral toughness and barely restrained violence, Lily is a light that saves him. A lesser woman would have run long ago. The more he gets to know her, the more he "you know" I swear he's infuriating. He is in awe of her and easily admits, almost reverently and without shame, that she makes him better see video below.

One of the main reasons I am so heartbroken to lose her is that she made the character of Cullen more interesting. There are two other regular female secondary characters, Eva and Ruth, and they are both fine but I find neither is nearly as interesting as Lily. They fill more generic or expected roles in a frontier story - Eva was a prostitute and Ruth a religious zealot.