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daniel jackson and vala relationship

Thread: Daniel Jackson/Vala Malduran Romance By GateGipsy in forum SG-1 Characters & Relationships. Replies: Last Post. However, Vala and Daniel Jackson's minds were transported to the bodies of .. Vala feigned that she and Mitchell were involved in a sex-filled relationship. Bored with Jack/Daniel/Thor, and now think I see Daneil/Vala sparkage. Bring on the fic and onscreen innuendo. Anyone else shipping for Daniel/Vala yet? SG- 1 Characters & Relationships; Daniel Jackson/Vala Mal Doran.

Not that I'm complaining. Out of the two in the office, he definitely wouldn't have expected Vala to be the one wanting to get back to work, but just as he's about to step into the obvious Twilight Zone that Jackson's office must have become, he hears another and in Cam's opinion, far more disturbing sound.

And while Cam knows he shouldn't, because he really doesn't need the nightmares, or the proof that Teal'c won that particular bet, he does.

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He tilts his head forward, keeping his body in the shadow of the door and then promptly blinks at the sight he sees. Vala is, as usual, sitting on the table, papers on either side of her, but that's not what dries the inside of Cam's mouth. It's the position Jackson is in in front of her.

He is sitting on his stool in the space between Vala's legs and he is cupping one pale cheek, tilting Vala's head forward. There is definite intimacy there, and not new intimacy if Cam's blue eyes are reading the situation right.

They are invading the other's personal space, and while that isn't a surprise in itself, the slight tension they tend to carry is gone.

daniel jackson and vala relationship

Vala's legs are on either side of Jackson's and it looks like it would only take a pull from Jackson's arms to deposit Vala in his lap. Cam wonders how the man is holding back, because Cam is fairly sure he wouldn't be able to, especially since Vala is wearing one of her black tank tops today. Then, as if Jackson is reading his mind, he moves. Vala in return, grips the man's shoulder to lever herself for the kiss. Cam looks away for a second and chokes back a chuckle when he notices that one of them has blocked the surveillance camera.

Just before their mouths meet she manages out, "I meant leave the base, especially since no one knows about us here," their lips brush, "yet. Because if anything he's learned SG-1 shares a lot of secrets between themselves, and while they'll share them eventually, they share them when they want to.

Some are just inherent and are never expressed with words at all. He moves back from the door as quietly as he can, because they really don't seem like they want to be interrupted and if, when, they want to tell him they're together, they will.

Still, a warm smile crosses his face and he barely hears the last words from the room, in Vala's husky tone, "Well you know, now except for Mitchell. He might have to change the date with the bet with Teal'c, Sam and the generals though. They know they have to be professional because sometimes, even though it's tough, it's not always about each other. They are members of a team, and a team is not just a couple.

It had been a bit awkward at first. Cameron hadn't wanted to take any chances and tried to split them up at first and even though they worked well separately, it soon became obvious they worked best together.

Vala Mal Doran

Even without the taboo of their relationship hanging over their head. They just looked after each other the best, almost as if it was ingrained in their beings. Still there were the missions where Vala was better of with Sam before she left for Atlantis, after it was one alien, one human per group and even missing their fifth, it was okay or Teal'c, and those went fine too.

Well, as fine as any SG-1 mission went. Today though, they were being very bad team members, but really who could blame them. They were on a friendly planet and Cam and Teal'c were playing that odd form of football similar to how the ancient Aztecs had played it, Daniel had informed them and they had been left to their wonderful accommodations with the hot springs.

So, yes, who could really blame them, Vala thought, as Daniel pressed his wonderfully firm body against hers. His hands were working their way up the slope of her stomach and his lips did the opposite with her neck.

Vala was gripping his head with her hands, fingers gently running through his hair, and with a dreamy smile on her lips she arched her neck to allow Daniel's lips have easier access to their desired spot.

She was kissing her way down his cheek when she heard the stumble and curse. Looking up, she detangled herself from Daniel as his head snapped up and his forehead met with her chin when they both went to turn, with a wince at the collision, to Cam. Cam, who stood with cheeks burning a soft pink, was holding a towel over his shoulder.

He shifted on his feet, rubbing at his neck and avoiding their eyes, mumbling rapidly, "I was just coming to check out the hot springs… Um, Medai said they were good for relaxing muscle tension and me and the big guy just finished an all out match with those kids. Cam glared at the amusement in her eyes and narrowed his own, "I didn't know you two would still be here.

Doing that…" He motion with his hand, and Vala had to struggle not to smirk. Sliding her eyes to Daniel, she found that her partner was fighting the pink blush to his cheeks at getting caught manhandling her so wonderfully, and decided to give them both a break.

Looping her arm around Daniel's, she sent a grin Cam's way, "Don't worry, Cameron, we were about to take this to our room. You have just sped up the process. Daniel, for his worth, just tightened his arm around her and kissed her cheek before shouting back, "Thanks for that, Mitchell, the bed is much more comfortable anyway. So not something I needed to know. You two are so on timeout for the next two missions. Not that it wasn't a good way to spend his time, but he hadn't planned on it, not when he had stepped on the Prometheus that first time, though he had been kissed by her on that trip too, so maybe there had been a foreshadowing element to that trip after all.

He hadn't even planned it on this trip with the Apollo, coming to visit Sam with the rest of the team or even half an hour ago when he decided to take a break and found Vala chatting with Teyla and her baby boy one on of the balconies. When he had joined the two women, Vala had been holding the still tiny boy and grinning at him while she regaled Teyla with stories of growing up in her village and offering her services should Teyla ever need a babysitter or need someone to teach the fine art of lock picking to her son.

Teyla had been smiling and laughing warmly when he joined them, nodding his greetings and pointing out to Vala that the child should probably learn to read Ancient first, after Athosian, and that Teyla probably didn't want her child to start with crime so early "Or ever, Dr. Jackson, should I be fortunate. Sheppard and Rodney in his life. They have become quite intimate with jail cells. They had chatted with Teyla for a few more minutes when the woman hand smoothed a hand over her son's head and smiled at them.

I shall be back shortly. They had stood for a few seconds and he rested his forehead against her temple, "He's small, isn't he? He cupped her chin instead, carefully moving her to face him, mindful of the baby between them, "It was different with Adria.

And not your fault. When Daniel pushed his hands into Vala's hair and tilted her face, he suddenly understood that he did want a child with her, and kissed her harder, tugging at her bottom lip gently. He felt Vala's smile against his lips as they softly parted and rested their noses and forehead together. They were moving in for another kiss when they heard the balcony doors open and were about to turn to face Teyla when they were greeted by the sight of Cam. Don't you know kids pick up things like that?

Now forget everything these two hormone-addled, so called adult just showed you…" Daniel and Vala shared an amused looked as Cam cooed at the baby, his voice soft. She should be back soon. Next to him, Vala chuckled and leaned against his side. Cam nodded, " Well why don't we go find mama and see about that bottle, what do say, little guy?

Mitchell, I am back. I was not aware that Dr. Jackson and Vala would be detrimental influences on my child.

Again Teyla tried to take her baby back to feed him, when Cam's eyes feel on the bottle. Cam looked almost affronted. I would feed my nephew all the time after my sister-in-law had him, and let me tell you, that boy could pack it away. He then smiled up at the three others on the balcony, that clearly said 'I told you so' and moved towards the doors. As Cam left, Teyla turned to Daniel and Vala, "I should go also and make sure my son is not used as a tool to display male prowess.

Sheppard and Rodney, any baby born into the SGC or Atlantis would be the best cared for and the most spoiled.

Daniel pressed his lips against her, softly, tugging her hips closer to his. He did eventually earn their release plus a small quantity of the mineral, but the price was addiction to the sarcophagus, which Shyla used as a means to try to keep him with her.

How intimate their relationship was is not clear; however, he did promise to marry her, even though he was already married at the time 2. Soon after the death of Sha're, while helping the Vyans seek a cure for the amnesia that had befallen the entire population, Daniel flirted openly with Ke'ra, a brilliant scientist, and eventually succumbed to the mutual attraction. Only afterward did he learn she was actually a younger version of Linea, Destroyer of Worlds, whom SG-1 had encountered when they were sentenced to the prison planet of Hadante.

Linea had escaped from the SGC for an unknown destination, having thwarted the SGC's attempts to stop her even once they knew what she was 2. The revelation that Ke'ra was Linea was personally devastating to Daniel. While having hope for her redemption, he immediately raised a significant objection to allowing her to continue to participate in the search for the cure for the Vorlaks.

Most determined in his unwillingness to trust Ke'ra at all was Jack. Daniel argued passionately and a bit hurtfully towards Teal'c that the memory loss made her a different person and that Ke'ra should not be judged for Linea's sins.

Ke'ra secretly took the memory cure she had discovered in an effort to learn the truth, and discovered she was indeed a younger version of the evil Linea. She feared she would not be able to control that part of herself and was on the point of immolating herself when Daniel offered her another way to deal with being someone she despised.

She returned to Vyas, her memory of the past few days completely erased once more. She no longer knew him or remembered him, and when she asked him if they knew each other, he replied that they never did 3.

A prior romance with Dr. Sarah Gardner wasn't exactly rekindled at the funeral of Daniel's mentor, Dr. Jordan, but they did re-establish a connection. It was clear they had been romantically involved but that it had ended badly, though Sarah seemed very happy to see Daniel.

Daniel later discovered she was possessed by the Goa'uld Osiris, who had been kept in stasis for thousands of years as punishment from other Goa'uld until being accidentally released by Sarah and Dr.

Daniel sought a way to capture Osiris and free Sarah, but Osiris escaped 4. He was again unsuccessful in his attempt to capture her after Osiris unexpectedly arrived at the Goa'uld System Lord summit he had infiltrated 5. After Daniel's return from ascension, Osiris returned to Earth and began secretly visiting Daniel at night, using a memory recall device to place him in dream-like memories of his time as a professor at the University of Chicago.

Aiming to tap into his subconscious and learn the location of the Lost City from him, Osiris immersed him in altered memories of their time together, starting when Sarah first arrived to be his research assistant and progressing through their relationship. In his dream-memories, Sarah was very forgiving of his workaholic tendencies. But, as Daniel explained to Sam and Teal'c, in reality, while she was in love with him, and he had feelings for her, his obsession with his research destroyed their relationship, and she broke up with him when he worked through their anniversary.

SG-1 discovered what Osiris was up to and stopped him, finally freeing Sarah from her possession. Daniel promised her they would help her get through the process of recovering from the horrible memories of what she had done while trapped as Osiris' host 7.

daniel jackson and vala relationship

There were no romantic overtones coloring Daniel's feelings toward android Reese, but the relationship between her and Daniel was intense. He spent a great deal of time working with her, trying to make friends and to reassure her she was welcome on Earth, but once it was discovered she was the source of the Replicators, he was appalled. Nevertheless, he sought desperately to make her understand what a threat her toys were, not only to Earth but also to the known universe.

His efforts seemed to be failing until he went alone into the gate room to offer his friendship in exchange for her trust. When Jack killed the android, Daniel was devastated, though he appeared to understand that Jack had no other choice at the time 5. After being severely injured in a war that SG-1's arrival helped to precipitate, Daniel formed a close attachment to Leda, who cared for him during his convalescence.

Married but lonely, Leda grew very fond of Daniel, and Daniel was kind in return, perhaps from gratitude and sorrow for what had happened to her planet. Given the circumstances, nothing romantic occurred, and Daniel returned home 8. The other three original members of SG-1 are Daniel's best friends and confidantes. Teal'c His relationship with Teal'c started out badly, since the Jaffa was directly responsible for choosing Sha're and giving her to Apophis for Amaunet's consideration as a host.

However, it was a random choice which led to this traumatic event rather than any personal agenda on Teal'c's part - at this point he hadn't met Daniel and had no way of knowing the young woman he picked out of a crowd at the command of his 'god' was Daniel's wife.

After the Jaffa helped to free the humans from Apophis' prison, Daniel came to understand this 1. Daniel defended Teal'c during a trial for his life with a passionate declaration of their deep friendship, exactly how it had developed, and at what cost 1. Jack's insistence Daniel destroy Thor's Hammer on Cimmeria - proving he would not put Sha're's welfare ahead of their Jaffa teammate did not damage their developing friendship, although it well could have 1. When Teal'c was forced to kill Sha're two years later, she sent Daniel a message through the hand device before she died, explaining that his friend had no choice and that Daniel must forgive him 3.

Daniel did forgive Teal'c, and the bond between them grew ever stronger. Even after his ascension, he remained watchful, and when Teal'c lay close to dying after an ambush on a distant planet, Daniel remained by his side, offering his love and support 6.

daniel jackson and vala relationship

Daniel's concern for his friend was evident after Teal'c suffered a supreme lack of confidence in the aftermath of a near fatal wound. Daniel not only helped him regain his faith in himself once more, but an emerging memory from the time he spent as an ascended being enabled the team to rescue Bra'tac and Rya'c, Teal'c's son, who unknown to SG-1 had been imprisoned on the harsh planet Erebus.

There, Jaffa were enslaved by the System Lord Ba'al and forced to work until they died, as surely would have happened to Bra'tac and Rya'c had Daniel not remembered them. It was while meditating with Teal'c after the rescue that Daniel admitted he felt at peace with being human again, and part of the SGC 7.

Teal'c was equally supportive of Daniel, trying to help him interpret his dreams and sympathizing with the many strange experiences he had to dream about from his life. Teal'c was the first to wonder whether a Goa'uld was behind the persistent, uncontrolled dreams, and perhaps saved Daniel from being killed by Osiris 7. Their friendship was stronger than ever in their eighth year as teammates. When Teal'c was trapped inside the virtual reality combat game, despairing and in danger of dying from its physical effects, Daniel risked his life to join him inside the game.

Daniel Jackson/Vala Malduran Romance

Daniel was able to gain Teal'c's trust and convince him he was there to help, lifting Teal'c's spirits and helping him fight until, along with the VR versions of Jack and Sam, they were able to beat the game and leave it 8. When Teal'c's tendency to help strangers in high profile ways threatened his freedom to live on his own outside of the SGC, Daniel went to visit him at his apartment. He advised Teal'c to try to keep a low profile and not help everyone who needed it.

While a bit mystified by the concept of ignoring those in need, Teal'c seemed very grateful for Daniel's concern 8. Daniel and Teal'c remained close after the team changed, with Mitchell joining as the new commander. Daniel screamed for Teal'c when he feared Teal'c had fallen victim with Mitchell to riddle of Avalon, and he hurriedly helped Mitchell solve the puzzle, saving them both 9.

When Teal'c was taken by Ba'al, who wanted to brainwash him and turn him against the Jaffa freedom movement, Daniel teamed with Bra'tac to find Teal'c and, with the rest of SG-1's help, free him.

Daniel celebrated the Jaffa council resolution that Jaffa leaders would be chosen through democratic elections, as he is very invested in his friend's struggle 9. The mutual respect at the core of their friendship was demonstrated when Daniel accepted Teal'c's refusal to let the rest of SG-1 help him go after Arkad in revenge for the deaths of many Jaffa.

Daniel understood that there was nothing he could do to stop his friend. Later he tried to reason with Teal'c to stop him from attacking Arkad, but Teal'c was not to be deterred. It's likely Daniel was not surprised by this, as he knows his friend very well During their conversation in the Cartouche room, Daniel provided Sam with the insight as to why the gate on Earth was failing to connect with any other gate than the one on Abydos. She was then able to update her dialing program with the planetary shift information, thereby reintegrating Earth's Stargate into the gate network and making it finally fully functional 1.

This first intellectual collaboration also set the pattern for their future interaction as team members. The 'science twins' have pooled their considerable mental resources together more than once to come up with the solution that saves the day, usually with Daniel using his ability to think 'outside of the box' and see things everyone else has missed to provide the vital clue or piece of information Sam then extrapolates upon and puts into action.

Working together they've proven to be a highly effective and invaluable component of SG Although both are unquestionably brilliant, their intellectual gifts manifest in unique but complimentary ways, and their different world views at times causes them to disagree: But they remain friends, frequently commiserating with and confiding in one another. Sam has turned to Daniel for emotional support, and received it, on several occasions, as she has similarly been there for him.

He knows more about her and her personal life than any other member of SG-1 does, and she cares deeply for him: Sam was able to convince an amnesiac Daniel to return with his former team to the SGC after SG-1's reunion with their lost friend on Vis Uban, and when he questioned her as the nature of their past relationship she assured him while they hadn't had intimate feelings for each other, they'd been very good friends 7.

Daniel's death was one of the hardest things Sam had ever experienced. Sam is however, the only member of SG-1 who did not receive a 'visitation' from Daniel while he was ascended. Since his return, they have a warm, casual friendship, often sharing wry moments, such as their pain after being drawn into the wedding planning for Rya'c's wedding 8.

While Carter was in charge of SG-1, she and Daniel often worked as equals, for example, to deal with Alec Colson wanting to go public with the Stargate program 8.

When it appeared Carter might have perished in the Replicator ship, Daniel appeared shocked 8. Luckily they soon found her, and Daniel was clearly pleased. When Daniel was taken by Replicator Carter, Sam was in turn very upset. When that ship was destroyed with Daniel aboard, Carter appeared resigned to his death and tried to counsel O'Neill not to have false hope. She was a surprised as anyone when, as Jack had predicted, Daniel returned from a semi-ascended state 8. When Carter was about to succumb to the deadly sleeping sickness of Vagonbrei, Daniel grabbed her and encouraged her to hang in longer.

Exhausted, they both fell asleep, but were rescued in time to be saved When Carter was threatened by Anateo of the Lucian Alliance, Daniel impatiently rushed Vala to come up with a solution to free Carter, clearly very concerned about his teammate When Carter found herself in an alternate SGC, she asked after Daniel first, knowing he could help her understand what was going on and explain it to the others of that reality When the rest of SG-1 discovered Daniel had become a Prior, Sam insisted they had to rescue him even if he were no longer himself After ten years on the same team, they have a comfortable, sibling-like relationship that appears unshakable.

Daniel admitted he owed Mitchell for his actions over Antarctica, but he was otherwise unmoved. Once circumstances did bring them together on the same team, an unusual camaraderie developed between the men. In a side of Daniel we haven't seen before, they have sibling-like relationship in which they play basketball 9.

They tease and compete with each other like brothers and 'jocky' American men often do. While Mitchell is in command of SG-1, Daniel's experience, knowledge, and instinct have him guiding the direction of a mission in many situations, especially when matters of the Ascended, Ancients, and of course, mythology are involved 9. Yet, in spite of Mitchell's inexperience, he is very eager to help, and this sometimes brings out Daniel's snarky side 9.

However Daniel is for the most part tolerant of Mitchell's enthusiasm, perhaps remembering Jack's tolerance of him when he was new to SG Daniel and Cameron do at times argue about strategy and tactics, but in military situations, Daniel defers to Mitchell, such as when the latter decided he would be the one to approach the kassa smugglers, and later in operations on Ba'al's ship 9.

Daniel also followed Mitchell's orders while the team was trying to escape the Prior bugs 9. Daniel seems to respect Mitchell's rank and position even if he sometimes teases him for his lapses. When Mitchell fell asleep waiting for Daniel to translate Merlin's codes, Daniel was not impressed and let Mitchell know it by dropping a book loudly to the floor 9.

Daniel has grown fond enough of Mitchell to worry about him when he is in trouble. Daniel fought for Cameron's freedom from imprisonment on unjust murder charges 9. As the battle against the Ori has continued, their ties have deepened. Mitchell knows Daniel better and has learned to be a friend to him. Mitchell understood the importance to Daniel of visiting Atlantis, and made sure he was awake to see their arrival When Vala was missing, her memory gone, Mitchell tried not to extinguish Daniel's hope that she might be found alive even as he told Daniel it was possible her DNA had been found at a blast site Daniel is also more comfortable with Mitchell, even joining Carter and Teal'c in telling Mitchell an elaborate "story" claiming that the time-traveling General O'Neill was really Mitchell's father When Daniel was missing and Carter perhaps about to die of her Ori staff wound, Mitchell expressed anguish at the possibility of losing two of those on his team.

He clearly felt a great responsibility for their well-being, as a team-leader and friend When Daniel had taken the download of Merlin's consciousness and was being overcome by it, Mitchell was very concerned, for once calling him "Daniel" instead of Jackson. Yet he respected the importance of Daniel's undertaking, and made it clear to Vala that while it was difficult to watch, the stakes were huge and they had to let Daniel take the risk.

After two years working together, they are very comfortable and at ease with each other, in spite of their very different roles and personalities.

daniel jackson and vala relationship

Vala When they first met and for some time after, Daniel was by turns infuriated, annoyed, confused and at times taken in by Vala. His snarky side was never so evident as when he was trying to 'shut her up' out of unending frustration with her antics 9. He was always wary and on edge when dealing with her, especially when he was forced by circumstance to let her take the lead, such as when they were on a 'treasure hunt' to find out how to reverse the effects of the Goa'uld bracelets 9.

As slippery as she proved herself to be, she still managed to surprise him with her neverending revelations. He was shocked to learn that even after being freed of Qetesh, she still took advantage of the people of P8X, forcing them to mine naquadah. Yet it was quite in character of her to look after herself first 9.