Darker than black hei and yin relationship with god

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darker than black hei and yin relationship with god

Will Misaki learn about the Black Reaper's past through the abstract stories Li tells her about his? Hei was, after all, in Li's clothing, and Misaki would hardly let his memory be She wanted him or some subconscious level or other and to kiss him now, even Her heart skipped a beat-thank God he's up!. Darker than Black, also known as Darker than Black: The Black Contractor is an anime animation, which expanded upon the romantic relationships between characters. There are 4 OVAs in total, filling the gap with Hei and Yin left between .. Bitter Virgin · Black God · The Comic Artist and His Assistants; Darker than. Contents[show] Synopsis After meeting with Amber, Hei learns that against common knowledge Contractors can become more human than was thought to be.

Kouno and Saitou each took an arm, and Misaki managed to lift the rest of him by his legs. They lowered him gently into the passenger's seat of her blue Porsch, and she fought the urge to plant a kiss on his forehead. Not to take advantage of him, but as a sentimental… oh, whatever!

She wanted him or some subconscious level or other and to kiss him now, even one on the forehead, just seemed so…selfish? Misaki felt Saitou's eyes on the back of her head, probably wondering how long it took to make sure Li's seatbelt was secure. Her face flushed slightly as she realize she hadn't even done that. Now flustered, she grabbed the seatbelt and clicked it in, feeling her face heat up again as she brushed against his arm.

You seriously need to do something about this. You can't keep reacting like a hormonal teenager when you're 27! Thoroughly embarrassed with herself, she whipped around to scan the scene once more, succeeding in making Saitou quickly whip around as well, not wanting to be caught looking at his chief.

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The ground was littered in small metals bars. Two beams were crisscrossed across the yard, and dust hung everywhere. That appeared to be the most evidence she would find at this site. On her order, her team packed into their vehicles and headed for HQ. Misaki drove smoothly in her car, thoughts buzzing so annoyingly in her mind.

BK was reported to be active in that lot minutes before they had received calls of a failing construction site. But as always, the Reaper was long gone by the time she arrived. One day, her tardiness might just cost her a life. Misaki glanced sadly at Li; his eyes were still shut. Hei was surrounded in blackness. Dark as the night, all around, enveloping him. It was… warm, almost pleasant and… what was that smell? He took in a deep breath… gardenias? That's when it occurred to him to open his eyes.

He looked around him curiously, thinking what a good idea seeing was.

darker than black hei and yin relationship with god

Suddenly he noticed that his feet were swarmed in water. He moved his foot a fraction and ripples were sent across the lake- for that was where he assumed he was. And the ripples, he watched them grow farther out and that's when he realized her presence.

They shone so happily on the serene face, and they matched the color of her jumpsuit. You've blacked out and Section 4 found you. Can you send me? Wiser and more caring. Find what is meaningful to you. Hei woke up in a stiff leather chair. His acute sense of hearing told him that he was indeed in Police HQ since orders and hurried conversations echoed through the building. His temple ache and he reached up to touch it when he winced. Glancing back, as she had every twenty minutes, Misaki saw that Li was finally up.

Her heart skipped a beat-thank God he's up! Li turned his head in Misaki's direction as if on instinct, and waved once spotting her out of the room's glass window. Misaki smiled in return, and rose from her chair to greet him. He noted absently that she was very attractive with beautiful brown eyes and pink lips.

She's probably already with someone! Her brow furrowed as he continued, "Um… who are you? So Li had suffered some type of memory loss after all. We ate together once. It was clear from his face that Li was trying to process this.

So far, all he knew was that Misaki was a police officer, he was in their HQ, and he had been knocked unconscious. In his heart, he knew that he could trust this person. The Why, was beyond him. He had practically told her that she was important! No, he had said that she was! Misaki could have laughed or let out a squeal if the situation had been any different. But back to the task…she realized she wasn't going to hear the story any time soon. Which meant, oh too wonderfully, she could focus entirely on getting Li back to normal.

Li looked at her puzzled considering if he should accept. She held out her hand to him feeling rather bold and yet guiding at the same time. Ordinarily she wouldn't have dared, but Li without his memory was like a lost child that he needed some guidance, even if the contact was practically too much well, contact, for her to handle.

Is the Dream That a God of Death Has a Darkness Darker Than Black?

It wasn't awkward when Li couldn't remember, she had tried to convince herself. She was failing miserably. The two strolled out of the HQ and into the parking lot where Misaki had left her blue Porsche. Li climbed into the passenger's side and Misaki into the driver's. Suddenly, a buzzing could be heard from Misaki's purse.

She quickly rummaged through her meticulously organized bag and pulled out her cell. I heard that you're leaving work for the next few days. I doubt he can function alone. Kanami did have a point- Li couldn't live on his own with his memories gone. Perhaps Li could stay at her apartment She rubbed at her face, seeing how red she had gotten in the rearview mirror. Unfortunately so had Li, who was now staring at her with a similarly horrified expression.

Perhaps this wasn't such a good idea after all.

darker than black hei and yin relationship with god

You met her once before. She works in Astronomics…they watch the stars.

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Li nodded with a thoughtful expression on his face. He remembered everything prior to Heaven's War and a bit of moving to Tokyo.

Pai, Contractors, Dolls, and meteor showers But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't remember Misaki. Not her pretty angled face, nor her charming eyes, or her hair that was silky, but trapped in a dreadful ponytail… "Misaki, the stars aren't real. Why would anyone want to watch them? Misaki giggled at his predictable response. The stars may be fakes, but they're still beautiful in the sky. They climbed the steps. Misaki opened the door to her apartment, and lead Li to the sofa, while sitting herself on the other couch.

She sighed when she thought about Li's deep knowing eyes- like he carried a burden of unknowable weight. It was so unlike Li's bubbly personality, that the image was burned into her mind. And in all honesty, perhaps it would jog his memories. Misaki watched Li's face go from pleasant to heartless in a second. Guy Kurosawa isn't the real name of the detective; rather, he changed his name to something "cooler" sounding. Amber, Deliberately Cute Child that she is. Hitotsubashi apparently was one, Kenji tries to be.

Badass in a Nice Suit: November 11 almost always wears a very stylish suit. Hei's default mission garb consists of a long black coat that's only bullet proof when he wears it — because no one else is badass enough, apparently. Thanks to the cold weather, practically everyone who lives in Russia. Most of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, especially Kirihara, especially considering that she's up against super powered people. Even more so, Huang, who helps out Hei himself on several occasions, even sniping other Contractors.

darker than black hei and yin relationship with god

Also, Hei, before he got his powers — fighting a Contractor head-on with choke wire is pretty badass. Bad Powers, Bad People: Or in this case, all powers bad people. Havoc is probably the best fit though as her power is so great it kills tons of people when deployed and her Remuneration is drinking the blood of children — it's definitely an understatement to say there is no possible way in which she could use her powers for good. The series begins with the police chasing a rogue Contractor and Hei showing up out of nowhere to kick his ass.

However, unlike most openings like this, it was actually plot-relevant. Battle in the Rain: Several times, usually justified by it being April's doing. Plus, of course, it's just cooler when Hei can electrocute someone or November can freeze someone because the ground's wet.

Beat Still, My Heart: A contractor with teleportation powers tended to do this. Invoked, when Amber deemed the scene of Hei watching his sleeping sister romantic-looking.

Hei and Yin sweet moments (Darker Than Black)

Then again, for Amber he looks as romantic as possible in any situation. Anything involving mention of Amber or the whereabouts of his sister makes Hei a very dangerous person to be around.

Hei, with a Running Gag of onlookers commenting that he'll be fat when he's thirty. To a lesser extent Kirihara is known for eating very high fat foods, but she claims that she doesn't get fat because her job requires her to move around a lot.

How Hei eats so fast is a mystery. It was never shown how fast the food went down as the camera usually shifts into something else. Hei used the cover identity of "Li Shenshun," an exchange student from China. Since "Shenshun" means student, he is essentially calling himself "Student Li," making this a rather obvious pseudonym as well. Li being such a common last name, his name becomes a "John Doe" equivalent.

Birds of a Feather: There's great similarity between Hei and Nick, they get along very well and apparently feel sort of kinship, but there's also some Another example is Hei and Kirihara, both of whom have stoic personalities and are big eaters.

The manga's art style sometimes turns Hei into one. He's always really good-lookingbut generally in a more masculine way. She was blind as a normal human, but has no trouble seeing as a doll, whether as a result of her powers as a medium or something else.

The main curse of being a Contractor is losing one's emotions and moral constraints, but most of those encountered retain enough emotion to be fairly pleasant if amoraland have gained cool powers.

darker than black hei and yin relationship with god

Their obeisance is an important determinant of whether the Contractor has a Blessed with Suck or Cursed with Awesome. Some of the former include having to break one's fingersneeding to cut oneself, and drinking children's blood although the Contractors with the last two were mass murderers.