Db russell and julie finlay relationship trust

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db russell and julie finlay relationship trust

“CSI on Fire”, dredges up the past for Julie Finlay (Elisabeth Shue). Shue explained that Finn has trouble maintaining a romantic relationship, but that's exactly why things are so strong between her and DB Russell (Ted Danson). “It's safe She trusts him and she is the best she is when she is with him.”. Connection, DB and his wife ran on to the scene to see his daughter and Mrs. Russell cried hugging her daughter. Nick, we have a witness a Julie Finlay she's getting checked out now. "Who can we trust?. Julie Finlay, known by Finn or Finlay to most of her co-workers, Finn has on the show has to be the relationship between her and DB Russell.

For example, he has a one-night stand with Kristi, and she is murdered later that night, resulting in him being a suspect. Shortly afterward, Warrick is murdered. Catherine turns down an offer to move into Grissom's office and offers it to Nick.

He accepts it after some thought, then, in turn, decides to share the office space with Greg Sanders and Riley Adams.

'CSI': Where are they now?

Nick is promoted to assistant supervisor after Sara Sidle advises Catherine that she needs a "number two". Nick handles tarantulas and takes Grissom's old tarantula under his care. Haskell kills Tina, but Ray is implicated in her death. Russell season 12 premiere.

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In the season finale, "Homecoming", Nick announces to his colleagues that he is quitting his job at CSI, as he is no longer able to stand the widespread corruption in the department. He then walks out of the room and appears to be heading out of the building. In the season 13 premiere, "Karma to Burn", following a drunken confrontation with police, he is convinced by Sara Sidle to return to the team.

Nick reveals to Sara that he has gotten an offer that is too good to refuse, but it will mean walking away from the friendships he has cultivated in good old Sin City. Sara reminds him that she will only be a car-ride away and reminds him what Gil Grissom would say to him: Relationship with colleagues[ edit ] Nick is an affable man, friendly even to David Hodges. Prior to Warrick's death, the duo are good friends and Nick sets up a college fund for Warrick's son.

Nick colludes with Greg and Hodges to kidnap Henry for his birthday celebrations. When a new investigator, Ray Langston, takes his first case, Nick acts as his mentor, giving him tips and helping with the investigation.

In "Wild Flowers"; however, Stokes and she are shown to be close once again with him warning Moreno not to play games with Finn, while Moreno states she is "hot and cold". After regaining her friendships with Nick and D. Finn's professional integrity is cemented in "Pick and Roll", when she warns D.

One of the bodies is revealed to be a victim who is part of the case in which Finn resigned from the Seattle P. Finn travels to Seattle, where she reconciles with her ex-husband, smashing his TV before noting that she paid for it. The CSI's prime suspect is later found dead shortly after Finn entered his hotel room with a gun, leading to her being dismissed from the case by both Jim Brass and Al Robbins.

db russell and julie finlay relationship trust

The case is later solved, with Finn stating it has taken her "two years, two jobs, one marriage", but she has finally caught him. She then returns to Vegas in time to support in an investigation into the discovery of a severed head "Strip Maul"and support Sara in her marital difficulties "Risky Business Class".

Finn later re-enacts a murder at a news station alongside the rest of the team, appearing surprised when the young weather forecaster actually possesses meteorological knowledge "Dead Air". During this season, Finn is also revealed to have played tennis as a child, and engages in a match with Chris Evert during a murder investigation "Double Fault". She later supervises the processing of text messages sent to and from CSI: NY 's Mac Taylor 's girlfriend Christine's phone as part of a kidnapping investigation, describing them as "flirtatious" "In Vino Veritas"and bonds with Robbins over his taste in music "Exile".

In "Forget Me Not", Finlay processes Sara when she is accused of homicide, inquiring as to whether her colleagues are "team Grissom or team Sara", in lieu of their separation. She also demonstrates at least some understanding of playing cards in "Last Woman Standing", noting the significance of the weapons depicted thereon. Though Finn notes she has demons from her high school days, she chooses not to dwell on the past, and instead to grow up and move on "Dead of the Class".

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This is a trait she shares with Greg Sanders. In "Sheltered", Finn once again demonstrates an affinity for the victim, choosing to go to the hospital instead of processing the crime scene, and in "Ghosts of the Past", she bonds with a former kidnapping victim, though she returns to processing blood evidence in the intermediate episodes "Backfire" and "Fearless". During the season finale, Finn plays a key role in convincing Ecklie to send Morgan undercover, which results in the latter being kidnapped "Skin in the Game".

In "Torch Song", Finn is impressed by Nick Stokes and his knowledge of arson investigation as the two probe a nightclub fire that resulted in the deaths of four people. In "Girls Gone Wild", while accompanying Sara Sidle and Morgan Brody on a car trip that leaves them stranded in a rural Nevada town, Finn is assaulted and nearly raped by a shady mechanic who previously assisted the three women with their car trouble.

She stabs the man with his own knife in self-defense, initially leaving him for dead. After informing Sara and Morgan of what happened, the three return to the site of the attack, only to find the mechanic missing. These events arouse the suspicions of the chauvinistic local sheriff, though the subsequent investigation eventually clears Finn of any wrongdoing.

Season 15[ edit ] During the season premiere, Russell and Finlay are called to a crime scene in which all the evidence has been processed, much in the manner of a serial killer they hunted in Seattle.

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Though Finn originally thinks it may be the work of a copycat, her old colleague and recent love interest, Daniel Shaw, confirms that his partner has gone missing, and it may be the work of the Gig Harbor killer - whom D. As Finlay questions whether the original killer had a partner, she finds herself trapped inside a car rigged to explode.

As the bomb squad fail to render the device inactive, D. As Russell and she continue to work on the investigation, they discover that their original suspect has an identical twin brother, though Finn stresses the importance of finding evidence of them meeting before the murders "Buzz Kill".

Though Finn continues to work on other cases throughout the season, such as a suspected release of the Ebola virus "Bad Blood"the death of a man in a doll suit "Rubbery Homicide"a riot at a prison "Let's Make a Deal"the murder of a party girl "Road to Recovery"and the death of a chemistry teacher "The Book of Shadows"she remains wholly preoccupied with catching the Gig Harbor killer.

Though she was absent from the theater where the massacre took place, the killer tried to shoot Finn in an elevator as she was leaving a hotel room with a former lover; he is injured in the process, leaving Finn to tend to his wounds - successfully.

'CSI': Where are they now?

She then contemplates embarking on a serious relationship with the criminalist. Finn's hunt for the Gig Harbor killer continues in "The Twin Paradox", in which she concludes that Briscoe likely knew about Winthrop's existence earlier than he claims. She tracks the killer to an old warehouse, and leads a tactical team on entry, though he has already gone.

db russell and julie finlay relationship trust

Finn is later forced to shoot and kill one of the killer's hostages after she attacks Greg with a gun. In "Dead Rails", Finn is shown instructing Morgan on the analysis of blood spatter patterns, exploring her teaching role within the team.

db russell and julie finlay relationship trust

In the same episode, she also helps to build a case when a friend of Catherine Willows's father is found dead. She works on reconstructing broken glass in "Angle of Attack", and later works closely with Nick. During the investigation, Finn and Russell decide to head to Seattle to find the twins' birth mother. Finn goes to her apartment to pack her bags.