Digimon taiki and akari relationship

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digimon taiki and akari relationship

Inspired from Episode 21 of Digimon Xros Wars where Taiki says Taiki and Akari has that sort of bestfriend relationship, and I think Taiki and. on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Digimon, Hunters and Digimon tamers. Akari and Taiki Hunter Games, Digimon, Hunters, Anime Art, Me Gustas. Angie Hinomoto (陽ノ本アカリ, Hinomoto Akari) is a character in the Digimon Fusion series brother relationship, despite the fact that Akari is younger than Taiki.

Abruptly, Nene's concerned voice knocked him out of his musings. The twenty-four-year-old blushed a little and laughed awkwardly. Sorry, I guess I spaced out! Anyway, let's go get some lunch! But before anyone could say or do anything else, none other than Zenjirou's voice broke through.

Ignoring his heart's reflexive twinge, he forced a bright smile on his face, if only for his friend's sake. Long time, no talk! Zenjirou nodded with gusto. It was typical of the kendo lover to be hyperactive, but the brunette guessed there was something more than just his normal personality. I asked her to marry me, and she said yes! Turning to an unnoticeably-stiff Taiki, he requested with baited breath, "Taiki, will you be my best man? Akari and Zenjirou were getting married!

Tears pricked his eyes, but he blinked them back for fear of Zenjirou getting suspicious. Memories of their first time in the Digital World flashed in his mind's eye: Akari always taking care of him and how she'd gotten jealous whenever Bastemon hugged him.

Snapping out of it when the memories stopped, he tuned back in to find Nene talking with Zenjirou. Kiriha stood with them, pretending to listen, yet secretly stealing glances at Taiki.

digimon taiki and akari relationship

I'm really happy for you guys! His blond friend frowned, growing increasingly worried, and Nene watched him go with sympathy burning inside her. Then, shaking her head, she beamed. Nene pulled back and giggled before sprinting away, earning a chuckling Zenjirou a glare. For Taiki, the Digital World was where he could escape his worries and be happy. But today, even coming here didn't cheer him up.

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He was the type to stay positive, sure, but right now, he felt so much agony. He ran towards Shoutmon's castle, finally allowing the tears to drop as he did so. Pushing open the double doors of the castle, Taiki caught everyone's attention as he fell to his knees. Getting over this quickly enough, he rushed up to Taiki with Dorulumon, Cutemon and Ballistamon at his heels.

Akari and Zenjirou are getting married! Shoutmon's mouth dropped open in shock, and he was about to go on one of his tirades when Ballistamon clamped a hand over his mouth.

At this, the human smiled minutely. I-I can't just ruin this for them! It was so typical of their General to put others before himself.

He opened his mouth to speak, but Shoutmon cut in. She probably only dated Zenjirou because she thought you didn't return her feelings! Even if that were true, Zenjirou was his friend, and it would break his heart if the gogglehead crashed the wedding.

It just wasn't like him to cause someone pain.

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I'm sure he'll understand, even if it's hard or takes a while," Dorulumon counseled calmly. Shoutmon raised his staff in determination, roaring encouragingly, "You have our full support, Taiki! Taiki looked at each of his friends in turn and closed his eyes tightly, clenching his fists.

Akari Love Taiki

Before, he would have died before betraying one of his friends…but if he had the support of the Digimon and maybe Nene and Kiriha, perhaps he could do this without permanently damaging his relationship with Zenjirou.

Finally opening his eyes and relaxing his hands, he nodded at last. Once the big day arrived, Nene was the obvious choice to help Akari get ready.

Over the course of the morning, the brunette attempted to talk to the redhead about Taiki multiple times, but it always ended with the same roadblock: Taiki didn't love her the way she loved him and never had, so she was simply getting on with her life.

It made Nene wonder what she would have done if Kiriha had waited so long to tell her how he felt… Such pondering came to a staggering halt when Akari stepped up to the full-length mirror. The bride-to-be turned away and pretended to adjust her hair and dress in the mirror in order to hide herself. She couldn't let Nene see even the smallest bit of truth.

taiki x akari

After accepting Zenjirou's proposal, she'd spent many nights crying herself to sleep because she couldn't stop thinking about Taiki. As much as she denied it, as many times as she'd tried to convince herself it was a long-done childhood crush, she still loved the boy and even more so the wonderful man he'd become. Dropping her hands, she mentally scolded herself.

She was marrying Zenjirou, so these thoughts of Taiki would have to stop! Finally satisfied with both facets of herself, she walked with Nene into the waiting arms of her Father. Standing to the side of the altar, Taiki couldn't help but fidget. He hadn't told anyone, not even Kiriha, what he was planning to do.

This wasn't going to be easy, he knew that, but he also knew he had to do it. He was just glad all of his Digimon friends would be there to provide back-up. Still…h-he didn't even know what he was going to say… Glancing to his right, the twenty-four-year-old caught a glimpse of Zenjirou.

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digimon taiki and akari relationship

I can't stop writing about them since I was not satisfied about them, I wish their fans a lot like Taiora because they look so much likely so I will spread love about them!

Get Out Of My Mind! Taiki was finished Basketball Practice. His body was sweat and dirty, he was looking Akari but he didn't find her. She told me she have sewing club today' he thought.

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You give me a heart attack" he protested as he notice Zen holding some book. There is a lot girls better than Akari, Taiki Taiki just shook his head. I only love Akari Your girlfriend always the best!

digimon taiki and akari relationship

Beside she not bad at all, she have gorgeous leg, big boobs too and-" Zenjirou stop talking as he felt Taiki give him a death glare. I'm not talk about it again okay! You should learn from here more! You know I don't like stuff like that! Even you the greatest General in Digital World doesn't mean you still kid! You need to try to think of her more deeply about her body and tried-" "ZEEN!

Zen make me crazy" he said after changing clothes and went out, he heard girl cheering him from back 'Yay! His skin and his eyes soooo gorgeous! Taiki was waiting Akari in front of the school, he was lost I his thought.

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Akari walked close to him and saw he was nose bleeding, she take her tissue and cleaning it which make Taiki realized. I fell minutes ago and it's bleeding again They walking to their home together and holding each other. The next day on Afternoon, Taiki went to the Supermarket to bought what his mom needed, while he waiting, he saw the Mature Magazine Zenjirou's Favorite one, he can't stop his curiosity and read it. When he returned to his home, he saw Akari's shoes.