Digvijay singh relationship with amrita rai and

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digvijay singh relationship with amrita rai and

Amrita Rai confirms marriage with Digvijay Singh, says 'want him to give “I have no hesitation in accepting my relationship with Amrita Rai. Senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh took to social platform Singh and Rai's relationship gave new fodder for internet jokes and memes. Digvijaya Singh admits 'relationship' with scribe Amrita Rai; BJP cries given by the actions of senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh Sahab.

Rai, said to be in her early 40s, also tweeted that she will marry Singh after divorce with her husband. After which I have decided to marry with Digvijaya Singh," she tweeted.

Digvijay Singh Relationship With TV Anchor Amrita Rai Proves Age is no Obstacle to Love | Latest

Rai alleged that her email account and computer were hacked. I strongly condemn it," she said in her tweet. Congress General Secretary Shakeel was asked about the issue at the party's media briefing but he said he was not aware of it.

BJP, on the other hand, raised the question of morality and legality and asked Congress leadership to take cognizance. Amrita Rai's husband said the relationship between the couple had ended a long time back and that she was free to take her own independent decisions.

Relationship between us has ended long back and Amrita is free to take any decision regarding her life and I will respect it," he posted on the facebook.

Digvijaya Singh admits 'relationship' with scribe Amrita Rai; BJP cries 'adultery' over affair

Rai's husband also appealed everyone to respect their privacy and not to create an embarrassing situation regarding the issue. He, however, said it was a "tough and painful phase" for him. I wish her well for her future. I know that my friends, well wishers and students are sad due to this but I also know that they are standing by me," the husband said. Attacking Digvijaya Singh, Lekhi said, "Secret marriage is not possible because there is no divorce.

digvijay singh relationship with amrita rai and

All I can say is that the lesson of morality gives a perverted definition and I think Congress leadership should take into cognisance because I cannot react more than this as I am not Mr Digvijay Singh. We have also later registered our marriage.

Congress leader Digvijaya Singh marries TV anchor Amrita Rai

On this occasion, I would like to thank all those who have stood by me through all the difficult times that I faced recently.

Last one and a half years have been particularly stressful and traumatic. I was the victim of a cyber crime, but was treated as a criminal.

digvijay singh relationship with amrita rai and

I was trolled and abused in most derogatory language for no fault of mine. Those who themselves have no concept or belief in love and dignity tried to shame me on social media.

digvijay singh relationship with amrita rai and

But all during this period, I kept a dignified silence and went on with my work, believing in myself and my love for DIgvijaya. I know, question have been raised and will be raised on the age difference between us.

Digvijay Singh and Amrita in Mysore Palace

But I sincerely feel that at my age I know what is good for me and I can take my decisions as per my own wisdom. I also know that motives can be attributed to my decision.

digvijay singh relationship with amrita rai and

Time is the only final arbitrator in such matters. I am a professional woman, who has worked hard throughout my career and have made a place and reputation for myself. I believe in my professional capabilities and like any other modern women, I have and will continue to shoulder my personal and family responsibilities on my own. I have married Digvijaya Singh for love.

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