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dmc dante and kat relationship help

You can help the Devil May Cry Wiki by editing it. . Dante displays a more caring side to his female associate, Kat, telling her to leave him and. Kante is the het ship between Dante and Kat from the Devil May Cry fandom. Kat helps Dante by throwing a molotov at its face, weakening it a bit so Dante can . As his relationship with Kat grew people began really shipping them, seeing. For DmC: Devil May Cry on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs Not to mention the part when Dante's heading out to kill Bob Barbas and he winks at Kat and the has no problem being a dick to her while still needing her help.

Oh, you don't know who your father is? What about your mother Eva? Oh, sorry, classified order information. I have to keep my secrets, you know. In any case, you go ahead and run along now, I don't want to keep you. My time is precious as well, and if it doesn't have to do with the Order, then I'm afraid I can't waste it. Enjoy the rest of your very short life outside this complex. Even if he is weaker than dante physically, he'd have total dominance, holding the secrets and his safety over his head.

Intelligence vs strength, conflicting on equal grounds. And this could easily go on the entire game, him manipulating Dante by exploiting his desire to know more about himself, his relationship with Kat, etc, right up to the very end where Vergil just has to fight, and again, while physically weakerhe can demonstrate greater battle tactics perhaps using the environment to help him with the fight. It doesn't necessarily have to be mean like I suggested with my text, but he should never have been begging like a dog for scraps.

Sparda and Mundus suffer more in the translation however, probably due to their vagueness in the original DMC. He was such a force to be reckoned with, essentially a god greater than even mundus, and yet he fought for what was right, and settled to have a family, which is a very human desire. In fairness, a lot of the depth of Sparda comes from vagueness and how the lore was set up for the fans to fill in the blanks more on that later.

But the essence of Sparda was that he had all the power in the world and was set to do great evil He did the opposite. Like the inverse of Lucifer.

DmC's Sparda, at best, vaguely suggest his importance and power by being related to mundus and seemingly having a servant in phineas. But as soon as Mundus found out about Eva, he came down and manhandled him pretty easily. And that's where he's left, suffering for a thousand years, with Mundus not even bothering to pick out his replacement and not showing himself to be any worse for it.

He didn't seem to do any great deeds or have a dramatic change of character or anything like that. He just happened to fall in love with Eva for seemingly no reason, much like with Dante and Kat and But worse is how Dante and Vergil react to him. In DMC, his legacy wasn't merely the power that left the twins, but it was the effect that both parents had on both the twin's character. In Dmc, Sparda's contribution to the story is his sperm. He himself isn't important.

It could have been any demons sperm, really. Sparda here is so much less meaningful than he was in DMC. Again, I stress that I am not simply bitching that Sparda has been changed, but because the essence of his character hasn't been kept intact.

If they wanted to put more emphasis on Sparda being in love with Eva and show him as weaker, that would be perfectly fine, but they still need to include his awakening to justice, and his rebellion against demonkind.

So, what I would do is have Eva be out on a mission to seduce Sparda into justice, and she does, falling in love with him in the process, to which they have a family. His newly awakened sense of justice and unique position in Mundus' army allows him to get closer than anyone else would be able to. However, he fails, but manages to make Mundus impotent, justifying Mundus' irrational desire to have a child. Sparda awakens to justice and rebels, while NT still put their own spin on the story, and it helps explain a plot element that otherwise makes no sense in the game.

Mundus and his army of demons were Evil, not evil as in the moral action as we understand it, but as a metaphysical concept. They wanted to kill and take over the human world because it was in their nature.

Not the deepest of motivations, I'll grant you, but what I like about it is that it is truly alien. It's not about getting stuff because they need it or anything comprehensible by humans.

I was perfectly willing to accept DmC's system of demons Before, it was assumed that demons could only affect limbo, but at the end, the Hellgate is closed, something Mundus could have done at any time, and limbo collapsed into the real world where the demons were seen. Why did they just not do that? Why not enslave us the normal, physical way, which would be much easier for them.

Instead, they try to get at us with these soft drinks and crappy news reporters. They go through the trouble of keeping a society fully functional, yet on the brink of decadence and for what?

I honestly can't think of any reason except maybe that they're bored and decided to challenge themselves. It doesn't help that Mundus was made so much more human. I won't argue that he was some deep character in the original, but he was definitely alien like the rest of the demons were, not really able to comprehend why dante is so upset when "I can just make more artificial demons, just like Trish".

Mundus of DmC doesn't have that excuse. He's very human in comparison. He has sexual urges, he lusts after human attention evidence by his photo with all sorts of famous peoplehe is greedy, prideful Here, NT kept his sociopathy, but made him too human in the process, when he and the rest of the demons are suppose to be alien beings.

It results in this contradiction of characteristics that make make him not a demon at all, but just a particularly dickish guy who is going through this silliness with limbo, when he could easily just openly rule humans like Mundus of old would do. And then they, bizarrely, missed the one chance they had to expand on a DMC character that didn't have much characterization. They made Eva into an Angel and gave her a greater presense, but in the end, she is a copy of Eva.

Her being an angel is, again, a plot device for Dante to be speshul and also get a new weapon, but her status as an angel isn't really commented upon. Here was a very good opportunity to turn the tables a bit. If Mundus can only be killed by a nephilim, it'd make more sense for Eva to have been the one who seduced Sparda maybe fallen in love with him legitimately, but that's irrelevant in order to breed a child that could kill Mundus.

This would break away from her DMC characterization, but Eva was such a blank character there that they have plenty of foundation to build upon it. The essence of Eva was that she loved her sons and her death serves to motivate the twins in some way.

NT do that here, in fact they establish this more than the DMC games by giving her her own character model and sequences in Mission 2, but don't do anything more with her when they could have done so much, especially with her new identity as an angel. Vergil, Sparda, Mundus, NT failed all these characters. Dante and Kat alone stand up as realized characters the way they should be if you see the essentials of the aforementioned DMC characters as I do, atleastand it is their relationship that clearly has the most effort put into being realized.

No, not just the character relationship, it's the single most important story element in the game, at the expense of nearly everything else, which is why the story ultimately fails to have any hold on the audience.

I don't predict that this story is gonna stay with people very long, unless you really, really liked the characters here for some reason. To make a story stay with an audience after the credits have rolled, you need some hooks to speculate on what is beyond that which is shown.

This doesn't necessarily have to be something for a sequel, but just some mystery that provokes the audiences mind to wonder at it. Part of the reason that DMC had a huge story fanbase was also because of all the blanks that fans were left to fill because the lore suggested certain things, but didn't expand on them, allowing fans to assume a lot and make the universe feel bigger than merely what was happening in the story that was shown.

Even DMC2 contributed to this. We had untold tales we could contemplate. What was the relationship between Mundus and Argosax since they were both demon rulerswhat awakened Sparda to justice, how did that war proceed exactly, what was Sparda's relationship with all the demons that mention knowing him personally, what happened to Dante after he rode into Hell in DMC2, etc.

Lots of good hooks that fans were left with to speculate on. In comparison, DmC's lore is so thread bare.

To be clear, saying little and saying nothing at all isn't the same thing. A history between Beowulf and Sparda was suggested, and fans can make some assumptions off that.

dmc dante and kat relationship help

Because of how Beowulf is particularly enraged at the very mention of sparda, more than any other demon thousands of years later, I think it can be assumed that it was't just a betrayal of demon nature, but a personal betrayal of trust to him, and we are intrigued as to what their relationship could have been. Compare that to Mundus saying when he arrived to humanity a millennium ago.

Where was he before? Why did he come? What were his goals? Any guess is as good as another. We have no foundation to build off of. Therefore, maybe he was kicked out of hell, or maybe he was just taking a very long nap, or maybe he was just bored, or maybe there was something he wanted. It could be anything. DmC had plenty of opportunities to give the players these kinds of hooks and it squandered all except the incident with phineas.

A great example would be Bob. There is so much contradictory about him in comparison to the rest of demon kind. He seems to truly exist as this strange, abstract entity that Dante kills and then gets Aquila from.

Why does Bob not have a physical demon body like everyone else? Why is he electronic when everyone else seemed to be made out of some kind of physical material? Why was he carrying around this archaic style angel chakram weapon? NT could have used this to expand on the capabilities of demonkind.

Make Bob an artificial demon intelligence, which was made from Angel tech that demons corrupted. Not only do you take an out of place element within the story and make it flow seamlessly into the narrative, but you world build and give fans a hint of angel culture as well and give fans some possibilities to speculate on the next game that can include an expansion of more of these electronic demons as demon technology progresses.

Instead, everything moves along because it's what the plot needs at the moment, not caring whether this element of world building makes sense later. Dante needs some kind of reason to trust kat, so have the otherwise weakling Hunter be completely immune until she throws this random fire grenade thing at him, after which he is vulnerable for some reason.

If whatever protection the Hunter had would have made him impervious to Dante's attacks, why don't ALL demons, or atleast important ones like Poison, have that? Why aren't there more Nephilim out there? If Nephilim can kill the demon king, and angels want to do that, and Mundus has political enemies, then both angels and demons should be eager to do the dirty and let their children destroy their common enemy.

Goddamn, limbo, what sense do you even make? Throughout his fight with demons the girl guides him. Once the fighting has ceased for the moment, the girl comes up to Dante.

He pulls his guns on her. My name is Kat — I'm not a demon. She then tells him again to follow her. Trying to lead Dante to a rift back into the real-world, the Hunter demon traps him in. Kat helps Dante by throwing a molotov at its face, weakening it a bit so Dante can kill it. Once back in the real-world, Kat pulls up to Dante in a car saying how she helped him back there and her boss, the leader of The Order, wants to see him.

Dante reluctantly gets into the car. After meeting with Kat's boss, Vergil, the three of them travel to Dante and Vergil's old home — the place where Vergil learned who he was. Dante trusts Kat that she won't let him fall to his death. With The Order's first mission underway — to take down Virility, Dante is spotted by a demon surveillance camera, pulling him into Limbo. Kat knows she's not safe if she stays, she voices this to Dante and he tells her to go. Kat comes back with the locations of the other cameras, she tells Dante to follow her.

In the Virility factory, Dante and Kat have a small heart-to-heart about their pasts. As they make their way through the factory, they come to a point where Kat can't follow - Dante in Limbo, Kat in the real-world. Dante and Kat's second moment of trust. Kat trusts Dante enough to open up about her past.

Dante asks how Kat and Vergil met. Kat is first reluctant to answer. You can trust me too. As Kat talks, Dante seems to regret bring it up, now knowing why Kat didn't want to talk about it before. Kat assures him it's okay and continues. Vergil tells Dante he'll have to go alone as Kat can't follow where he's headed.

He tells her he's sure it'll be lovely before winking at her. The broadcast shows photos of Vergil and Kat; zooming in on Kat's photo to show how concerned Dante is for her. Dante rushes to The Order seeing police and S. T, relived that they're not inside yet, Dante finds his own way in. Once in, through Limbo, Dante yells for Kat more so than his own brother, Vergil.

Dante sees demons attempting to break in, but unable to because of Kat's wards of graffiti. The deeper Dante goes into the building, the more infested it is. When he gets her attention, Kat runs up to him, panicking. Knowing they have to find Vergil now, they work together again. Kat is still in immense danger, so she guides Dante through the building, allowing him to protect her. Kat is soon spotted by a S. While in Limbo, Dante is powerless to help Kat.

As she gets beat, he tries to hold her hand. Once Vergil is found, Dante is adamant the three of them get out immediately. Vergil refuses, wanting to protect the highly sensitive data of The Order.

Vergil tells Kat to arm the self-destruct system. Kat follows his orders, shaking a bit.

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Once the data is secure and self-destruct is imminent Vergil tells Dante it's time to leave, leaving Kat behind. Dante fires at Vergil about Kat. Kat explains that there's no way out in the real-word, Vergil agrees telling Dante they can't help her.

Kat voices her concern, telling him she's scared.

The problems of DmC's story

Dante tells her all she needs to do is hold out for as long as she can and that he will come back for her. Seconds later, the S. T blows through the door and immediately shoots Kat in the shoulder. The self-destruct kicks in and Dante runs to Vergil, the two of them make it out.

dmc dante and kat relationship help

As the building breaks, Dante watches on with a heartbroken expression before following Vergil. At Vergil's safe house, Dante and Vergil watch a video sent by the demon king, Mundus.