Donna douglas and elvis presley relationship

Elvis' Women: Donna Douglas

donna douglas and elvis presley relationship

In Saturday's Mail, in an extract from his brilliant new book about Elvis, RAY CONNOLLY revealed the star's unusual - and stifling - relationship. A new book about Elvis Presley dubs him the King of Foreplay. The birth of Lisa Marie changed the dynamic of his relationship with Priscilla. Elvis Presley Donna Douglas, The actress who played tomboy Elly May Clampett on s television show 'The Beverly Hillbillies' has settled.

It would probably have to be him in the all-black shirt and pants doing yoga.

I enjoyed this movie because it was different, since it took place in Europe and had sort of a crime caper feel to it. It was actually filmed in California. Other than when in the army, Elvis never visited Europe. Elvis plays Guy Lambert, an American singer who falls for a teenage heiress whose uncle, it turns out, is trying to kill her.

donna douglas and elvis presley relationship

They are chased and murder is attempted throughout the movie until the end, where the bad guys are caught and Elvis gets the girl.

Elvis told her to watch the movie carefully when it came out.

Donna Douglas

This was the first and only movie Annette Day his leading lady ever made. Elvis gave Annette a sports car as a gift, which she later gave to her brother. I loved any of the scenes where he fought. And there was a really sexy part where he threw a chair through a glass window. Sigh…Elvis was so sexy and I always love Shelley Fabares as his leading lady.

And, Bill Bixby is in it, and I loved watching him in Elvis movies. He plays the perfect cad in Clambake. This was another movie where people said Elvis was fat. Elvis plays Scott Heyward, the rich son of a rich oil field magnate who is discouraged because he feels women only love him for his money.

He meets Shelley Diannewho is there to look for a rich man and finds him in the form of Bill Bixby. Elvis was an avid reader of books on philosophy and religion, and the two stars found that they had a common interest.

Between takes, they would discuss Christianity and talk about the different books they had read. When Elvis started getting interested in these kinds of books, he often consulted his friend, Larry Geller, who had an extensive collection, and they often discussed spiritual matters.

I emailed Larry and asked him about Elvis' relationship with Donna, and here's his response: Both were studying the works of Paramahansa Yogananda and were close to the president Daya Mata.

At lunch and at breaks Elvis and Donna would get into some heavy spiritual conversations. They did have a lot in common, and several people thought sparks were flying. Even though Elvis respected Donna, he only regarded her in a professional capacity and held her in high esteem. I used to visit her in her dressing room, we would meditate and discuss various philosophic subjects that we shared.

donna douglas and elvis presley relationship

Eventually, Donna moved on from those studies, and embraced a more fundamental version of Christianity. In a interview with "Confessions of a Pop Culture Addict", she summed up her views on the role: She is a wonderful little door opener for me because people love her, and they love the Hillbillies.

donna douglas and elvis presley relationship

Even to this day it's shown every day somewhere. But, as with any abilities, she may open a door for you, but you have to have substance or integrity to advance you through that door.

Douglas frequently performed as a gospel singer and was a speaker at church groups, youth groups, schools and colleges across the United States. She appeared at conventions and trade fairs.

donna douglas and elvis presley relationship

She recorded several gospel albums, the first released in[11] and recorded a few minor country music records during the s and s. Children's Stories with a Bible Touch. The book included Bible stories featuring animals combined with a coloring book.

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The book also has a section on good manners called "Hollywood Social Graces". The couple divorced that same year. Leedsdirector of The Beverly Hillbillies, in ; they divorced in