Doofenshmirtz and perry relationship quiz

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doofenshmirtz and perry relationship quiz

Doofenshmirtz and Perry have a very strange relationship. They claim to be enemies, but they are relatively civil to one another more often than one would think. The second season of Phineas and Ferb started on Disney XD February 19, , and on Flynn, secret agent Perry the Platypus, and the evil Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz. . 62, 15, "Let's Take a Quiz", Zac Moncrief, Joe Orrantia & Mike Roth, June 22, .. Meanwhile, Candace and Stacy's relationship is put to the test when. Phineas and Ferb s02e15 - Let's Take a Quiz (15 min) Episode Script. I don†™t know anything about celebrity relationships. That's it! Hey, where's Perry?.

I mean, besides me, and my kids, and everyone I know, and everyone else. What most of these shows share with Phineas and Ferb is a blisteringly fast-paced, gag-driven, winkingly absurdist style popularized by The Simpsons. Candace is determined to bring all this to the attention of levelheaded Linda, though this never quite works out. After a few episodes, though, a strange thing happens: This dynamic is very different from the pat uplifting or heartwarming sentiments often tacked onto cynical postmodern entertainment from The Simpsons to Community.

On other shows, inspirational speeches and unifying sentiments often though not always play as rote convention, or even ironic deconstruction, as much as, or even more than, genuine uplift. After 20 minutes of conflict and selfishness, the characters share a two-minute group hug, but both the storytellers and savvy viewers see through it.

Here the conflict is rote convention, and the uplift is sincere. What makes it Sisyphusian is that in every story, like clockwork, whatever the boys have built happens to be vaporized, levitated away, rendered invisible, or otherwise done away with just before their mom sees it. Naturally, Linda thinks Candace is overly imaginative or crazy, but she takes it in good-humored stride. However embarrassing the circumstances, Candace is never really humiliated, because everyone is so nice.

Before posting a question, ask yourself "Can this be answered by Rule of Funny? Yes it can", consider whether posting it is a good idea. There's a hundred and six eps of Phineas and Ferb before they play the season ender. And the weekly-ish problem for all of the fanbase is finding Headscratchers to enter. Note that examples related to The Movie should go to its respective page.

doofenshmirtz and perry relationship quiz

Why is it that their parents always give in to Candace's begging to be in charge? I love Candace as a characterbut it seems weird that they wouldn't have learned from past events that whenever they put her in charge, she freaks out. She also threw that party Why don't they just get a baby sitter? The only episode I can think of where she's specifically put in charge is Summer Belongs to You, and my guess is that it's only because both parents were going to be gone for a couple days.

Even in the first episode, Linda says that no one has to be in charge, and finally relented by saying she was in charge if a satellite crashed into the house. Candace just likes to think she's in charge most of the time. Looking to the scripts in the Phineas and Ferb wiki, in most episodes after the first season, she is specifically put in charge when she says she is in charge. Maybe they figured that Candace being In Charge basically meant they'd have one person ready to call the authorities in case of any real troubles.

They just didn't have the same ideas of what was a crisis as Candice did. If the reason to put anyone in charge is only because of Candace's insistence, makes sense ignore her party when choosing the person to be put in charge. Beyond it, she always freaks out, "in charge" or not. In their introductory episode he didn't fit into his old costume anymore.

As for since then, well I guess we can blame him not getting another one on Limited Wardrobe. He does appear in his old look in "Rollercoaster: The Musical" but still has gray hair. On the side of their tour bus in the movie, he has the same look, but still has his old hairdo when he comes out, indicating it could just be a wig he uses for concerts.

Why doesn't Candace just buy a camera? I mean, yeah, we all know it'll get damaged by the end of the episode, or the film will suffer the same problems as Al Bundy's film when he got the pictures of the aliens, but still. A cheap disposable camera's only a few bucks!

She tried taking pictures once.

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Her phone has a camera on it, and she never thinks of using it. She did end up using the camera in one episode, but she stuck her thumb on the lens. That was Buford's thumb, not hers. At least, that was implied. She gets a camcorder in "Tour de Ferb," yet still fails. Was it too good to be true? Yes, yes it was. Let's face it, Candace is an enormous Cosmic Plaything. Anything she uses to bust the boys that would be practical for anyone else will somehow fail, in the most outlandish of ways if necessary.

She lost two phones offscreen between "Rollercoaster" and "Candace Disconnected. She also once stole a traffic camera that had filmed them in action, in "Traffic Cam Capers" but let it fall into water to save Phineas, who was slippingand had filmed the entire adventure herself with her cell phone in "Meapless in Seattle" but threw it at Mitch to prevent him from escaping.

It's attracted a surprising amount of viewers over the target demographic, and everyone's thinking it, so it only belongs here: Surely their parents would notice the large bills they've been getting The city might be sponsoring them.

IIRC, they are shown to have helped the government and for them to even be getting permit, they must have done something extraordinary. The royalties from "Gitchie Gitchie Goo. It could be Linda na 's royalties money goes toward there inventions, at least until they have their already listed royalties.

Don't forget, some of their inventions have profited, like the rollercoaster, the fashion line, the movie, the inaction figure, you get the picture Dan Povenmire's explanation as of Comic Con is that they made some investments with the money they charged for riding the rollercoaster. Really good investments, apparently.

It's also possible that their pet being a secret agent means they get things for free or for a lower cost. They wouldn't know about that discount though, since they don't know about Perry's secret identity.

No one thinks to mention the Shooting Star Milkshake Bar?

Heinz Doofenshmirtz

I mean, Phineas and Ferb OWN the franchise knowing them, they'd probably have expanded the market if it wasn't already. They'd probably be gaining a lot of profits from that alone, in addition to the other profitable inventions mentioned above as for how they use space currency, though Does Danville only have one television station?

doofenshmirtz and perry relationship quiz

Actually, no, in Perry Lays An Egg, Candace is shown watching the show's equivalent to Animal Planet because she was to lazy to change the channel. A secret pocket in his butt? The same place Meap gets his photos. From where does Meap pull out his photos from? The same place Buford gets his velvet rope. From where does Buford pull out his velvet rope from?

The same place where Pinky gets his hat. From where does Pinky pull out his hat from?

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The same place where Perry gets his hat. Which is also the same place that Kowalski from The Penguins of Madagascar show gets his clipboard and crayon.

The answer is obvious: Hammer Space If the goal of Perry's assignments is to "put a stop to Doof's plans", Doof will just come back with another plan, like he always does. Why don't they just order Perry to destroy him?! Because they're the good guys. If Perry the Platypus killed someone, I would turn off the TV and curl up in my sock drawer sobbing about how I just saw a cute fuzzy animal brutally slaughter a man in cold blood. Leave the destroying things to the bad guys. Is it wrong I laughed at "a cute fuzzy animal brutally slaughter a man in cold blood"?

Beside, Doof is a Harmless Villain who is not even remotely evil. Do we really need to destroy him? But he has "evil" in his company's jingle Perry would lose his livelihood if Doofenshmirtz kicked the bucket. Yeah, Perry's job is to keep him in line, not to destroy him.

They wouldn't be able to destroy Doofenshmirtz, he has Joker Immunity. It's even Lampshaded by Vanessa in one episode: He blows up all the time. You get attached to someone after fighting them every day for a couple years. And yes, Perry is too awesome to kill anyone. OWCA simply doesn't have the authority for that. His codename is Agent P, not Agent 00P.

doofenshmirtz and perry relationship quiz

Minor complaint, but didn't Mom notice the big freakin' laser for reference, Phineas and Ferb get the blueprints for a Space Laserinator instead of an ice cream machine, but neglect to attach the laser before it blasts off into space in the end of You Scream, I Scream? It's pretty hard to miss. Because of the swoosh pan, it's not made clear where the laser is in relation to the characters.

All we see is that it's at a corner of the fence and somewhere to Phineas' right. That corner could be out of Linda and Candace's view if they have one of those wraparound yards. The aerial view in "The Flying Fishmonger" confirms that there is at least one corner of the fence that would have been invisible from the patio.

Maybe she was distracted by the giant sundae bowl Ferb was holding. Perhaps for the same reasons she didn't notice the big freakin' flame in the tree in "Rollercoaster or the huge gaping hole in it from the explosion the next day? All that explosion did was pop open one of the secret exits Perry uses for his hovercraft as seen in "Traffic Cam Caper".

It must have closed up again by itself soon after. Tell me you don't see a huge gaping hole in our tree! All right, I don't see a huge gaping hole in our tree. If Carl was born without nostrils, then why does Carl put on a mask because of the "garlic smell" in the episode Brain Drain? Major Monogram guessed it was a joke in his resume, perhaps it was really a joke.

He then proceeds to smell it, and even identifies the scent. How can Phineas and Ferb be such geniuses and still not realize that Perry shouldn't be able to lay eggs because he's male? Ferb being the big animal expert of the two should especially know this.

Perry is exceptionally good at his job, and no one would suspect something as absurd as a platypus secret agent anyways. Not entirely convinced Ferb doesn't know.

Phineas thinks Ferb set up the whole "secret agent adventure" thing, and Ferb never got a word in edgewise about it. It's perfectly reasonable that Ferb figured it out, but hasn't bothered to say anything. He is Ferb, after all. Perry might be female. Also, that episode's stinger fantasizes about Perry continuing her career as a teenage girl. Perhaps when the switch occurred, when Candace was in Perry's body, they Thus making 'Perry' able to 'sweat milk'.

But that explanation also means that 'Candace' turned into a boy in the switch, meaning there wouldn't be the whole 'Perry the Teenage Girl' thing.

Just considering is all. I've always assumed that when Candace and Perry switched bodies they actually swapped some of their gender characteristics as well. For example, because Candace is a girl and is now in Perry's body Perry 's body is now able to sweat milk. In short, Perry is undoubtedly male, and Candace is undoubtedly female. They swapped hormones, perhaps? Your average teenage girl has a lot more body mass than a Perry-sized platypus.

Assuming brain chemistry got transferred, it could work out Plus if Perry were female, the squick of its relationship with Dr. Doofus would be lesser They are just kids. Platypus are really weird animals just If you see a male platypus laying an egg, you're not gonna ask any questions.

They seem to devote all their time to engineering and event planning projects, they probably don't have time to also study biology. Phineas and Ferb build crazy inventions every day. Their minds don't seem to be bound by the impossible. Perry laying an egg elicits a similar "Cool!

Perry also doesn't have the poisons spurs on his hind legs, if he did Doof'd be paralyzed and blind by now. A female platypus isn't out of the question, seeing as people mistake the gender of their pets all the time. Perry is a pet. The family most likely had Perry's spurs surgically removed.

Female platypi still have spurs, they just don't produce venom. A spur could probably still be used in combat though. Also males only produce the venom in mating season, which is from june to october in other words, when the show takes place. Venom production rises during the breeding season, but that doesn't mean it's completely down for the rest of the year.

The spurs of female platypuses usually drop off after a year or two, incidentally. Actually Perry does have venom spurs as revealed in a recent episode; "Primal Perry" and the sweating milk thing was just a Rule of Funny. Perry is definitely male. Actually, it was mentioned that platypi have spurs, and Doof asked Perry if this was true, but Perry never answered in the affirmative nodding or anything.

In fact, I think he shrugged.

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Ferb also doesn't know that platypi aren't the only mammals that lay eggs, so he doesn't know everything about animals. After watching It's a Mud, Mud, Mud, Mud World again, I realized this - the boys' dad was in on this caper and actually took part in the monster truck show in his own backyard; Later on in another episode, a roller derby took place with the boys' grandmother Phineas and Candace's grandma being in on what was going on; They made a canyon in the backyard to help their grandfather Ferb's to be specific recapture his glory days.

So why is it only Linda that Candace is so worried about telling? If their dad and grandparents are completely okay with the boys' projects, then why wouldn't their mother be? And even if she wasn't, wouldn't their dad speak up for them?

doofenshmirtz and perry relationship quiz

The non-canon episode where they get busted does show that their dad would stand up for them, and even their mom accepts it after a while, provided it's realistic. He knows she holds the power in the relationship, being an ex-pop star and all that