Durarara shizuo and izaya relationship

Shizuo x Izaya: 5 Reasons They Hate Each Other But Still Couldn't Live Without the Other

durarara shizuo and izaya relationship

This page is for the relationship between Shizuo Heiwajima and Vorona. Izaya himself comments that the relationship between Shizuo and Vorona somewhat. Pretty much Celty, Shizuo, and Izaya's relationship. Shizuo: "One minute Celty I see something." *throws random vending machines, signs, and Izaya* "Never. If you've ever watched the anime series Durarara!! then you would've noticed the on-going rivalry between Shizuo Heiwajima and Izaya.

The real reason, however, is so that Vorona can act as a deterrent towards Shizuo's tendency to cause untold amounts of collateral damage when angered.

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Basically, Vorona acts as the muscle when Tom begins to shakedown a client unless said client proves to be especially resilient. In which case, Shizuo is called in to take care of it.

durarara shizuo and izaya relationship

Shizuo takes his role as mentor very seriously and treats Vorona like a protege through most of their initial interactions. As the series progresses, Shizuo begins to regard Vorona as not just his kouhai but also as a close friend in the same way as Tom or Celty.

5 Reasons Why Shizuo x Izaya Hate Each Other But Still Couldn’t Live Without the Other

Vorona appears to have a few more complications with regards to her relationship with Shizuo most of which will be covered in the conflict section below. As stated earlier, Vorona's interest in Shizuo began with their fight at Raira. Since then, she has developed a strong, almost obsessive, desire to challenge him in combat once again.

durarara shizuo and izaya relationship

As such, she resolves to learn all that she can about Shizuo personality traits, his past, as well as any weaknesses he might have before finally killing him. As the two of them spend more time together and Vorona becomes more accustomed to life in Ikebukuro, this desire appears to grow less prominent in her mind as time goes on.

She even discovers numerous likes and dislikes that she and Shizuo share, a primary example being their love of sweets. The ship is undeniably intensely popular, and often a flamewar topic in and of itself, but a lot of the popularity and serious fanworks of it come from the anime, and for not completely insensible reasons. In the anime, Izaya and Shizuo do have a hate-obsession relationship, with Izaya playing mind games with Shizuo, the clashes of intense violence, the hate-at-first-sight beginning etc.

If you look at it in a certain wayyes, you can read a lot of subtext into their relationship, and with a little Alternate Character Interpretation you can make things even worse.

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However the same cannot be said in such a literal way for the light novel. In the light novel they don't go looking to fight each other as much, tending to deliberately stay out of each others' way, Izaya mainly tries to ignore Shizuo and kill him from afar without getting personally involved, and their relationship tends to look more like plain loathing. Both anime and novel are of course similar, and you can read the same relationship from both but you often find people arguing on the differences, and this is one of those cases where the adaptation changes the relationship dynamic enough to make it This should be kept in mind by anyone wanting to go out and participate in any Shipping wars!!

The psp game adds quite a bit of Ho Yayas Izaya gets kidnapped and suffers from amnesia, resulting in him forgetting the mutual hatred between him and Shizuo. Shizuo rescues him and carries him bridal style and the game presents that their relationship is a bit of Will They or Won't They? The dialogue of this scene can be translated as: I've forgotten everything else, but I feel like I've seen your face before To feel so at ease just from you holding me Surely you were really close to me S- You don't need to remember the past.

Forget everything, including today. I won't be able to love you anymore. Ho Yay between Shizuo and Tom, while not prominent in the anime, gets increasingly apparent the more their relationship gets focused on in the light novels. Tom, for example, is the only person allowed to ask about Shizuo's sex life without getting punched in the face and the first person to ever tell Shizuo that he's pretty.

To expand on Izaya and Mikado, beyond the fact Izaya doesn't touch anyone else in the anime quite as much: He's the person who made the Dollars so big in the first place by continuing to send out invitations.

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Safe to say, Mikado's and Izaya's relationship is much more prominent and focused into in the light novels. Most of the scenes with them are either cut out or edited in anime, with Izaya showing And then there is the scene in the light novel where Izaya and Mikado speak to each other in the phone, with Izaya getting really excited because of Mikado's dark side.

And he even continues to be excited about it even in the next novel!

durarara shizuo and izaya relationship

Just the fact how interested Izaya is in Mikado, how he keeps following him around, wanting to know more about him and gathering information about the boy. He even takes an offer from Akabayashi to investigate Mikado's current life down to the "last detail", all while smiling. In the light novels, Izaya thinks that Mikado is "humanity itself! He's the best, that kid! I am respecting you and am a bit surprised.

durarara shizuo and izaya relationship

You are one of the best puppets that i have seen in my life. You are humanity itself! Aa, although i've had a feeling since a long time ago, my instinct wasn't wrong!

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