Elijah and hayley relationship questions

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elijah and hayley relationship questions

Narducci discusses Hayley and Elijah's relationship in Season 4. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. Hayley Marshall is “someone Elijah Mikelson used to love, once upon Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. When did Elijah and Hayley share their first kiss? Their relationship blossomed beautifully from a genuine friendship, leading to the two of.

There were quite a few almost-kisses, where one of them would think better of it and pull away, but eventually, Hayley couldn't stand it anymore, and finally kissed him. Question 9 When did Klaus leave Caroline a heartfelt letter?

Their relationship blossomed beautifully from a genuine friendship, leading to the two of them getting married. Unfortunately, Stefan was forced to make a choice between sacrificing himself to save countless others or staying alive with Caroline, and his kind-hearted nature lead to the demise of their relationship.

Sometime after the school opened, she received a heartfelt letter from Klaus Mikaelson, which contained a generous donation of three million dollars toward funding her school, and hinted at a future for the two of them after all. Question 10 When did Klaus save Stefan from Rayna?

His daughter, Rayna Cruz, followed in his footsteps, swearing to avenge his death at the hands of a vampire by eradicating the entire species, singlehandedly if necessary. She had a particular bloodthirst for Stefan Salvatore, but would kill anyone of any species who got in the way of her goals.

Stefan, learning that Rayna was after him, fled to New Orleans, where he met back up with his old friend Klaus Mikaelson. When Klaus learned the true reason for Stefan's presence, he banished him from the city, angry that he lied to him, and that he brought the vicious Rayna down upon his family. However, after speaking to Caroline, Klaus realized that he couldn't turn his back on Stefan and temporarily killed Rayna to allow Stefan an opportunity to escape. Question 11 When does Elijah open up to Cami about his move?

The Originals The Vampire Diaries In spite of, or perhaps because of, their volatile past, Elijah Mikaelson always felt a lot of responsibility for his half-brother, Klaus.

Only A Real Fan Would Know If This Happened On The Vampire Diaries Or The Originals!

It never made any difference to him that they didn't share a father, but it had made all the difference in the world to both Klaus and Mikael. Determined to help his brother find redemption and believing that there was still some humanity left in him to save, Elijah followed Klaus to New Orleans, hoping to help out wherever he could. He stopped into a bar, where he met Cami, a beautiful blonde bar tender that Klaus had taken a liking to.

She was a psychology student and quickly bonded with Elijah by coming to understand his relationship with his brother. Question 12 When did Elijah end his relationship with Katherine? The two spent a lot of time together, and he was always there for her when his brother, Klaus, failed to be.

Eventually, he fell in love with her, and she returned his feelings, although they were never able to act on those feelings because they always were in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Katherine later proves her love to him by trusting him enough to hand over The Cure, choosing rebuilding a relationship with him over the opportunity to kill Klaus. However, he can no longer trust her, even if he wants to, and he officially ends their 'will they or won't they' relationship.

Question 13 When did Klaus form a sire bond with Tyler? It was dormant inside of him for most of his life, until he triggered it in his late teens. Once his inner werewolf was awoken, he was subjected to a brutal transformation each month. That transformation broke every single bone in his body and rearranged them to force him to take on his new form, and was incredibly long and painful. Klaus Mikaelson, the Original hybrid, offered young Tyler reprieve from his suffering in the form of a bite, which would turn him into a hybrid as well.

Question 14 When did Rebekah save Matt from Nadia? The two were meant to go to homecoming, but thanks to Elena daggering Rebekah, weren't able to.

elijah and hayley relationship questions

Later, Rebekah invited Matt to her family's ball with the intentions of luring him to his death at the hands of her brother, Kol, in order to get revenge on Elena.

However, Matt was sweet, and the kindness of his simple gestures melted Rebekah's heart, and she spared his life. The two of them fell in love and traveled the world together, where they met Nadia, a beautiful woman that they shared a bed with.

Later on, Nadia locked Matt away in a safe to use him as leverage over his friends, but Klaus heard his screams and sent Rebekah to his rescue. Question 15 When do we learn about Klaus and Elijah's complex relationship with Tatia? She was Elijah's first love, but was also the immortal whose blood was used by Esther to turn the Mikaelsons into the world's first vampires.

A newly turned Elijah was the one to kill her, something that his mother used a spell to keep from him, causing him to repress the memory and come to believe that his mother had killed her instead. However, Elijah eventually remembered, and confessed to Cami what he had done to Tatia, although he pleaded with her to keep his secret from Klaus, fearful that his brother would be unable to forgive him. Question 16 When does Hayley talk to Alaric about Hope's future? The Originals The Vampire Diaries Hayley Marshall is a werewolf turned hybrid whose main motivation was ensuring that her daughter, Hope Mikaelson, had a better life than she ever did.

Shortly after learning of the school, she met with Alaric, one of the school's founders, to discuss her daughter's future. Question 17 When are Damon and Elena reunited? They started off as cool and even hateful toward one another, but they slowly built up a bond with an undeniable attraction beneath it. After a while together, tragedy struck, and Elena fell into a coma, unable to awaken as long as her best friend, Bonnie, was alive. Damon was unable to sacrifice Bonnie after everything they had all been through together, and Elena agreed, but Damon promised to wait for her, and he did.

Eventually, the two were reunited. Question 18 When does Caroline carry Alaric's twins? She was carrying his daughters, two twin girls, and the two of them were overjoyed. They decided to get married, but while they were at the altar during their wedding ceremony, Kai Parker attacked.

elijah and hayley relationship questions

Was he just trying to carry out some revenge on Stefan and Katherine for past indiscretions? Or maybe he was just bored and needed some entertainment?

Elijah and Gia

Question 25 What does Klaus do to his siblings as a punishment? Poison them Put a spell on them The Silent treatment Klaus likes power, he actually loves it. He knows that he is different from his siblings and uses it to his advantage over and over again.

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He has something that he does to them, especially Rebekah, whenever they disobey him or just generally annoy him in order to remind them that he has all of the power and they must follow his rule. So what his is favorite form of punishment for all of his siblings? It can sometimes last centuries! Question 26 Which Salvatore brother did Klaus know first?

Stefan Neither He met them both at the same time Both of the Salvatore brothers now have their own complex relationships with Klaus.

He has taken a lot from them, but also helped them out of jams that seemed impossible at the time. Klaus did however, know one of the Salvatore brothers before the other one. They were pretty close and shared a couple of memories.

This brother even dated Rebekah decades and decades ago. Can you remember which one he knew before he ever stepped foot in Mystic Falls? Question 27 Who is always trying to keep the family together? Esther Klaus Elijah One member of the originals clan is always trying to keep the family together and stop everyone from arguing.

Even though this particular original also gets fed up with their siblings and doesn't agree with everything they do at the end of the day they believe that their most powerful weapon is unity. That the only way they can stay on top is if they stay together. This original is actually the one who convinced them all to stay in New Orleans. Question 28 Which sibling is Klaus closest to?

Freya Kol Finn Klaus alienates all of his siblings at some point in the show. He loves to dagger them and teach them to obey him but there is one of his siblings in particular who he is closest to. This particular sibling of his is always there for him and never turns their back on him even in his darkest hours. He gives Gia a piece to play on her violin - the same piece that Josephine once performed on hers - and while Gia is annoyed by the type of music, she agrees to help.

Despite her performance, Josephine is not initially won over by Elijah and Gia until Gia exclaims in an annoyed outburst, that she hates Beethoven and then proceeds to play the more modern music she enjoys. Later that night, Gia realizes that her outburst was the part Elijah wanted her to play, knowing that Josephine would respect her more for her wild spirit. They share a moment and eventually kiss before proceeding to give into their lust and sleep with each other.

elijah and hayley relationship questions

In Exquisite CorpseElijah and Gia have continued their relationship, though it is unknown if they have any true romantic feelings for each other. Gia once again accompanies Elijah to see Josephine, this time with Hayley as well. Hayley seems annoyed by Elijah and Gia's continuing relationship, though Elijah implies that she had no right to be.

Despite this, Gia explains herself to Hayley later, saying that after a thousand years of putting everyone else before himself, Elijah needs to put himself first for a while, and that she is trying to help him get through the pain his feelings for Hayley have caused him.

She wants to help get revenge for Josephine's death.

elijah and hayley relationship questions

Elijah tells her to stay away, but she doesn't want to. Elijah starts kissing her. After their kiss, she leaves. Gia later comes back compelled by Klaus. He orders her to take off her daylight ring, forcing Elijah to watch her die.

As she screams in pain, Elijah screams as he watches her being burnt alive. He is devastated by Gia's death, causing him to attack his brother. Elijah covers Gia's body In Ashes to AshesElijah is devastated by Gia's death and is unable to forgive Klaus for his actions as he had so many times in the past.

His grief over Gia leads him to punch Klaus in the face in anger. Elijah covers her body with a sheet. He gently strokes her face over the sheet while he is crying. Later Marcel lights her body on fire and Elijah takes her violin. He is shown to be sad and angry at the reminder of Gia when Tristan mentioned her death.

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