Enneagram type 1 and 6 relationship

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enneagram type 1 and 6 relationship

Someone with the Type 6 Enneagram pattern is a perceptive, loyal, attentive personality with a strong belief Sixes identify the problem areas of a relationship. 1 | Page. Enneagram Love Relationships. Contents. Type 1. .. 6 | Page reaches out for emotional contact while the Five withdraws and disappears. Relationship Development for Perfectionists with Performers. What to . 1- 6_77pxw Type 1, the Perfectionist, and Type 6, the Loyal Skeptic.

Sixes are uncertain, and rely on reassurance, back-up, familiar procedure, or the sanction of previously tested ideas and philosophies to help them come to decisions.

Type Six: The Loyal Skeptic

Average Ones are often so tightly self-controlled that they are able to keep their feelings at bay. They are frequently unaware of the degree of their tensions.

Average Sixes struggle with more volatile feelings and have difficulty putting them aside—although they seldom express their feelings to others. Sixes carry considerable anxious tension and are more aware of it.

enneagram type 1 and 6 relationship

Righteous anger, irritation, and moral indignation are the principal negative emotions in Ones, whereas fearfulness, suspicion, and anxiety are the principal negative feelings in Sixes.

Moreover, while lower functioning Ones can be sarcastic and verbally abusive, they almost never let themselves get out of control and are seldom physically violent, whereas low functioning Sixes can more easily lose their tempers, sometimes erupting into hysterical reactions or even physical violence.

enneagram type 1 and 6 relationship

When it does arise, the confusion seems to stem from both types' overactive superegos. Both are "should" and "must" people: Further down the Levels, both types exhibit a legalistic streak: When their superegos are on more severe, both types are quite capable of telling others what to do, although in different ways and for different reasons.

Ones moralize and scold, lecturing others in the name of an ideal about whatever issues are of concern to them.

enneagram type 1 and 6 relationship

Sixes can also give orders, not because of rigid inner standards, but because they are afraid of what they see as the erratic, irresponsible conduct of others potentially disrupting the security and stability they are trying to maintain. They are angered and threatened by others "breaking the rules" and becoming more unpredictable. Sixes identify with certain beliefs or authority figures and internalize the values that they have learned from these sources of guidance.

Notice shapes, colors, sounds, smells. Check out your projections.

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Sometimes they are only partially true. There may be other important information that helps you with perspective.

Love & Enneagram - Type 1

Recognize that fight and flight are reactions to fear. Observe fear and calm it through gentle breathing. Click here for Type Six breath practices.

Move ahead in spite of fear. Intentionally cultivating a gratitude practice is an excellent way to broaden our focus of attention. If you are a Six, practice gratitude for your successes, your gifts, for the good things in your life.

You tend to have amnesia when it comes to your successes. Also, check out your Green Zone behaviors and Red Zone behaviors. This may help you to see how you react when calm and grounded and when under stress. In the video below, I touch on the differences between 1s and 6s in the final third of the video.

I cut it as I was trying to keep under my 3 minute video goal so let me write about it in order to flesh out the differences more.

They both can be hard on themselves and others.

enneagram type 1 and 6 relationship

Both can be sarcastic in their humor and both tend to procrastinate. The 6s eyes tend to be busier than the 1s as they are scanning for safety and security. Is this authority figure going to misuse their authority? Am I feeling like I am a part of this group so I feel secure or do I need to bail? The 1s are focused more on internal correctness.

One woman with the 1 pattern says when making a point, she can be a pit bull…. The 1s idealism is rooted in high standards for how a perfect world and a perfect relationship might be. They focus on precise inaccuracies.

enneagram type 1 and 6 relationship

The bottom line is about doing the right thing in order to feel worthy. This video is part of the Enneagram Shorts series on my YouTube page.