Familiar spirits and soul ties relationship

Unhealthy Soul Ties by Yinka Vidal

familiar spirits and soul ties relationship

Some Christians believe that soul ties can be accidentally created between A spiritual connection between two people who have been the term soul tie around people who may be familiar with the non-Christian usage of the term. Worley Curses and Soul Ties: Binding and Loosing Spirits [title]. Yet the old familiar feeling of needing my fix still came even after I dumped his A soul tie is defined as “A spiritual connection between two people who have been .. The only soul we are tied to is that of the Holy Spirit. Posts about Soul Ties written by Healing Balm Cafe. It is called a familiar spirit. We were not created to have sex outside of marriage.

Christians ought to be cautious about using the term soul tie around people who may be familiar with the non-Christian usage of the term.

Kundalini: Beware of the dangerous world of familiar spirits and strange fire miracles!

A husband and wife in a good marriage have a healthy soul tie which is important…. Through a simple prayer, these can be broken.

familiar spirits and soul ties relationship

When there is sexual contact before or outside of the marriage covenant, negative soul ties form. Parts of our souls are fragmented out to each of the other people. Overcoming Emotional Battles A normal deliverance session … consists of the following elements: Also break ungodly soul ties. There are a small number of additional verbal formulas, all synonymous with break soul ties, that are used to describe the removal of ungodly soul ties: According to several sources, soul ties may be removed from a person often simply by announcing aloud that one is removing the soul tie: A Practical Guide to Deliverance After breaking the soul tie, the person may need further inner healing.

When there is a sexual relationship between two people, there also is a soul tie and a spiritual connection. I Corinthians chapter 6 talks about the man who sleeps with a prostitute and becomes one flesh. I renounce all books, television shows, movies, music, and games that glorify occult practices or experiences.

Through the blood of Jesus, I break all ungodly soul ties and bondages. The deliverance minister must now break all ungodly soul ties that the victim has had in the past. My first husband died at 27 in a car wreck. With the second ex-husband I had to learn to cut the soul ties. What an awesome truth: God can cut your soul ties and restore sexual wholeness.

Father God, I break, renounce and cut all evil soul ties which I may have with ungodly people, religious systems, lodges, adulterers, fornicators, drug addicts and alcoholics, cults and any other ungodly soul tie.

Severing ungodly soul ties is a form of exorcism. How to Recognize and Defeat Demons There are several actions required to sever soul ties.

We are opened up to ungodly soul ties through: Because the water for impurity was not sprinkled on him, he shall be unclean; his uncleanness is still on him. Making idols out of friends, children, people, parents, mates, animals. You become like your idols PSA You become bitter or better ROM 8: Also, the sins committed under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Soul ties can be broken when we repent and take accountability for our sin, forgive those who have hurt us or those with whom we have sinned, ask God to forgive us and break the ungodly soul ties.

This article is copyrighted. However, you may copy to give to a friend in its entirety provided you do not change, alter or sell it. We are a triune being, created in the image of God, with a body, soul and spirit. And just like our triune Godhead, those three are separate yet inseparable.

Let me explain it this way. Have you ever been sick and because of it became uninterested in seeking the Lord and thereby strayed from him? Or, have you ever strayed from the Lord and because of it became sick? We are a spirit being, we live in a body and we possess a soul. The real person inside of us is our spirit. Our soul consists of our mind, will and emotions. Our bodies are the temple in which we live. When we are born again, we are linked to Christ through the spirit.

In the garden, Adam was not controlled by his soul and did not live in the soulish realm. Because His spirit was united with the Lord, He truly walked in the spirit and ruled from His spirit, and was not controlled by the will or dictates of His soul. Everything your flesh loves, Satan loves.

Everything your flesh hates, Satan hates. You have to train them not to do evil. Much of what you are doing with a child is soul training because until we come to the place of being born again of the spirit of God, we are controlled and live by our flesh and its dictates. One of the problems today is many children are not receiving that soul training they need to be responsible adults. We are not morally good because we are born good. We are all born with a fallen sinful nature.

When we are born again, the battle between the soul and spirit begins. It is through their souls, and their bodies. An example of a bodily demonic affliction is: And Jesus rebuked the devil; and he departed out of him: The Bible is clear that even though our spirits are born again, our mind, will and emotions still need to be cleansed.

Being born of the spirit and the saving of the soul are two different things. Our souls can carry over much spiritual defilement from our past lifestyles. Because their soul still contains defilements that need to be washed clean, many believers can continue to struggle with sin even after accepting Christ.

We must not let our soul rule us. The soul will always try to be in control and that is why it is of the utmost importance to feed our spirit with the Word of God, worship and prayer. Ungodly soul ties have kept many from the destinies that God has ordained for them. The ungodly ties have suppressed the eternal purposes of God, and frustrated plans for many believers who want to serve God. Many are hiding behind a mask, but behind the mask are hurt, discouragement and broken hearts.

The pain is hidden on the outside, but it is very real on the inside. It is time to take off the mask, be honest and get free. An ungodly soul tie is when the mind, will and emotions of a person becomes entangled to the point where their thoughts are not always their own, when a person is unnaturally affected by the will, the emotions and desires of someone or something else. You can also be soul-tied to things.

When things in your life are keeping you from doing what God has called you to do, it is an ungodly tie. He wants you to have good things but He does not want things to have your heart. What is a soul tie? Soul-ties are exactly what it sounds like. It is the spiritual joining or linking together of two souls which can bring fourth both beneficial results or negative results.

The Bible doesn't use the term soul tie, but it speaks of souls being knit together or becoming one flesh. A soul tie can serve many functions, but in its simplest form, it ties two souls together in the spiritual realm. Soul ties between fornicators can draw a beaten and abused woman to the man which in the natural realm she would hate and run from, but instead she runs to him even though he doesn't love her, and mistreats her. In the demonic world, unholy soul ties can serve as bridges between two people to pass demonic bondage through.

Other soul ties can do things such as allow one person to manipulate and control another person, and the other person is unaware of what is going on or knows what is going on, but for no rational reason, allows it to continue. Unhealthy soul-ties include relationships that are characterized by manipulation, guilt, emotional abuse, co-dependency, unnatural affection, envy or lust. You can tell a soul-tie by its fruit. A godly soul-tie will strengthen your emotional wholeness and walk with God.

It will bear the fruit of love, fidelity, loyalty, honor and righteousness. An ungodly soul-tie will bear the fruit of the flesh and not the spirit; as hatred, resentment, manipulation, anger, strife, jealousy, controlling others. They will keep you from a good relationship with God and bring bondage instead of freedom into your life. A godly soul tie is a soul tie that is within the will of God for your life. An ungodly soul tie is when you have a soul tie outside the will of God for your life.

The most important soul tie is that between you and the Lord. Anything that comes between you and God, that keeps you from serving Him and loving Him above all, is an idol, a little god in your life. Anything that keeps you from obeying Him and His Word is an idol and must be broken and removed from your life if you are to serve Him with a pure and whole heart and partake of the Kingdom.

God loves us so much He has a plan for each one of us. When we stay connected to Him and obey His will for our lives it will protect you from becoming tied to Ungodly people or getting caught up in doing ungodly things. If you start meditating on and attaching your self to things, people and places that are outside the will of the Father, you start losing control over your own thoughts that the Holy Spirit places in your heart, and the longer this goes on the further you separate your self from fellowship with the Father.

Your spiritual ears become dull to hearing His voice, and when you cannot hear His voice you cannot do what He is prompting you to do. He is always trying to warn us of dangers that are trying to come and He is trying to show you the way of escape and keep you from harm.

Soul Ties outside first person relationships Though the most common soul tie is with another person you know or have had a relationship with, you can also be soul tied to an animal, or even a thing. I have seen people so tied to an animal that it was more important than anything else in their life, even more than caring for family members.

They will waste thousands of dollars to try and save a dog that has to die. Many are soul tied to television? Are you so preoccupied with television that you cannot hear the Holy Spirit speaking to you?

Many women will let everything else go to watch a soap opera. Soaps can be very dangerous spiritually, because it is a fantasy world.

familiar spirits and soul ties relationship

Everyone cheats on everyone, and does all sorts of evil and that plants seeds in your soul. Many get so tied up in the soap that they act and think as if it is real.

They make prayer requests for actors in the soap.

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Many need to cut and sever that tie with this ungodly world of imagination. Children believe and get so caught up in what they are seeing; they try to act it out, sometimes putting themselves in danger. Children can become soul tied at a very young age to the things of the world.

Many are soul tied to a certain music group or kind of music, like rap and they are like a drug addict in their relationship to that music. Music has tremendous power. It can be used to calm the savage beast or one tormented as when David played for King Saul, or music can turn the calm into a beast. God created music and Satan corrupted it. Unfortunately, since the corrupted music is what appeals to and pumps up our flesh, that is what most want to hear.

We need to consider why God created music in the first place. It was for worship. What does you music lead you into? All three levels of relationship can occur between two friends, co-workers or church members, between a brother and sister, a parent and child and of course a husband and wife. The marital relationship is where the three all come together in the most intense and intimate way. Make NO mistake about it, the sexual relationship between a married couple involves all three parts of our being, your body, soul and spirit.

It has never been just a physical act and never will be because of the way God designed it to be. He designed us to be joined together and to become one, not just physically. This can prevent us from fully giving ourselves to our spouse. If you had a previous girl friend or spouse and are divorced and remarried, those old ties must be broken or you will have serious problems in your marriage. When our soul is divided it affects our ability to receive from others and God. Other soul-ties will affect your ability to trust your spouse.

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Because you are unable to receive the love that they offer, you will deem them unworthy of trust even without thinking about it. The problem is you are double-minded according to James chapter 1. This problem destroys marriages as it does ones ability to receive from God and to trust God. This is why ungodly soul-ties must be broken. They produce death, instead of life. Women as nothing more than meat We have to stop thinking of sex as just a physical act because it is not just a physical act, but a spiritual one.

Through such wrong thinking the feminist movement has surrendered women to predatory men who have taken women's newfound freedom as the perfect opportunity to surrender all sexual responsibility, respect and gallantry.

The problem with the problem of treating women as meat is that many of the solutions offered up are far worse than the problem.

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The Taliban had an easy and perverse solution, and that was to treat women as prisoners. To completely cover up the female form with a burqa and shut women out of Afghani public and professional life is even worse than being forced to hear about the latest exploits of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. On the other hand, making the case that there is nothing wrong with women freely displaying their bodies and embracing their sexuality in any way they desire is equally perverse because it supports pornography, which coarsens our culture, and degrades women.

An important move in learning not to treat women as meat is to restore the sundered link between love and sex. Porn is not possible if sex is widely seen as the way to express love.

If sex is nothing more than scratching an itch, it cannot be the physical consequence of love and trust. Love is never casual, and when sex becomes casual it cannot serve the needs of love. The best way to reestablish this link between love and sex is to teach that the only satisfying context for this linkage is marriage, and marriage as a place where men and women deeply love and deeply trust one another. Remember that we have been made in the image of God and His likeness, but if we do not stay focused on walking in His likeness the devil will try to get us to follow some other image and we will become like the image or likeness we follow after.

There are many people that want to do the will of God and desire to have a deeper relationship with Him, however at the same time they do not want to let go of the people, places or things that are tied to their deepest emotions. If soul ties are not dealt with they can cause your heart to harden. You will start justifying them and turn away from the Word of God or when you hear the Word, you start only hearing what fits into the mold of the soul tie instead of the truth.

The devils job is to try and steal your soul and if he can help you stay tied in an ungodly way to the wrong person, thing, place or habit he will do that. As long as you are bound he will continue to try digging you deeper into sin and keep you from serving God with all your heart. Lets get free from ungodly soul-ties and live free as children of the living God.

We already know that there are many kinds of soul ties and at different levels. Some develop soul ties with animals, imaginary characters, inanimate objects and more. Most soul-ties men create in the world are ungodly and unhealthy for our living a victorious overcoming Christian life. This is a broad subject and so we are not trying to fully cover all kinds of soul-ties in detail and we are not dealing with those that strictly have to do with the unsaved.

The positive effects of a godly soul ties: And Jonathan stripped himself of the robe that was upon him, and gave it to David, and his garments, even to his sword, and to his bow, and to his girdle. Their souls were tied or joined together.

familiar spirits and soul ties relationship

The stronger the bonding or soul ties between friends the deeper and more lasting the relationship is.